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HD-38 Beta SP
B W Color
1948 - 1958
B W 1948 - 1958 NEWSREELS OF 1948. TITLES IN CAPS Narrator, Ed Herlihy. VOL. 21 #202 01:00:46:00 B W 1948 - RED SPY FILMS CHAMBERS FARM YIELDS TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS ms Richard Nixon, congressman, examines microfilm along with Robert Stripling, chief investigator of HUAC clip of Whittaker Chambers...his Maryland farm...hollowed-out pumpkin, shown to CAM. 01:01:39:00 B W 1948 - NEWS IN BRIEF. ms Colonel Mary Hallaren, head of Women's Army Corps (WACS) sworn into the Regular Army...Gen Omar Bradley at the ceremony B W 1948 - NEW YORK ms Paul G. Hoffman, Administrator of the European Recovery Plan (E.R.P.), boards airplane & waves goodbye (he's off to China) B W 1948 - NEW ORLEANS ws ms Large crowds attend the opening of the Trade Mart bottle fails to smash at christening swings it four times and it still won't break clip of the "Belgium" exhibit at the Trade Mart AV of the city view of the Trade Mart building B W 1948 - HOLLAND ms Local version of Santa Claus arrives on white horse at border checkpoint and gets searched by customs police before he is allowed to ride on 01:04:28:00 B W 1948 - SPORTS ws College Football - Notre Dame 14 vs USC 14. Crowds in stands (Los Angeles Coliseum)...crowd reaction shots game play action footage...passing, rushing, touchdowns, & long kickoff return in this series. (Note the old "T" formation) B W 1948 ws ms Wrestling in Canada. Six man team match...holds, blows, & kicks - inside and outside the ring lots of crowd reaction 01:08:11:00 B W 1948 - HIGH SCHOOL GRIDDERS IN 6 TO 6 TIE ws ms Championship football game highlights ( Southeast Catholic vs Frankfort High at Franklin Field in Philadelphia, Penna) crowd reaction shots game play action footage...passing, rushing & touchdowns) VOL. 21 #206 01:10:00:00 B W 1948 - ROYALTY PRINCE CHARLES OF ENGLAND CHRISTENED ms Royal Family portrait shot CU Princess Elizabeth & cu baby, Prince Charles Queen Mother holds baby Charles Archbishop of Westminster Queen Mary Princess Elizabeth & Prince Philip CU Elizabeth, Philip, & baby Charles (SILENT) 01:11:21:00 B W 1948 - SNOWSTORM HOLDS EAST IN ICY GRIP ws ms New York City: pedestrians slush through the snow on Broadway snowy, wintry Park Avenue scene snow capped midtown sidestreet car covered with snow snow bank piled in front of building at Rockefeller Center...the Christmas Tree suburban street covered in snow Central Park winter wonderland...squirrels ...cityscape, seen from the Park (SILENT). 01:12:37:00 B W 1948 NEWS IN BRIEF: 33 RESCUED IN PACIFIC -- First films of the rescue of 33 airmen by the carrier Rendova. These official Navy films show the rescue of the men, who spent days in two rafts after their C-51 plane was forced down at sea. HONOR SUPERSONIC FLIERS - WASHINGTON--Pres. Truman presents the Collier Trophy to the men responsible for rocket craft which first pierced the sonic barrier. Lawrence Bell, builder of the X-1, and Captain Yeager, pilot, are honored.(SILENT) VOL. 21 #184 01:14:30:00 B W 1948 - POLITICS PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN ROLLS INTO HIGH GEAR ms ws Clip of Truman, hat off & waving it makes campaign speech to audience (SOUND) 'Thomas E. Dewey' poster pinned on donkey by young women fans of his Dewey and his wife on the campaign trail...he makes "whistle stop" speech...waves as train pulls out (SILENT). VOL. 21 #193 01:16:26:00 B W 1948 - TRUMAN WINS DEMOCRATS UPSET ALL FORECASTS AND SEIZE CONGRESS-MAJORITES ms People (citizens) waiting on lines to vote in the election voting booth AV of section of New York City Dewey & wife vote at local school photographers cover the event good CU Thomas E. Dewey & wife Truman votes Truman family cast their ballots...wife, Bess, & daughter, Margaret Henry Wallace votes...steps out of voting booth Strom Thurmond & wife vote election coverage by newscaster (broadcaster press reporter) clerks tabulating election results exhausted press & cameramen fall asleep as the election results continue to come in early the next morning broadcaster announces "Truman Wins" crowd at headquarters cheer and applaud...dancing couple, locked in a hug at the victory party James Farley, elated with the results a jubilant Harry Truman, just after the election results Capitol undergoing extensive repair work...and getting ready for the inauguration brief shot of Truman (SILENT) 01:19:55:00 Color 1950s ms IN COLOR & SILENT - POV Camera inside car driving along the highway. Front & side window views of homes along the way...advertising billboards ( eg. Coca-Cola, Plymouth Station Wagon (1958?) pulls into ESSO gas station... rapid, brief shots of car getting serviced (gas station montage) - attendants quickly clean car windows... hand reaches for gas pump hose...prices ring up as gas flows ...oil change...engine check up...cigarette machine sale... quick vac clean inside car tires checked car gets hydraulic lift battery checkup flapping gas-station flags ...floating tennis balls...spinning ornaments...hand pushes Coke machine button...hand turns knob on candy machine... finger presses - gum slides out...finger presses coffee machine - cup drops in wash - car moves along the conveyor and gets full cleaning comes out 01:21:47:00 Color 1950s ms looking new (its a 1956 Oldsmobile) Very brief shots - prices continue to balls to flap...and ornaments to spin gas pumps aligned on 'island' at station map opened (to Queens New York City) 1958 Ford Edsel drives out of gas station into traffic ws POV shot - car driving along highway in farmland countryside POV traveling on superhighway (Cut). 01:22:39:00 Color - 1958 IN COLOR & SILENT. ms Inside Supermarket: rotating sign for "de Kamp's" product cu lots of jars stacked on shelves shelves filled with display of all kinds of supermarket foods (dairy, meats, breads & more) shoppers pushing carts hand picks up package of bacon...hand reaches out and gets pack of cheese...woman sees and reaches for a bottle of wine...another lifts hunk of wrapped meat...woman picks apples...hand reaches for pack of Kraft cheese...woman feels fruits...more people's hands reaching and getting products from the supermarket shelves... "Ivory Soap", "Cream of Wheat", "Minute Rice", "Tapioca", "High Protein Cereal", "Bon Ami", "Blue Cheer", "French's Instant Mashed Potato", "Progresso" ...young boy picks up big box of "Tide" counter display of wrapped meats check-out counter filled with items clerk hits the cash register (store offers "Triple S Stamps") CU supermarket cash register shopper pushes cart past store door which opens electronically for her (all this at a suburban Grand Union store) 01:24:27:00 Color - 1958 ms POV out the front window traveling on roadway small private glider plane in flight over suburban countryside airplane lands at home site woman, who piloted the craft, gets out with package of groceries (Cut). 01:25:11:00 Color - 1958 ms cu IN COLOR & SILENT. Lit sign at night "M-O-R-E" in Las Vegas, etc. Series of shots of nighttime neon sign "spectaculars". Neon"S", "S.P", "Illinois Central", "Armour" giant clock, neon spectacular cocktail glass, neon bubble-like circle display, giant moving "UP" sign, Lit tube sign, "the Mint". PAN giant lit neon signs at night "Biff's Famous Foods". PAN neon designs of varying shapes . Giant neon of cowboy with cigarette, "Steer Club", "Motel Drive In". "Fox Market", "S.& H. Green Stamps", "Sav-on self service drug stores", "3 min." star neon. (Las Vegas). Montage of neon signs. "Fox", "Overland Hotel", "Strike Club". 01:26:25:00 Color - 1958 ms cu IN COLOR & SILENT. ***Art Deco sign. Interesting combination of neon lit lettering. More neon signs at night. "Kozy Kourt", "Sunset Motel, vacancy, TV air cooled day sleepers". Chinese lettering neon..."Radio-TV". " Gifts, Pajamas and Kimonos", "Eat Drinks" sign. "Cars", Pepsi Cola spectacular, Flying eagle spectacular, and letter "A". Pulsating Star spectacular. (Cut). 01:27:13:00 Color 1950s ws ms IN COLOR & SILENT. HA car filled parking area in shopping center cu ground level view of shopping center stores another high angle moving on highway and pedestrian shoppers moving along walkways lots of parked cars (late 1950s models) CU a store front with window sign, "Stamp Bonus Days" large shopper crowd outside shopping mall "Red Coach Grill" sign...flashes kid's cyclone ride mother puts her shopping in car trunk children take rides - space ships retail store windows filled with merchandise displays...TV sets, consoles, electric kitchen appliances, alarm clocks, bowls, door knobs, engraved plates, blouses, bows, millinery. beauty aid bottles, gardening items, water pots, "peat moss", "cow manure", cooking utensils, pots and pans, vegetable seeds assortment bins, vegetable oils and vitamin jars, assortment of cooking wines, J.K. Lasser-"Your Income Tax" book, flower bouquet assortment, toy car and truck parking lot filled with cars "Food-O-Mat" store front CU - finger pushes coin into slot...hand pulls box of corn flakes from chute...crate rolls on conveyor belt...merchandise placed in car trunk car drops off money bag at teller's window (EXCELLENT DRIVE-THROUGH BANK) HA large suburban shopping center (Cut). 01:29:50:00 Color - 1958 ms IN COLOR & SILENT. Classic COUNTY FAIR footage: Brief interesting combination shot of fairground rides...ferris wheel, roller coaster, and cyclone-type "flying cart" ride little girl eats cotton candy spectators watch horses pull heavy load in contest ferris wheel ride bunch of balloons picnic party...spoonful of baked beans on paper plate...full platter of picnic goodies LA view of fair rides marching band plays farm animals go by tattooed man fire eater performs man swings mallet on "test your strength" feature carousel ride cyclone airplane ride go-cart racing cars...boy poses behind the wheel in helmet & goggles boy behind the wheel eats a candy apple (jelly apple) miniature car race trotters race once again a look at the rides at the fairgrounds as they go spinning around and around (Cut). (NOTE: Also found on DN-LB-361, 1:22:53:24 to 1:25:22:20, in better quality). 01:32:35:00 Color 1950s IN COLOR & SILENT. Series of brief shots in Midtown Manhattan about 1958: ms Pedestrians street traffic reflected off a storefront window wind-up toys store clerk wears "Daffy Duck" hat Carousel window display (on Park Ave, Lever Bros.? ) revolving doors...woman office workers leave for lunch "B G" store window, "A meal a minute" cook makes a Pizza in the window jewelry store window department store front "Steak Flame" window. 01:35:06:00 Color - 1958 ms IN COLOR & SILENT. EXT department Store hat window display florist shop street vendor with tall spool of balloons bridal shop window display lighting fixture store giant bank safe in window (Manufacturers Trust Co., location on Fifth Ave & 43 St) Park Avenue carousel in lobby of office building oyster bar cook in the window, makes barbecue chicken pedestrians on crowded Fifth Ave - in front of Hallmark jeweler in window showmaker mannequin in window cook in window... flaming grill. (Cut). 01:37:17:00 Color 1950s ms cu IN COLOR & SILENT. Cars in heavy traffic...bumper to bumper (late 1950s) EXT "Ocean Palm" (must be Florida) "First National Bank" drive-in teller "makes" cash at drive-up window "Billy's" Restaurant..."Curb Service" (DRIVE-IN)...waitress serves parked cars...blondes wearing kerchiefs eat burgers Drive in Movie Theater night view and then a daytime view - along 'motel row' tailfin car pulls up to motel...parks in rear cars park in Drive-In during the day to hear preacher big trailer park girl waves goodbye from trailer. (Cut). 01:40:32:00 Color - 1958 ws ms IN COLOR & SILENT. New York City: skyscraper skyline, dawn to morning (on lapse time) crowds leave Staten Island Ferry at the Battery great HA cars (taxis) turning in traffic (looks like the ramp at Grand Central Station & Pershing Sq) CU the roof of a taxicab pedestrians crossing the street CU flock of pigeons on sidewalk A look up Park Avenue from high up on Grand Central's Helmsley Building...with heavy crosstown traffic on the streets below ...CU busy Park Avenue below (***excellent) 01:41:36:00 Color - 1958 IN COLOR & SILENT. Steep angle of crowds of people walking on sidewalk below LA office building towers as they appear looking up from lower Broadway." time-lapse" shadow of the top of an office building tower passing across them low level view of Broadway facing north from Bowling Green as "time-lapse" building shadows glide up Broadway on the facades of the office buildings which line the avenue. (Woolworth Building in the distance). 01:42:00:00 Color - 1958 IN COLOR & SILENT. ***Striking view of New York City office buildings, skyscrapers, silhouette against a sunset sky, made intriguing by the "time-lapse" passing of clouds across this scene. *** Striking nighttime skyscraper view of midtown New York City with focus on the Chrysler and Empire State buildings. ***Captivating HA scene of nighttime, dense car traffic (bright lights) which appear to be passing Central Park in the Columbus Circle vicinity. Nighttime traffic on Park Avenue viewed from high on the Helmsley building facing north. Multitude of car lights. Manhattan night skyline viewed from Queens. Prominent is the United Nations building and the East Side Drive (FDR). Chrysler building and the tip of the Empire State are visible. (Cut) 01:43:00:00 Color - 1958 IN COLOR & SILENT ***Very good CU shots throughout this segment. cu Pigeon office workers, outdoor lunch hot dog stand ms vendor steward in train car serving coffee counterman serves hamburger, customer adds ketchup outdoor snack bar cotton candy hand pulls counter tap to pour soda's young girl licks spoonful of her ice cream soda fingers put coin in slot man retrieves container of milk from vending machine..." Garden State Farms - fresh Milk - refrigerated" young boy reaches for ice cream bar from vending machine hand turns knob on vending machine...cup drops in slot and fills with soda ("Dial Your Favorite Drink...Root Beer(10 cents)...Cherry (10 cents") hand takes apple from vending machine hand reaches in and takes pastry from *Automat slot machine...*Automat spout pours coffee girl, Asian, sips from straw older man sips from straw man smears butter on cob of corn, and bites into it hand pours string beans from package into frying pan and lets cook 01:44:38:00 Color - 1958 finger presses Reddi Whip nozzle, pours whipped cream over ice cream in a dish hand peels open the foil cover of a TV's a "Turkey Dinner" making a milk shake in a blender frozen French Fries poured out of "Bel-air" biscuits toasted on grill "Downyflake" pancakes pop up from toaster, syrup added packet of Raisin Bran opened, milk added chocolate fudge poured 'designer' tooth paste on tooth brush...girl shows off her clean teeth stylishly dressed woman seated in Automat...bus boy clears tables finally - the pigeon, again (Cut). 01:45:53:00 Color - 1958 IN COLOR & SILENT ws ms Office buildings around Wall Street in the financial district: Interesting, extreme LA office building facades set against the sky ZO from the spire of Trinity Church George Washington Statue at the Sub Treasury Building EXT New York Stock Exchange INT view of the Exchange Floor filled with traders, brokers, dealers, messengers, & clerks...buying & selling stocks & bonds a trading booth in session the Big Board activity on the trading floor...follows a trader around the floor as he fills a customer's order PAN across the Floor filled with traders and their trading booths Another look at the outside facade of the Exchange PAN an AV of the many office building skyscrapers that make up the New York City financial district. (Cut