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HD-193 Beta SP
00:00:00:00 B W 1964 Vol. 37, Rel.# 9 SATURN rocket on launch pad, take-off, LBJ watches on TV, rocket in air. Grain loaded for USSR. Doug McClure & Marilyn Maxwell at Universal City. Easter hat styles. Horse race in Paris. 00:06:37:00 B W 1964 Vol. 37, Rel.# 10 RANGER 6 launched, moon shots, animation of crash. Paula Prentiss & fashion models on tour in Florida. Innsbruck Winter Olympics, skating, skiing, bobsledding, slalom, 00:13:02:00 B W 1964, 1945 Vol. 37, Rel.# 11 More Innsbruck Winter Olympics: tobogganing, speed skating new records set. New jet helicopter test flight. Golden Gate boat surfing. 1945's big story: B-25 bomber crashes into Empire State Building, firefighting inside, dead body, injured, burnt bodies in office. 00:19:13:00 B W 1964 Vol. 37, Rel.# 12 Demonstrations in Cyprus, US embassy, bomb damage, British building bombed, Americans evacuate. Beatles arrive in New York City, press conference at airport, girls scream in Central Park. New Orleans Mardi Gras, parades, floats, crowds. Innsbruck Olympics, 4-man bobsled, Alpine skiing, men's figure skating. 00:25:26:00 B W 1964 Vol. 37, Rel.# 13 LBJ & Prime Minister Douglas-Home at White House greeting diplomats, Lady Bird, Home at Lincoln Memorial. Princess Irene of Netherlands to wed Prince Hugo of Spain, crowds, w parents, press conference: "We're very happy." Westminster Dog Show, poodles being groomed. Olympic ski jumping at Innsbruck. 00:31:39:00 B W 1964 Vol. 37, Rel.# 14 Guantanamo Navy base supplied w water from mainland in tankers (Cuba cut off its water supply). HAREM BEAUTIES premieres in Texas. Italian fashion models amidst ruins. Tiny one-man helicopter test flies. 00:37:57:00 B W 1964 Vol. 37, Rel.# 15 Heroic Atlantic Rescue: British freighter Ambassador lists in stormy seas. Cubans cut water pipeline to Guantanamo naval base. Jack Ruby's trial for murder, Dallas courthouse, reporters, Melvin Belli, Jack Ruby under guard. Ski jump, Germany. 00:44:18:00 B W 1964 Vol. 37, Rel.# 16 Good Neighbors: Huge crowd at UCLA, LBJ meets Mexican Chief Adolfo Lopez Mateos, both get honorary degrees, meet Ike Eisenhower. 300,000 watch Chinese New Year's parade, San Francisco. Golden Gloves boxing. Florida wet track horse race.