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HD-232 Beta SP
00:56:55:00 B W 1967 Vol. 40, Rel.# 9 Nicaragua's army defeats coup d'etat (alas) battle-scarred Managua, broken windows, bombed buildings, soldiers search citizens. Tornado damage in Missouri, high school damaged, New York City high midwinter temperature, almost spring-like in Central Park. Rio de Janeiro, floods, rain, buses wrecked. Soviet president arrives in Rome. Australian crowds demonstrate at visit of South Vietnamese premier, captured weapons, prisoners blindfolded, hospital ship, Vietnamese children get care. Florida ocean liner runs aground, dancing on beached ocean liner. Soviet sailors on shore leave in San Francisco, at Fisherman's Wharf, cable cars, Woolworth's, eating hot dogs. 01:03:54:00 B W 1967 Vol. 40, Rel.# 10 ASTRONAUTS DIE IN APOLLO 1 FIRE, space tragedy: Roger Chaffee, Edward White & Gus Grissom board APOLLO 1 capsule, drill, fire, death! 6 Yugoslavian consulates bombed, damage. Sistine Chapel, Pope Paul VI ordains priests, tying of hands. Cryonics Society of Arizona, freezing biological matter demonstrated. Aircraft marsh vehicle skims over Vietnamese quagmires. Floating nuclear power station - reactor on ship. Worst blizzard in 18 years hits Chicago, stranded cars, helicopters. 01:11:04:00 B W 1967 Vol. 40, Rel.# 11 Astronauts buried w honors in Arlington, LBJ w mourners, burial. Pope meets Soviet president. Bomb in church. Syria & Israel border, peace talks, Israeli guards. Marines round up Vietcong & sympathizers, give rations, medics care for comrade. New York City pollution control devices, incinerator. Hindu festival in Malaysia, dancing. Track records, Neil Steinauer shot puts, Bob Seagren pole vaults, O'Brien wins race. 01:18:16:00 B W 1967 Vol. 40, Rel.# 12 4 Americans released by East Germany, press conference, US travel agent off airplane w children. South Vietnamese troops in Mekong River delta moving thru deep jungle Chicago snowstorm, Indiana snowfall. Doctors rejoin severed leg in Boston, patient on crutches. 3 Nazis on trial in Munich, courtroom, Auschwitz survivor. Small business show in New York City, car-wash, go-go dancer (Mister Donut display), CU shining shoes, guitarist. Winter carnival in Quebec, night parade, floats, crowds. 01:25:07:00 B W 1967 Vol. 40, Rel.# 13 Blizzard cripples East coast, heavy snows in New York City, Manhattan Garment District, digging out snow in Manhattan shoveling, skidding tires, rear view mirror scene of snow. Soviet Premier Kosygin in London w Harold Wilson at 10 Downing Street 30 Vietcong prisoners released, crossing bridges. Rose Monday parade in Cologne, celebrations, parade. Daytona Continental car race, ferrari, dogs, babies. Leavenworth Sports Contest, Washington DC, artificial snow, ski jumping. Austria ski bob championships. 01:32:13:00 B W 1967 Vol. 40, Rel.# 14 JAPAN TODAY: Tokyo, women in old clothes, men bow, Prime Minister Eisaku Sato, people stuffed onto subway, night shots. Police siren flashes, huge bomb found in street. Belly dancers. Satanic wedding, Judith Case & John Raymond marry, Anton LaVey dressed as devil presides Man sculpts art from silverware. Jacques Esterel fashion show, wrist watch strapped onto foot. Pet show, cheetah licks woman, duck turns on light, chicken shoots basketball, duck plays drums, dancing chicken. Hydrofoil boat on water. 01:39:16:00 B W 1967 Vol. 40, Rel.# 15 Forest fires, towns wiped out, dead cattle, burned cars. Earthquake rubble. Vietnam bombing aftermath, troops smoke. Westminster dog show, shaggy dog, bulldog, kid, Scottish terrier dog wins Los Angeles Times Track Meet, Dick Railsback pole vaults, falls & is injured, Bob Seagren vaults well. Ski flying. Montreal: Figure skating w Donald Knight, Peggy Fleming. 01:45:59:00 B W 1967 Vol. 40, Rel.# 16 Hawthorne, New Jersey: Chemical blasts, smoking aftermath. Florida Governor weds, couple, ring, Richard Nixon. Leonardo da Vinci drawings. Buddhist New Year's. Fashion. Hunting killer whales (orca). Hong Kong trains, station. Northeast hit with heavy winds, cars crushed, water gusher, water geyser in New England pedestrians struggle through heavy winds, inclement weather.