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HD-83 Beta SP
00:55:25:00 B W 1954 Vol. 27 Rel.# 555 US steps up aid to French in Indochina, unloading, testing explosives, jungle war. Nuclear explosion aftermath, inspection of sites in Japan. Seat ejection testing. Eisenhower receives cross from Greek Orthodox church. Berlin refugees flee Iron Curtain. Iwo Jima ten years later. Golden Gloves boxing. 01:02:09:00 B W 1954 Vol. 27 Rel. #556 Inca baby preserved 500 years in Andes snows mummy. Turkish leader returns to enthusiastic Istanbul crowd. Queen Elizabeth watches aborigines' tribal dances. Dallas humanitarian awards, Barbara Stanwyck. World's oldest triplets in Massachusetts. Canoe race on New Hampshire snow. Patsy Awards in California, Woody Woodpecker. Paris spring hats. Circus parade in New York City, little children. 01:08:58:00 B W 1954 Vol. 27 Rel. #557 Hydrogen bomb destruction revealed in tests, first release of pictures, incredible. Hollywood holiday fashions. 01:15:43:00 B W 1954 Vol. 27 Rel. #558 Bomber pilot POV over Indochina. Beirut protests against Arab involvement in foreign affairs. Japanese-American Cherry Blossom festival commemorates friendship between 2 peoples. Notre Dame football spring training, Terry Brennan. Berlin dog show. Grand National Royal Tan wins, race kills 4 horses. 01:22:22:00 B W 1954 Vol. 27 Rel. #559 NATO air-sea maneuvers, airplane has trouble, CU pilot's thumbs up. WWII POWs return from USSR. US airlift to revitalize Korea. Opium & heroin drug smuggler arrested in San Francisco. New protective suits for radiation work. (Hanford Plutonium Works, Hanford WA) First religious stamp says "IN GOD WE TRUST". 131 pound 2-week old colt in New Jersey. Yo-yo fad starts in NY's Jackson Heights. 7th annual waterskiing tourney, Florida. 01:29:03:00 B W 1954 Vol. 27 Rel. #560 British speed atomic research, plutonium. American Air Force teaches foreign pilots to fly. Korean choir arrives in USA Queen bids farewell to Australians. Susan Ball weds Dick Long, puts crutches aside. Fishing derby. Small fry boxing, little children, toddlers box - what Nazi thought this up? 01:35:45:00 B W 1954 Vol. 27 Rel. #561 Indochina war damage. 2 sons returned to USA after being blackmailed by Roumanian spies. New tanks exhibited in England. New fireman's suit, France. How Berliners are adapting to communism. Sponge fishing in Greece. Baltimore has opening day parade to welcome American League baseball team to town, Nixon is there. Socks the pony, trainer is 8. 01:42:31:00 B W 1954 Vol. 27 Rel. #562 French reinforced as Indochina crisis mounts. Marks on windshields baffle parts of America. Gulliver's Travels miniature village reopens in The Netherlands. Thunderbird division returns home. Prince Charles goes on first boat trip, he's about 6. Tulip time styles for Dutch maids. Spring time at London zoo.