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HD-65 Beta SP
00:57:00:00 B W 1952 Vol. 25 Rel. 591 75,000 march in American Legion 34th Convention parade w Governor Dewey, Eisenhower, Nixon. Adlai Stevenson warns Legionnaires of Communist threat "within". New US submarine. Fierce battle in Korea. Navy football team trains, Eisenhower Jr. there. 01:03:50:00 B W 1952 Vol. 25 Rel. 592 Truman & Stevenson speak at campaign rally Eisenhower opens campaign Statue of Queen Elizabeth made from butter in Canada. Large mass in France. Lewis Gough elected American Legion Commander for 1952. 01:10:43:00 B W 1952 Vol. 25 Rel. 593 British jet makes Atlantic round trip in 8 hours, new record. 84-year old man jumps from airplane in France (w parachute). Paris fall fashions. Jersey Joe Walcott chops wood w baby, boxer Rocky Marciano trains, does farm chores. Women's amateur golf tourney, Oregon. Ice Capades of 1953, Atlantic City, w Dick Button. 01:17:46:00 B W 1952 Vol. 25 Rel. 594 Eisenhower on farm, Stevenson on farm. Oil refinery explosion, Marseilles. Truman appeals for help to disabled. Best baby contest in Toronto twins (baby twins). Real cute. Twin-engine helicopter, new jets & airplanes at British air show. Pro wrestling, Masked Marvel, Gorgeous George. 01:24:28:00 B W 1952 Vol. 25 Rel. 595 Korean battle, flamethrowers. Stevenson w Orientals, Eisenhower shakes hands, deplanes. Carnival in Virgin Islands (town of Charlotte Amelie, on island of St. Thomas). Harvest Moon Ball ballroom dancing contest EXCELLENT jitterbug dancers, New York City. Sea lions frolic in pool. Airplane disintegrates in mid-air at British air show, 26 die. 01:31:26:00 B W 1952 Vol. 25 Rel. 596 Bombing North Korea. Stevenson holds up plaque, Eisenhower campaigns w Taft. Truman honors women in service w new stamp issue. 01:38:09:00 B W 1952 Vol. 25 Rel. 597 NATO commanding general Ridgeway visits Turkey. European Coal & Steel Community assembly meets for first time in Strasbourg, France - start of Common Market. Football, Air Force beats Marines 14-6. NATO fleet maneuvers in Baltic. Soldiers tested in Arizona heat. Truman leads tour of renovated White House. Wheelbarrow race, California. B-52's being tested, one-man helicopter. 01:44:48:00 B W 1952 Vol. 25 Rel. 598 (The following footage is identical to HD-66) Eisenhower stumps Midwest w lipstick on face, he praises Nixon Stevenson campaigns w son. Navy launches guided missile in Korea. Arctic air base 18 miles from North Pole. Wake Island typhoon wreckage. Woman swims California channel. Football: UCLA vs. Oregon. 01:50:51:00 B W 1952 Vol. 25 Rel. 599 (The following footage is identical to HD-67). Eisenhower okays Nixon's continuation in race after "Checkers speech", Stevenson speaks. Monkey eating, mice & monkeys soar 38 miles in rocket test. Empty palace of deposed Egyptian King Farouk opened to press, toured. ROCKY MARCIANO KNOCKS OUT "JERSEY JOE" WALCOTT: New heavyweight boxing champion is Rocky Marciano, he praises beaten contender Walcott. No boxing footage at all. New York City rodeo.