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HD-135 Beta SP; DN-ZLB-004 Beta SP (some stories)
1959, 1934
00:00:12:00 B W 1959 Vol. 32 Rel. #49 Tornado wrecks Miami. West Germany celebrates 1953 East German uprising. Chinese treasures in Taiwan cave. Mummy on ocean liner QUEEN MARY. Heel to toe race in Maryland. Ski jumping children in Florida. 00:06:46:00 B W 1959, 1934 Vol. 32 Rel. #50 Queen Elizabeth gets royal welcome in Canada. Princess Grace w Rainier in Rome visiting Pope. Khrushchev sees Wax Museum in Canada. Harness race. 25 Years Ago Today: (see AFP-73K): NEWS HEADLINES OF 1934: cars crashing, Dionne quintuplets born, Herbert Hoover at Norris Dam dedication, Chicago Exposition, woman walks lion on leash in Hollywood, man in ice cube (stunt), cars crash into guard rail. 00:13:14:00 B W 1959, 1934 Vol. 32 Rel. #51 Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip greeted in Canada. Pocket size pacemaker for cardiac defibrillation. Opium addicts in Thailand face illegalization of their habit, they are required to take anti-addiction medicine. British lion drinking beer in pub. New cable cars christened in San Francisco w Rock Hudson, Vivien Leigh & Cyndi Robbins attending. LeMans race in France. Gymnastics meet in Poland, Russian wins. 00:19:25:00 B W 1959, 1934 Vol. 32 Rel. #52 (also on DN-ZLB-004) Queen Elizabeth opens St. Lawrence seaway. Plane crash in Milan, 68 dead. Bad weather landing system in Maine. De Gaulle receives Supreme Order of Christ medal in Rome! Soviet exhibition opens in New York City. 00:25:47:00 B W 1959, 1934 Vol. 32 Rel. #53 A day in the life of a President: Maxwell Taylor resigns from Army post, Ike busy w appointments. Lions International parade in New York City. Will Rogers Hospital inspected by president. A chicken paints in France. Straw wigs for Italian girls. Horse race in England, New Providence wins. 00:32:03:00 B W 1959, 1934 Vol. 32 Rel. #54 Queen Elizabeth welcomed to Chicago. Belgian prince married off. Brazilians win Wimbledon tennis match. 25 Years Ago Today: NEWS HEADLINES OF 1934: John Dillinger killed, Dillinger corpse US pays bank depositors for first time under new FDIC insurance act: small town Midwest bank crowded, people in line get paid new airplane technology enables airplane to fly backwards, flying gadgets. 00:38:20:00 B W 1959, 1934 Vol. 32 Rel. #55 Registration Day at West Point, Colin Kelly son of WWII gets in. De Gaulle visits tiny impoverished French colony at Djibouti. West Germany economy booming. Europe's longest bridge built, the Tan Couvier bridge in France. Ernie Banks helps National League win baseball's All-Star game. 00:44:30:00 B W 1959, 1934 Vol. 32 Rel. #56 Khrushchev greets 7 US governors visiting USSR. Jet makes emergency landing in New York City, 50,000 onlookers hamper landing. Brush fire in Laurel Canyon, scores of homes destroyed. Queen Elizabeth inspects new steel mill in Canada. Sabre jets in Spain do tricks, pilots parachute. Diving championships.