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SBY-10 Beta SP
Home Movie
Color 1938 Home movies of a vacation trip to Europe in 1938. This reel is notable for its documentation of the Nazi regime in Germany - some matter-of-fact tourist shots showing swastika flags and banners, and a passing Hitler Youth brigade. Other images include: Tudor-style houses man and woman drinking beer from traditional beer steins crane lifting a car onto a ship. Written notes from the source: "Broadway, England. Church at Cranbrook. Changing guard, Buckingham Palace. Guard on sentry. Bergen, Norway. Boats in fjord. Hotel in Myrdal. Marketplace, Stockholm, Sweden. Troops on bridge approaching the palace courtyard. Changing of the guard. Gota Canal. View of castle from boat, Vadstena. Fishmarket in Copenhagen. Flower stands. Sidewalk cafe, Hotel D'Angleterra. Hamburg, Germany. Sans Souci gardens. WIndmill. Unter den Linden, Berlin. Nuremberg. Rotenburg. Munich. House in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Oberammergan. Hofbrauhaus, Munich. Park in Stuttgart. Sindelfingen. Bishop's House, Frieburg. Konigstrasse & City Hall Square, Stuttgart. Willie Kirschoff Street. Military Camp (Nazis), group of boys at camp, Constadt (?). Girls, boys marching in street (Hitler Youth). Cathedral in Frankfurt. Dock at Bremerhaven. Broadside view of the Europa. Loading mail at Cherbourg."