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HD-242 Beta SP; DN-LB-586 Beta SP (selected segments)
00:54:46:00 B W 1967 Vol. 40, Rel.# 89 (0:07:20 on DN-LB-586 t c 20:07:50:13): South Vietnamese President Thieu sworn in. Massive forest fires near Los Angeles, California. British Parliament opens, CU royal family, coach ride. Vietnam rally, big crowd waves flags. Soviet gold mining. QUEEN MARY's last trip, ocean liner escorted by tugs. Football: Colts vs. Redskins, Johnny Unitas, Alex Hawkins, Sonny Jurgenson, John Mackey, Tom Matte. Weird fashions miniskirts, plastic dresses. 01:01:23:00 B W 1967 Vol. 40, Rel.# 90 "US Planes Bomb Hanoi Bridge & Air Field" Air raids in Vietnam. Royal barge procession in Bangkok, men row. Miniature palace dollhouse. Long Island: Old Bethpage Village restored to early American condition. 1967 Hats runway fashion show. Japanese log rolling contest, CU feet. British Grand Prix car race (?Longbank Trophy), collisions, wipeouts. 01:08:18:00 B W 1967 Vol. 40, Rel.# 91 Floods and winds in Northern Italy, St. Mark's in Venice flooded. British rail wreck, injured removed at night. Soviet military parade, new missiles, leaders. Mount Kilauea erupts, lava flows, volcano. Music laboratory, woman w headphones, children at piano. Haile Selassie parade. Grand Canyon mining in progress. Football: Colts vs. Packers, Bart Starr, Johnny Unitas. 01:14:36:00 B W 1967 Vol. 40, Rel.# 92 LBJ greets crowd during tour of military bases, shakes outstretched hands. SATURN V launched, blast-off, capsule recovery. Parachute tested, airplane w parachute. Jackie Kennedy visits Orient. Grace Kelly cuts ribbon, opens store. Fashion. Laurel, Maryland Horse race, Damascus loses. 01:21:40:00 B W 1967 Vol. 40, Rel.# 93 Japanese protests greet LBJ "Japanese premier US agrees to return islands". Helicopters at work in Vietnam. New jet bomber, Vietnam air raids. Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade Popeye balloon is retired, clowns (note: the actual parade is not depicted here. The Popeye balloon is displayed in Central Park). Sacred cow worship, cows dressed, baby cows. Hot rod car show. Old car rally. Cross country race w 3,000 runners. Football: Oregon State vs. USC, O.J. Simpson. 01:28:31:00 B W 1967 Vol. 40, Rel.# 94 "Vietnamese Mortar Attack : American Base Badly Damaged" Fighting in Vietnam. Miss World pageant, CU winner. Michigan Governor George Romney announces Presidential bid. LBJ gives GI Medal of Honor as General Westmoreland looks on (excellent CU Westmoreland). Old church murals. Lynda Bird Johnson bridal shower, Lady Bird. Indians bathe in sacred Ganges River, cows bathe too. Football: USC vs. UCLA, Gary Beban, OJ Simpson, Zenon Andruzyshyn. 01:34:56:00 B W 1967 Vol. 40, Rel.# 95 Jungle warfare, US takes Hill 875. British pound devalued, Harold Wilson, Wall Street, New York Stock Exchange. Eye Research dinner. Pope Paul VI appears before crowd. United Nations bomb scare. US population reaches 200,000,000 sign "BIRTH EVERY 8 1 2 SECONDS," LBJ talks, count reaches 200 million. Football: Jets vs. Patriots, Joe Namath, Don Maynard, Gino Capaletti Giants vs. Steelers, Fran Tarkenton, Tucker Frederickson, Roy Jefferson. 01:41:42:00 B W 1967 Vol. 40, Rel.# 96 Cyprus crisis, diplomats try to avert war woman talks into microphone, diplomat Cyrus Vance. Ground artillery fire in Vietnam. Rockets fired. Lion cub in hospital. Football: Harvard vs. Yale, Brian Dowling, Calvin Hill Indiana vs. Purdue, Leroy Keyes, Mike Phipps. Granny from "Beverly Hillbillies" (IRENE RYAN) for US Savings Bonds.