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HD-101 Beta SP; DN-ZLB-025 Beta SP (selected segments); DN-LB-614 Beta SP (selected segments)
00:47:17:00 B W 1956 Vol. 29 Rel. #79 Hurricane. Babe Didrikson dies, 1932 Olympic javelin champion, golfing. William Holden wins movie prize. Man trains cougars (mountain lions, pumas), kisses them, they lick him. Fashion hats. Rodeo spills. VOTE! PA ad. 00:53:53:00 B W 1956 Vol. 29 Rel. #80 New rocket launched. NATO college, airplanes & missiles. Liberian President visits Pope. Rock Hudson & Elizabeth Taylor put hand-prints and footprints on sidewalk at Grauman's Chinese theater, Hollywood Rock holds out his cement-filled hands. Football: Michigan vs. UCLA, Terry Barr Minnesota vs. Washington, Mitch Farstat. VOTE! PA, Eric Johnston. 01:00:34:00 B W 1956 Vol. 29 Rel. #82 (DN-ZLB-025 reads "Rel. # 82" however, the header of HD-101 for this segment reads Rel. #81, and the leader Rel. #82. It seems to be a long-ago error of numbering given that the World Series clip is of the 5th game here, and the following reel is of the opening of the series, one must assume that this is actually Release 82.) (0:08:05 on DN-ZLB-025 t c 01:08:19:28 to 01:14:38:00) World Series (Yankees vs. Dodgers), 5th game: ext and int of Yankee Stadium. Famous sports event: Don Larsen pitches perfect game, Mickey Mantle, Don Larsen. Princess Margaret tours Mauritius (East Indies), cuts ribbon. Door closes, machinery, robot hands. Boat "Crimea" returns, family reunions. New jet airplane (Caravelle twin-jet transport). Football: Michigan vs. Michigan State. 01:07:20:00 B W 1956 Vol. 29 Rel. #81 (although it reads Rel. #82 see above note). (1:16:53 on DN-LB-614 t c 05:17:27:07 to 05:23:54:22) Baseball World Seres: Yankees vs. Dodgers, Eisenhower tosses out first pitch, Sal Maglie, GREAT Mickey Mantle, Jackie Robinson, Carl Furillo, Duke Snider, Gil Hodges. Fiery plane crash. New women's army outfits, (defense outfits) Mamie Eisenhower. Dog race, greyhound race dog steeplechase. 01:13:57:00 B W 1956 Vol. 29 Rel. #83 (1:23:30 on DN-LB-614 t c 05:24:04:19 to 05:30:31:06) Yankees win World Series, Don Newcombe, Yogi Berra, Bill Skowron. Japanese children drink milk sent from USA Bikini beauty pageant. 43rd annual Paris Auto Show (France), Cadillac, European model cars, Renault turbine car, Dodge Dart streamlined concept car, test drive propeller. Speed-boat race, instruments, man dunked in water. 01:20:36:00 B W 1956 Vol. 29 Rel. #84 "The Eisenhower Story " whistle blows steam, assembly line workers, flag waves over Capitol, Eisenhower inaugurated, speaks, troops kiss wives, Dulles w Churchill, Eisenhower at United Nations, w other statesmen, press conference on disarmament, message to viewers. 01:27:25:00 B W 1956 Vol. 29 Rel. #85 "This is Adlai Stevenson " Adlai speaks, crowds, 3 sons, people in theater.