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HD-188 Beta SP DN-LB-572
B W 1963 PLEASE NOTE: The original master is MISSING an image from approximately 01:37 to 03:00 it has NOT been mistakenly erased. 00:48:40:00 B W 1963, 1938 Vol. 36, Rel.# 73 Buddhists in Vietnam unrest. German policeman show. Surfing in Europe. 1938's big story: nasty hurricane, high winds, rain, floods, smashed cars & boats. 00:54:32:00 B W 1963 Vol. 36, Rel.# 74 Miss America pageant, woman w binoculars. Afghan King & Queen visit JFK at White House w Barry Goldwater. US Open at Forest Hills, tennis, Mexican wins, Ms. Bueno beats Margaret Smith. Golf match, Jack Nicklaus beats Bob Charles, Julius Boros, Arnie Palmer. 01:00:43:00 B W 1963 Vol. 36, Rel.# 75 Vietnam crisis, President Ngo Dinh Diem, Madame Nhu, ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge, US troops & helicopters in action, helicopter down. Bob Hope honored at White House, JFK w Bob, Hope tells jokes. Football Hall of Fame opens, George Halas, Red Grange. 01:06:40:00 B W 1963, 1938 Vol. 36, Rel.# 76 Quintuplets born. Typhoon in taiwan. Football: Colts vs. Giants, Gino Marchetti, Unitas. 25 Years Ago Today: (1938): Johnny Van Der Meer, Babe Ruth manages Dodgers, World Series: Yanks vs. Cubs, Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, horse race: Sea Biscuit beats War Admiral runner Glenn Cunningham Don Budge wins Wimbledon tennis boxer Joe Louis Miss America. 01:12:48:00 B W 1963 Vol. 36, Rel.# 77 Fischer quintuplets (with footage of small Midwest town Aberdeen, South Dakota). United Nations General Assembly opens, new president chosen. Polo Grounds last game, Phillies beat Mets, Casey & Mrs. Stengel. (See also DN-LB-572, 16:01:00:00 to 16:07:00:00). 01:19:11:00 B W 1963 Vol. 36, Rel.# 78 JFK addresses United Nations, proposes joint American Soviet trip to moon. Football: North Carolina State vs. Terps Cal vs. Iowa State, Craig Morton. 01:24:11:00 B W 1963 Vol. 36, Rel.# 79 RFK holds Senate hearings on organized crime (Cosa Nostra, Mafia). Capitol previews CHARADE, Sargent Shriver, RFK, LBJ & Lady Bird attend. Winter fashions. Moscow circus bear act. Football: TCU vs. Kansas, Gayle Sayers. 01:30:18:00 B W 1963 Vol. 36, Rel.# 80 Vatican II ecumenical council opens in St. Peter's, Pope Paul VI crowned. Population explosion: birth board changes to 190,000,000, census board, CU clock crying babies in incubators. Football: Nebraska vs. Minnesota Oklahoma vs. USC, Mike Garrett, Willie Brown.