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HD-189 Beta SP
00:00:13:00 B W 1963 Vol. #36 Part of Issue #81 World Series: Yankees vs. Dodgers, Sandy Koufax, Bill Showron, Maury Wills. Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie visits JFK. B W 1963 Vol. 36 #82 JFK signs bill. Football: Illinois vs. Northwestern. Baseball: Dodgers beat Yankees. B W 1963 Vol. 36 #83 JFK speaks on wheat sale to USSR. Rodeo for prisoners. Football: SMU vs. Air Force. 00:18:06:00 B W 1963 Vol. #36, Rel. #84 Dam burst in Italy kills 1,800 in horrifying disaster flood wrecks cities, survivors weep. Horrifying footage. Football: Michigan vs. Michigan State Browns vs. Giants, Jim Brown, Alex Webster, Gifford. World plowing championship. 00:25:32:00 B W 1963 Vol. #36, Rel. #85 Tito visits JFK. New German chancellor. Heliport building at World's Fair, Nelson Rockefeller. Bus for disabled, Tony Randall, Mayor Wagner. Ike Eisenhower's birthday, Mamie Eisenhower, Barry Goldwater, Ike blows out candles. Football: Texas vs. Oklahoma. 00:31:33:00 B W 1963 Vol. #36, Rel. #86 Lord Alec Douglas-Home becomes Prime Minister. Drought crisis, fires. Football: Iowa vs. Wisconsin USC vs. Ohio State, Willie Brown. B-58 jet airplane flight, animation, Tokyo to London. 00:38:27:00 B W 1963, 1938 Vol. #36, Rel. #87 US army airlift, tanks lined up. Sky filled w paratroopers. 25 Years Ago Today: HEADLINES OF 1938 Europe readies for war, FDR, Cordell Hull, Hitler meets w Neville Chamberlain, Germans display army power. Football: Stanford vs. Washington. 00:44:28:00 B W 1963 Vol. #36, Rel. #88 Dean Rusk meets West German chancellor Ludwig Erhard. Jet helicopter. Ski jumpers in Los Angeles coliseum. Football: Navy vs. Pitt, Roger Staubach Harvard vs. Dartmouth. Bolivian President visits JFK.