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HD-82 Beta SP; DN-ZLB-025 Beta SP (selected segments)
00:00:20:00 B W 1954 Vol. 26 Rel.# 547 John Foster Dulles opposes recognition of mainland China. Rocket propelled tests for pilots. Mardi Gras in France. Spring fashions, white light silhouettes. Philadelphia Athletics baseball spring training, Bobby Shantz. Golden Gloves boxing. 00:07:27:00 B W 1954 Vol. 26 Rel. #548 (0:01:18 on DN-ZLB-025 t c 01:01:32:09 to 01:08:04:05) "Extra! Shooting in Congress": 3 Puerto Rican nationalists open fire on Congressmen in the House of Representatives from the visitors' gallery 5 lawmakers are wounded (senators shown wounded and being lifted into ambulances [the old station wagon kind]). Suspects shown in homicide squad room guns laid atop Puerto Rican flag. Navy's new seaplane. Greek POWs return from Communist camps. Arabian leader arrives in Casablanca. Cold weather military uniforms. Dodgers name Walt Alston as new manager, Carl Erskine, Don Newcombe, Charlie Dressen. Micro motor race (motorized go carts) good pov shots of go carts on track (pov rear of cart). Winner grabs the checkered flag while driving. 00:14:30:00 B W 1954 Vol. 27 Rel. #549 Pan American meeting w Dulles in Caracas. World's smallest jet tested in France. Mardi Gras in New Orleans. First movie festival in Brazil, Barbara Rush, Ann Miller. Australians love Queen Elizabeth's visit. Yankees spring training, Casey Stengel, Whitey Ford, Gil McDougal, Yogi Berra. Milwaukee Braves baseball spring training camp, Spahn, Adcock, Matthews, Bobby Thomson. European boxing title, Cohen beats Kelly in Belfast. 00:21:08:00 B W 1954 Vol. 27 Rel. #550 Dulles asks Pan American nations to help expel Communism from Western Hemisphere. Puerto Rican nationalists are arrested. Among those arrested is Pedro Albizu Campos British inspector to Kenya to end Mau-Mau troubles. US Air Force tour arrives in Havana to warm welcome from Batista. Jewish foundation honors Eisenhower. Oil fire in Rotterdam. Cleveland Indians spring training, Lemon, Feller. New York Giants spring training, Leo Durocher, Willie Mays. Bicycling world series, Italy, obstacle course. Daytona motorcycle race. 00:28:04:00 B W 1954 Vol. 27 Rel. #551 Eisenhower pleads for racial equality. Eisenhower makes speech at NAACP conference. Moroccan sultan injured by grenade as people watch in mosque where he's praying he's slightly injured. Wheat surplus stored in battleships. International beauty show, "in" hair styles. 4-H club at White House. Children play w new robotic toys, boy kisses girl, she looks disgusted. Boats battle ice to supply North Pole, helicopter helps. Army dog show for March of Dimes. World skiing championships in Sweden. 00:34:51:00 B W 1954 Vol. 27 Rel. #552 Holy Cross wins basketball title over Duquesne. Berlin family rescuer saves children from growing up Communist. Iron curtain refugees become naturalized Americans at ceremony. Operation Philippines sends equipment from San Francisco to impoverished Filipino farmers. Airlift to family on Dutch winter island. Rio de Janeiro festival. Barbara Rush, Eric Johnston, Jeannette Macdonald with Gene Raymond and Ann Miller at film festival. People dancing. Some of men are wearing masks. Herring fishing in Canada, how whales help fishermen. Australian children put on show for Queen. 00:41:36:00 B W 1954 Vol. 27 Rel. #553 Indochina war drags on, French vs. Vietnamese. New Navy airplanes. Convair Vertical Lift airplane. Tour of atom-smashing plant. First infantry leaves Korea since armistice. Queen Elizabeth visits koala bears. St. Patrick's Day parade, New York City. British fur fashions in Canada. Ice skating girls school. 00:48:26:00 B W 1954 Vol. 27 Rel. 554 Global jet bomber goes into service. Eisenhower confers w French leaders. Plane crashes near Annapolis, 18 killed. Army's amphibious boat carrier. Wedding on skis. 106-mile driving economy run by teenagers. Paris bathing suit design, fashion show. Bowling congress. Stock car race, Atlanta.