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HD-138 Beta SP
1959, 1934
00:50:51:00 B W 1959, 1934 vol. 32 Rel. #73 Harbor blaze in New York City. Bank robber caught by camera, drops money, flees, clerks chase. US soldiers in Laos, Asians w guns, target practice. RAF show in England, flying in formation, hovercraft. High diving, swimming. 00:57:05:00 B W 1959, 1934 Vol. 32 Rel. #74 Soviet rocket launch, capsule POV, technician, graphics, moon comes close to CAM. Dutch destroyer, New York City skyline, crowd at Battery, Princess Beatrix, ticker-tape parade, Mayor Wagner. Cute Dutch quadruplets, incubators, babies in yard. Miss America pageant, Atlantic City, girls walking on stage, winner (Miss Mississippi, Lynda Lee Mead) gets crown. Tennis at Forest Hills, Christine Truman, Maria Esta Bueno wins, Neil Fraser beats Alex Amino. 01:03:28:00 B W 1959, 1934 Vol. 32 Rel. #75 Khrushchev's airplane lands, full-dreserelcome, Ike Eisenhower greets Nikita, the Khrushchev klan including Nina, press corps, Marine honor guard, Ike: "I welcome you ... our systems are different, our common purpose shall be peace." Khrushchev speaks in Russian, Nina w Ike Eisenhower & Nikita in limousine, tight fit, motorcade, Khrushchev gives Ike Eisenhower model. 01:09:43:00 B W 1959, 1934 Vol. 32 Rel. #76 Khrushchev at United Nations headquarters, w Dag Hammarskjold, addressing General Assembly, New York City skyline, on Empire State Building, to Los Angeles, at airport there, at studio luncheon w Sypro Skouras, meets CAN CAN cast, to San Francisco on train, prese everywhere. German model boat competition, remote control, balloon bursts. Oklahoma prison rodeo, mean broncos, rider thrown, runs to stands. 01:15:52:00 B W 1959, 1934 Vol. 32 Rel. #77 Khrushchev in corn belt Midwest, w corn, newsmen, at lunch w Adlai Stevenson. Baseball: Indians vs. White Sox, Louis Apericio, Bubba Phillips, Billy Goodman, Al Lopez, Jerry Staley, celebration in locker room. 25 Years Ago Today: NEWS OF 1934. World Series in Detroit, Tigers, Frank Frisch, Dizzy Dean, Collins, Will Rogers in stands w Henry & Edsel Ford & 'Judge' Kenesaw Mountain Landis Fiorello LaGuardia smashing slot machines in New York City, coal powered truck, collision-proof car. (NOTE: This clip also found on AFP-73-I). 01:22:03:00 B W 1959, 1934 Vol. 32 Rel. #78 Khrushchev waves goodbye to Ike Eisenhower, night ceremonies at Andrews Air Force Base, Khrushchev says "OK" w Nixon. Typhoon Vera aftermath in Japan, cleaning up. Small elephant, Africans. Football, California Rose Bowl rematch, Cal vs. Iowa, Bob Will, Larry Parks, Owen Treadway, Ron Norton, Don Horn, Wilburn Hallis, Gene Moseley, Roy Josh. Aqueduct horse race, jockey Eddie Arcaro running. 01:28:21:00 B W 1959, 1934 Vol. 32 Rel. #79 Hurricane Gracie, floods, pelican, snow in Denver, broken trees. Girl hula-hoops w dog in barnyard, cat watches, dog w hula hoop, reaction shots from other animals, slow motion. Men's suits & shoes on Italian riviera. Opening game of Baseball World Series at Comiskey Park ("Home of the White Sox") in Chicago Sox beat Dodgers in Game 1, Walt Osten, Al Lopez, Roger Craig, Ted Kluzuski (Kluzeski?) HR, Early Wynn. 01:34:30:00 B W 1959, 1934 Vol. 32 Rel. #80 Baseball World Series at Los Angeles Coliseum (in first World Series game ever played on the West Coast) Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Chicago White Sox Don Drysdale, Gil Hodges, Al Smith. 10 years of Nationalist China in exile on Taiwan, fields, bridge, factories, agriculture, smiling peasant girl, Chiang Kai Shek w Madame. Dogs in funny hats, in jewelry, evening gowns. Football: Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Navy vs. SMU, Don Meredith.