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HD-174 Beta SP; DN-LB-568 Beta SP (Vol. 35 Rel. 39 only, Vol. 35 Rel. 45 only)
1962, 1937
00:49:50:00 B W 1962 Volume 35, Rel.# 57 Scientists work on TELSTAR satellite, it lifts off from Cape Canaveral, first pictures seen in studio, flag on TV. 1962 All-Star Game, Washington DC stadium, JFK throws out first ball, Stan Musial hits single, Maury Wills steals 2nd base, scores, Billy Moran, Willie Mays catches ball, Wills scores, JFK. 00:55:40:00 B W 1962, 1937 Volume 35, Rel.# 58 1962 British Open, Arnold Palmer wins & holds cup. Miss Universe won by Argentine. Doris Day, Cary Grant w baseball greats Roger Maris, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra. New York City hats. 25 Years Ago Today: (NEWS OF 1937): George VI crowned King, rides carriage, on balcony, Mary Pickford marries Buddy Rogers. 01:01:54:00 B W 1962, 1937 Volume 35, Rel.# 59 Peru president Perado ousted, Peruvian Army takes over, United States breaks ties w Peru Perado w wife, military in streets. X-15 airplane sets space record, Major White in airplane, X-15 carried by B-52, flies to altitude record, son w Major White, Collier Trophy presented to 4 men who rode X-15 by JFK. 13-story balloon orbited, rocket lifts off at night. Anthony Celebrezze, Cleveland Mayor, named HEW Secy.. Ike Eisenhower w Mamie & grandchildren on QUEEN ELIZABETH. Algeria feuds about leadership. 2-man motorcycle races. 01:08:00:00 B W 1962, 1937 Volume 35, Rel.# 60 JFK news conference about TELSTAR satellite. Jackie Kennedy & John Glenn swim, waterski. PGA Golf Tournament, Arnold Palmer, Bob Colby, Gary Player, George Bear, Player wins title. US Soviet track meet, Wilma Rudolph wins 100-meters, Bob Hayes too, Ralph Boston wins long jump, Hal Connelly sets world mark in hammer throw, 1500 meter run won by Beattie, Valery Brumel wins high jump, world record, CU. 01:14:07:00 B W 1962, 1937 Volume 35, Rel.# 61 (0:26:00 on DN-LB-568 t c 08:26:12:09 to 08:32:14:13) Peace in Laos, Palace of Nations in Paris, Dean Rusk, delegates Long lines for vaccination in "victory over polio", boys take sugar-coated polio vaccine SABIN oral vaccine. International Air Patrol, Times Square, Brenda Lee. Ponies jump & do tricks, pony race, boy falls. 25 Years Ago Today: (NEWS OF 1937): man lifted by balloons, Guillermo Marconi dies, radio wave communications inventor, America's Cup - last year of J-cups (hmmm...), "Big Apple" dance. 01:20:18:00 B W 1962, 1937 Volume 35, Rel.# 62 Train disaster, victims carried from Susquehanna River, wreckage, trainman cap, train in river. Vice Premier & Premier in Algeria meet, troops march in streets Queen Elizabeth smiles, unveils commemorative plaque in Plymouth, walks streets. Foam smothers gas flames, floats to ceiling. America's Cup competitor from Australia, GRETYL. Delaware handicap horse race, 7:30 wins. 01:26:26:00 B W 1962, 1937 Volume 35, Rel.# 63 Drug Danger: JFK at news conference speaking about danger of inadequate drug testing, urges stiffer US laws , FDA situation regarding Thalidomide scare (see also DN-LB-383, 07:38:30:00) Union riots in Manchester, protesters fight w police, Sir Oswald attacked, fistfights. Steam train in Quebec, man lies on track w can. 25 Years Ago Today (NEWS OF 1937): Mussolini hailed in Rome, Rome coliseum, FDR Jr. weds, Cabinet members, bride, groom, FDR, Eleanor, Bing Crosby at track, Inaugural handicap, paddle ball fad. 01:32:21:00 B W 1962, 1937 Volume 35, Rel.# 64 Death of Marilyn Monroe: archival clips include - Marilyn Monroe kisses at camera, in army outfits (entertaining GIs in Korea, 1954), kissing Joe DiMaggio (upon her marriage to Joe, 1954), and Arthur Miller, in evening outfit. Ike Eisenhower visits Chancellor Adenauer in Bonn, w Mamie. DaVinci's Virgin & Child fund drive. American Derby at Arlington Park, Black Sheep beats Rydan. Football: Green Bay Packers 42, All-Stars 20, Soldiers Field, Earl Gross, Bart Starr, Boyd Dowler, John Hadl, Charlie Bryan, Max McGee, Elijah Pitts. 01:40:00:00 B W 1962, 1937 No roll number shown. Ocean liner CANBERRA arrives in New York Harbor, skyline.