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1943, 1936
B W 1943 Newsreels of 1943. Titles in Caps. WWII. 00:00:00:00 B W 1943, 1936 - RG 208 # 61 (1:23:36 on DN-LB-828, t c 07:32:41:13 to 07:41:38:00) 00:01:30:00 B W 1943, 1936 - LATEST FILMS FROM GEN. MacARTHUR IN NEW GUINEA ms He steps out of airplane on airstrip...takes a jeep ride on road which cuts through the jungle past native villages natives carry supplies through jungle as Aussie troops move inland MacArthur shakes hands with combat pilots B-24 Liberator bomber takes off on spots a Japanese ship below...air gunner rakes ship with bullets bombs fall and score a hit on an enemy ship bomber crew. 00:03:20:00 B W 1943, 1936 - DOGS TRAINED FOR SENTRY DUTY HELP GUARD COASTLINES. ms ws Sailors handle dogs in training class they march in review with their dogs troop of sailors on horseback gallop along oceanfront beach. 00:04:14:00 B W 1943, 1936 - NEWS FROM THE ORIENT ms Chiang Kai-shek & Madame Chiang review chinese soldiers in Chungking (including young chinese nurses and young civilian cu men) Chiang salutes (CU) General Joseph Stilwell greeted at airport (CU) GIs land in the native peoples there mule train carries war supplies through remote Tibet ws mountainous terrain somewhere in the Himalayas. 00:06:06:00 B W 1943, 1936 - AUSTRALIANS TEST AMERICAN "JEEPS" ON ROUGH TERRAIN. ms Scout car (Jeep) speeds through rugged test course...crashes and turns over...driver gets out ok. 00:06:42:00 B W 1943, 1936 - US WORKERS RUSH TANKS AND SHIPS TO FIGHTING FRONTS. ms ws Railroad flat cars carry newly manufactured tanks from the factory HA factory floor as engineers inspect tanks on the production line women shown working on sealing the parts of tanks & also test-driving them before shipment. driving them during test-drives train load of tanks moving along the rails panoramic view of a wartime shipyard with transport, supply ships tied to the docks...and vast number of shipyard workers in the area busy war plant operates at night...worker holds a scooper and catches a red hot rivet thrown to him...riveters at work harbor filled with trans- port ships (very good shots of all above) 00:08:28:00 B W 1943, 1936 - US PLANES BLAST NAZI SUBMARINES IN SEA BATTLE ws ms PBY Catalina flies over vast war convoy spread out in the Atlantic Ocean German submarine on the ocean's surface dive bomber takes off from aircraft carrier's deck flight formation (looks like Curtiss Helldivers ?) plane attacks sub (POV the plane's camera)...and scores hits on U-Boat cu pilot's hand squeezes button...and bomb drops from hatch... blast on the surface of the sea. 00:10:14:00 B W 1943, 1936 - RG 208 # 62 00:10:54:00 B W 1943, 1936 - LATEST WAR FILMS FROM US FORCES IN SOUTH PACIFIC. ms ws B-24 Liberator bomber takes off from airstrip formation of Liberators in flight CU B-24 in flight view of mountain-river valley target below (POV bombadier) bombs drop...and explode in a pattern on targets large landing craft (LST) brings combat troops to beach...along with other barges, bringing infantry in soldiers, wearing 'jungle camouflaged' fatigues, unload supplies on beach tanks, trucks, tractors, bull dozers, & steam shovels move inland in jungle landscape combat infantry cautiously advance in thick jungle their rifles...dead Japanese soldier. 00:13:32:00 B W 1943, 1936 - US CITIZENS OF CHINESE DESCENT BUILD LIBERTY SHIPS ms Civilian men and women sign up to work in shipyard riveters at work woman defense worker chinese cook chinese man eats meal outdoors using chop sticks. 00:14:24:00 B W 1943, 1936 - GUNDER HAGG SETS NEW RECORD FOR RUNNING MILE ms HA baseball action on the field at Fenway Park, Boston the ball park...also at the Minute Man monument with some young boy visitors ws Hagg runs the mile in record time at Harvard Stadium. 00:15:36:00 B W 1943, 1936 - THE WAR IN SICILY ws ms US infantry troops advancing through a town in western sector of the island (Patton's 7th Army) wounded soldiers lifted into transport planes (C-47s) flight formation. 00:17:02:00 B W 1943 - PRECISION BOMBERS BLAST RAIL YARDS OF FASCIST ROME ws ms B-17 bombers (Flying Fortress) in flight formation on mission to attack the capital of Italy AV of Rome (POV the bombadier) bomb hits on the ground below bombadier aboard plane signals a good hit again the flight formation of the heavy bombers heading back to base. (The massive (500 bombers) daylight raid on Rome took place on July 19, 1943) 00:18:58:00 B W 1943, 1936 - PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT SAYS... cu about Italy..."THE JIG IS UP!...OUR TERMS...UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER" 00:19:45:00 B W 1943, 1936 - RG 208 # 63. 00:20:19:00 B W 1943, 1936 - FIRST US ARMY WOMEN ARRIVE IN ENGLAND ws ms Parade formation of WACS...American flag honor guard HA view of marching formation of WACS - CU (good shot) Commander Colonel Hobby administers oath of allegiance to large numbers of them WACS arrive overseas...march past the camera...military band WACS on pass, tour English countryside and enjoy an outdoor 'tea party'. 00:21:44:00 B W 1943, 1936 - HOLLYWOOD MOVIE STARS AND STUDIOS ALL OUT FOR WAR. ms Views of the entrance gate and shooting lots at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Century Fox Film Corp., & Paramount Pictures signal corps soldiers train in film production class film industry workers & technicians shots of Ann Miller, Linda Darnell, John Garfield, Bette Davis, Eddie Cantor, Greer Garson, Judy Garland, & Hedy Lamarr GIs run to meet Betty Grable at an army base...a laughing Grable, arm-in-arm between two GIs. 00:23:32:00 B W 1943, 1936 - CANADA STOCKS LAKES WITH FISH DROPPED FROM AIR ws ms Lots of caught fish (trout) seaplane flies over lake fish caught on a baited line in the lake...soldier holds up his prize catch of trout. 00:24:47:00 B W 1943, 1936 - FILIPINO REGIMENT RECEIVES BOLOS FOR COMBAT ms Soldier honor guard with flag soldier receives fabled knife cu in military ceremony young Filipino boy dressed in army clothes, salutes toward CAM formation of soldiers wearing combat gear draw Bolos and lift them up, 'presenting ws arms'...and march in review. 00:25:29:00 B W 1943, 1936 - NEWEST INLAND AIRCRAFT CARRIER TESTED BY NAVY. ms ws Group of pilots...board fighter planes and take off, flying in formation planes land on flight deck of converted aircraft carrier, USS Wolverine, a former passenger steamship (planes appear to be SBD Dauntless scout bombers !) great shot as seen from the rear-view camera pointed at the plane's tail - of the plane lifting and leaving the flight deck of the carrier behind. Location somewhere on the Great Lakes. 00:26:21:00 B W 1943 - SICILIANS HAIL AMERICAN ARMY OF OCCUPATION ms ws CU views of Lt General George S. Patton wearing combat gear and carrying his fabled pearl handled pistol sidearms victorious GI infantry troops march & ride through streets of town to joyous welcoming cheers of the native Sicilians US forces capture and advance through rubble strewn Palermo again liberated civilians cheer the Americans in narrow city streets GI drives jeep loaded down with happy young Sicilian boys - directly toward CAM. (Palermo was captured and fell on July 22-23, 1943). 00:29:09:00 B W 1943, 1936 - RG 208 # 64 00:29:42:00 B W 1943 - AMERICAN BOMBERS SMASH AXIS OIL FIELDS IN RUMANIA ms ws B-24 Liberator bombers take off & go into flight on long distance bombing mission from African base to Ploesti Liberators in flight formation AV of target - oil field storage tanks & refinery bombing raid (POV the aircraft very low flying bombers make their runs over the landscape B-24 lands on airstrip (daring but costly raid over Ploesti took place on August 1, 1943). 00:31:59:00 B W 1943 - CHURCHILL IN CANADA FOR WAR PARLEY ws ms He sports a cigar, leaving motorcade & saluted by a Royal Canadian Mountie his wife and daughter, Mary (wearing a military uniform) pose with him - along with Canadian premier, Mackenzie King crowds cheer him outside the Chateau Frontenac...he flashes "V" for victory signal cu CU wife, Clementine (Baroness Spencer-Churchill of Chartwell). (Churchill arrived in Quebec, August 10, 1943). 00:33:39:00 B W 1943, 1936 - CHIANG KAI-SHEK RECEIVES HIGHEST US FOREIGN AWARD. ms At ceremony, General Stilwell pins medal on Chiang cu (Legion of Merit) CU Madame Chiang. 00:34:17:00 B W 1943, 1936 - BIGGEST FAMILY OF SHIPBUILDERS HELP WIN WAR ws ms HA Henry Kaiser shipyard large size family poses for group photograph dad wears hardhat riveter daughter dad comes home from his shift at the factory wife cooks in the kitchen family having dinner...for 29 ! PAN family posed for another group picture. 00:35:26:00 B W 1943, 1936 - SEA VETERANS WIN WELL-EARNED REST IN NATIONAL PARK ws ms Sailors on leave enjoy the natural landscape in Yosemite Park TD a huge Redwood, wide enough to have an entrance-way in its trunk...sailors walk through it. 00:36:23:00 B W 1943 - LATEST FILMS FROM SICILY. ms At Palermo, General Patton poses with church prelate ws Engineers blast rocks to build supply road and bridge in rugged mountainous terrain Italian senior officers and their General surrender...captured Italian POW soldiers happily wave for CAM (Palermo fell July 22-23, 1943). 00:38:11:00 B W 1943, 1936 - RG 208 # 65. 00:38:45:00 B W 1943 - HAMBURG, NO. 1 NAZI WAR CENTER, BLASTED BY BOMBS. ms ws B-17 Flying Fortress bombers in flight formation on mission bombs drop on targets below POV plane's gunner of machine gun firing and hitting an enemy fighter plane B-17 lands... big holes in side of plane British Lancaster bombers take of from airport at night on way to bombing mission bomb hits on targets light up the night sky - POV bombadier camera & soundtrack of the action. (Hamburg, Germany, was continuously bombed, day & night for about eight days, starting July 24, 1943). 00:41:19:00 B W 1943, 1936 - NEW AIRCRAFT CARRIER JOINS US FLEET ms ws Woman dignitary swings bottle of champagne against hull of doesn't grabs it...swings and smashes it, sending the ship down the dockyard's slipway. It's the USS Wasp. 00:41:58:00 B W 1943, 1936 - FAVORITE WINS AMERICAN HARNESS RACING CLASSIC ws ms Trotters race in the Hambeltonian at Goshen, New York. Camera follows horses & drivers around the track...and slow-motion follows them coming around the turn into the home-stretch driver Ben White brings Solo Song across the wire for the win 00:43:36:00 B W 1943 - ROOSEVELT-CHURCHILL IN QUEBEC ms FDR seated, flanked by Churchill and McKenzie King of Canada Admiral Ernest King & General George C. Marshall also attend cu close look and study of FDR...Churchill with cigar also Lord Mountbatten, "Hap" Arnold, Sir Charles Portal, among other senior staff members attending the summit meeting (Aug.24, 1943). 00:44:53:00 B W 1943, 1936 - ALLIED OFFENSIVE SMASHES JAPANESE IN SOUTH PACIFIC ws ms B-24 Liberator bombers in flight...drop bombs on ship... fighter planes attack it planes & ships attack shoreline of Japanese base at Munda on New Georgia (also Mitchell B-25 ` light bombers in the attack) B-25 in flight drops its bomb load on enemy targets below...many bomb explosions on the ground over jungle terrain