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HD-243 Beta SP; DN-LB-586 Beta SP (selected segments)
00:00:00:00 B W 1967 Vol.# 40, Rel.# 97 Poisoned bread kills 77 sick people. Averell Harriman meets Yugoslavia's Marshal Tito. Congo (Zaire) parade, President Mobutu. Skeleton aircraft test safety device, net catches airplane. Miss Go-Go America, women in bikinis compete overjoyed, crying winner (one of the judges is JOE FRANKLIN!!) Motorboat race, Mike Reagan wins, Ron's son by Jane Wyman. Ski jumping. Football: Packers vs. Bears, Bart Starr, Boyd Dowler, Gayle Sayers, Travis Williams. 00:07:27:00 B W 1967 Vol.# 40, Rel.# 98 Cardinal Spellman dies. Australian fire, building burns, men on roof. LBJ plays w new grandson. New runway lights tested, fog, airplane approaches runway. Sky crane moves ski lodge. Tightrope walker sleeps on rope, man kisses wife, walks tightrope. Ski fashions. Football: Army vs. Navy, midshipmen & cadets in crowd. 00:14:37:00 B W 1967 Vol.# 40, Rel.# 99 (1:02:03 on DN-LB-586, t c 21:02:31:19 to 21:09:17:00) Cardinal Spellman tribute at St. Patrick's, Mayor John Lindsay, Governor Rockefeller, Senator Javits, Vice President Hubert Humphrey, LBJ. Bridge collapses, rescue efforts. Puerto Rico storm, flood, rough seas. Football: Browns vs. Giants, Leroy Kelly, Frank Ryan, Fran Tarkenton, Joe Morrison Colts vs. Cowboys, Johnny Unitas, Ray Berry, Don Meredith, Bob Hayes, Lenny Moore Raiders vs. Chargers, Darryl Lamonica, Fred Belitnikoff, John Hadl, Lance Alworth there's a shot here of excited fans knocking down a goalpost! 00:21:36:00 B W 1967 Vol.# 40, Rel.# 100 Lynda Bird Johnson weds in White House, LBJ w bride, wedding, newlyweds march under arch of swords. QUEEN MARY sails on final voyage w escort of boats following. Hospital shots, Dr. Christian Barnaard, first human heart transplant. Bronze horse a fake. Pope Paul VI attends Queen Mary statue. New high-speed train tested in fog in France. Gary Beban wins Heisman football trophy, highlights. Football: Rams vs. Packers, Roman Gabriel, Bart Starr, Bernie Casey. 00:28:35:00 B W 1967 Vol.# 40, Rel.# 101 (1:09:03 on DN-LB-586, t c 21:09:31:04 to 21:16:15:00) NATO ministers meet, Dean Rusk, Willy Brandt. SST Concorde (SUPERSONIC JET) unveiled. Finland honors dead, President, mass gymnastics. New telescope in England. Christmas in Bethlehem. Christmas tree in Washington DC, Santa Claus puts star atop. Spring fashions. Football: Raiders beat Oilers, Darryl Lamonica. 00:35:40:00 B W 1967 Vol.# 40, Rel.# 102 (1:16:02 on DN-LB-586, t c 21:16:29:00 to 21:23:15:00) Ohio bridge collapses, vehicles in water, unknown number dead. Post office on fire, firemen, CU w hoses. Huge airplanes take off, bearing troops to Vietnam. King Constantine in exile, new Greece coup leaders. Australian Prime Minister dies. Tornado debris. Football: Rams vs. Colts, Johnny Unitas, Roman Gabriel, Jack Snow, Bernie Casey. 00:42:43:00 B W 1967 Vol.# 40, Rel.# 103 (1:23:03 on DN-LB-586, t c 21:23:30:00 to 21:30:19:00) Southwest snowstorm, hundreds trapped snow covers everything in sight. Large oil fire in California. Air Force jet crashes, debris & destruction. Sculpture of month. New hydrofoil gunboat, man talks into headphones. Argentine wedding. Australia drought, millions of birds in flight. Ski meet in France, Karl Schranz. Joe Frazier boxes w Marion Conner, TKO. 00:49:51:00 B W 1967 Vol.# 40, Rel.# 104 Mexico prepares for 1968 Olympics, construction underway, stadium. New helicopter aloft. Monet painting auctioned off. Mid-air refueling in Vietnam. Troops search village for Vietcong. New robot performs tasks. New highway through Austrian Alps. Snowmobile races.