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HD-237 Beta SP
Western Wall
00:00:06:00 B W 1967 Vol. 40, Rel.# 49 Inside United Nations: Soviet rejected United Nations bars move to censure Israel proposed by USSR. Explosives detonated, CU dead. LBJ names Thurgood Marshall, first black Justice to Supreme Court. Hostage drama. Will Rogers hospital meeting. LBJ addresses presidential scholars. Cycle sidecar race. LeMans race, A.J. Foyt, Dan Gurney. 00:07:15:00 B W 1967 Vol. 40, Rel.# 50 United Nations special session, Alexei Kosygin, Andrei Gromyko, LBJ w Australia leader. Israeli's march to Wailing Wall. Air bombs & napalm dropped in Vietnam. Rocket explodes. Plaid fashions. US Open golf, Marty Fleckman, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer w trophy. 00:14:09:00 B W 1967 Vol. 40, Rel.# 51 Kosygin at United Nations. Palestinians flee the West Bank. Muhammad Ali in Texas court for refusal to be inducted into military Selective Service (NOTE: This clip also found on DN-B-328, at 0:47:07 t c 05:48:05:24 to 05:48:46:07). Indians demonstrate. New movie announced, Gregory Peck & Walter Pidgeon. Mainland China sets off hydrogen bomb blast, microscopes. Royal Ascot race, horse-drawn carriage, royal family, Bing Crosby, funny hats. race championships Czechoslovakia motorcycle footage. 00:21:08:00 B W 1967 Vol. 40, Rel.# 52 US USSR summit in Glassboro, LBJ meet Andrei Kosygin. Niagara Falls. Nixon meets Moshe Dayan. James Meredith walks. Skirmish in Aden (Yemen). Nigeria holiday. Anti-war demonstrations, police battle marchers. New huge tank, cannon fires. Jim Ryun sets mile track record: 3:51:01. 00:28:12:00 B W 1967 Vol. 40, Rel.# 53 Jerusalem Holy City opens pilgrims, tourists crowd Jerusalem. LBJ welcomes King Bhumipol of Thailand and his consort. Tornado in Belgium. LBJ becomes grandfather. Japanese children exercise & swim. Teenage fashions. Wimbledon tennis first round, Manuel Santana beaten by Daniel Passarella. Speed-boat record in Alabama. 00:35:06:00 B W 1967 Vol. 40, Rel.# 54 Lunar landing module prototype. New helicopter-like aircraft tested. Frogmen tests, men fall into water, are picked up at high speed. People flock to mosques, feet are washed. Ship explodes, sinks. World's oldest man is 163! (?) Summer Heat Wave in New York City, Washington Square Arch, people sleep, women's behinds, dog, girl watchers, miniskirts, woman eats ice pop hydrant floods street. 00:41:51:00 B W 1967 Vol. 40, Rel.# 55 United Nations in session Soviets defeated in United Nations vote. Prisoner exchange. Cardinals meet Pope. Canada's 100th birthday, Queen Elizabeth, Philip, balloons. Jackie Kennedy visits Ireland, meets Irish President. LBJ's baby grandson & daughter. Mass wedding, brides all together, grooms all together. Canadian Open golf, Art Wall, Billy Casper wins. Charlton Heston advocates buying US Savings Bonds. 00:49:49:00 B W 1967 Vol. 40, Rel.# 56 Helicopters in Vietnam "ambush -- Viet Cong's favorite tactic". Solo sailor returns from round-the-world trip, is knighted by Queen Elizabeth. Santa Claus visits Apollo Theater in Harlem. Sponsored by Police Square Club. Children watch Road Runner cartoon and get presents. Jewelry on women. US British track & field, Kip Keino, Jim Ryun sets new world record. Running of the bulls, Pamplona.