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1929 - 1933
B W 1929 - 1933 Newsreels from 1929 to 1933, including wacky stunts, Prohibition, Amelia Earhart, baby Lindbergh. Sound missing. 00:00:21:00 B W 1929 - 1933 Unidentified airplane stunt. Biplane flies over wire suspended between two poles catches some kind of weight attached to a cord and flies off with it. Possibly some kind of experimental mail transport. 00:00:52:00 B W 1929 - 1933 Unidentified burlesque show. Men in dressed as women (cross dressing, drag) in chorus line on stage. Brief. 00:01:06:00 B W 1929 - 1933 VS boxer Gene Tunney and his wife. They step through a hole in a chain-link fence, pose for news people. 00:01:24:00 B W 1929 - 1933 Skater Sonya Henie practices ice-skating on frozen pond. No spectators are visible. At one point she falls on her rear end. (This is NOT Sonja Henie) 00:02:02:00 B W 1929 - 1933 Unidentified newsreel story. Takes place in Europe, possibly Russia. Bearded sculptor carves religious statue. Woman holds cat in doorway. 00:02:50:00 B W 1929 - 1933 Brief shot of people dancing at a costume party, good. Also, costumed women adjusting their outfits. 00:03:09:00 B W 1929 - 1933 Building demolition: three smokestacks collapse, fall to the ground. One shot. 00:03:36:00 B W 1929 - 1933 Grainy footage of imperial Japan. Emperor Hirohito salutes Japanese troops march around carrying flags soldiers row around in rubber rafts. 00:04:52:00 B W 1929 - 1933 Amusement park footage. WS roller coaster another ride, car slides down ramp into water good people in suspended trolley as ground spins beneath them. 00:05:16:00 B W 1930 DARING GIRLS DEFY GRAVITY IN THRILLING SKYSCRAPER FEATS. Daredevil stunt: two teenage girls do leg exercises on girder of tall skyscraper one holds onto rope and leans out over edge of building. [New York City, May 28, 1930.] 00:06:20:00 B W 1930 ARMY BLIMP DRAGS AQUAPLANE RIDERS IN NEW SPEED THRILLS. Wacky stunt - dirigible tows water skiers. [Langley Field, Va., May 28, 1930.] 00:07:21:00 B W 1930 "SALOONS WIDE OPEN EVERYWHERE, SAYS BORAH. Dry Idaho Senator tells fellow legislators "`enforcement system is demoralized.'" CU Senator William Borah. One men and women in a bar. "Where some of it comes from - Prohibition sleuths nab 100 barrels of moonshine in Florida Everglades." Excellent shots of federal agents destroying an illegal still, dumping barrels of liquor. One agent sips booze, smiles. [January 1930.] 00:08:31:00 B W 1930 Story about the Bibilid Prison, Manila, Philippines. "When the alarm bell sounds convicts must lie prostrate or be shot." Guards run around with billyclubs prisoners lie down in prison yard. "This grim warning is in plain sight of the prisoners." Building has sign reading DEATH HOUSE. "Condemned to the chair - Executed 20 minutes after these pictures were taken." CU faces of three Filipino men. [January 1930.] 00:09:46:00 B W 1929 - 1933 INVESTIGATE SEIZURE OF CANADIAN LIQUOR BOAT BY COAST GUARD. VS large trawler-type ship. Prohibition enforcement agents snoop around deck of ship CU bottles of "Golden Wedding" whiskey. 00:11:12:00 B W 1931 CLERGY BLESS KING AND ARMY IN ANNUAL EPIPHANY DEDICATION. "Twelfth Day" Religious procession in Sofia, Bulgaria. Eastern Orthodox priests march in parade, with strangely-attired soldiers. King Boris of Bulgaria reviews the troops. [January 26, 1931.] 00:12:02:00 B W 1931 HOPE FOR SALVAGE OF HISTORIC MAYFLOWER, SUNK AT PIER BY FIRE. Ship half-sunk in Philadelphia harbor. Salvage crews remove junk from deck. [January 26, 1931.] 00:12:48:00 B W 1929 - 1933 "MUSA ISLA, FLA. Cherokee chief "shows off" for Seminoles! - White Eagle does his stuff to amazement of friendly tribesmen." Bare-chested American Indian man lies down on a bed of nails. 00:13:35:00 B W 1931 "WASHINGTON, DC. English artist paints Hoover portrait! Picture by-31-year-old genius to hang in White House." Artist with pipe in mouth and palette in hand painting a picture of Herbert Hoover. [January 26, 1931.] 00:14:06:00 B W 1931 "BERLIN, GERMANY. Famous teacher on inspection visit! Mme. Montessori reviews modernist child-education system." Educator Maria Montessori at her desk young children in classroom, playing with blocks children wash their hands and faces in wash basins, cute. [January 26, 1931.] 00:15:26:00 B W 1931 AUTHORITIES DEFIED BY GAMBLING SHIP AT 3-MILE-LIMIT BASE. OFF ST PETERSBURG, FLORIDA. Ocean liner good shots of people gambling at roulette table women gambling. [January 26, 1931.] 00:16:22:00 B W 1931 10,000 CHEER TAYLOR TO VICTORY IN ANNUAL SILVER SKATES DERBY. Speed-skating race, good shots spectators watch race good HA skaters on race course (looks like Central Park) CU winner, Taylor. [January 26, 1931.] 00:17:42:00 B W 1931 ENDURANCE DANCERS STILL SEEK RECORD AFTER FIVE MONTHS. Dance marathon in Chicago, good shots of exhausted marathon dancers girl slumps to floor while dancing nurse helps another girl into bed as spectators watch strange footage of people wandering around like zombies. [January 26, 1931.] 00:19:00:00 B W 1931 LONDOS RETAINS MAT CROWN IN SLASHING BOUT WITH McMULLEN. Wrestling match, good HA shots at several points the wrestlers tumble out of the ring onto the spectators referee declares one wrestler the winner. [January 26, 1931.] 00:21:02:00 B W 1931 RED HORDES GATHER IN MONSTER RALLY AS POLICE FOIL DISORDERS. Mass rally of Communists in Union Square, New York City. Good generic crowd shots closer shots showing pickets (eg, FOOD WORKERS DEFEND THE SOVIET UNION). [August 3, 1931] 00:22:04:00 B W 1931 HORSE BUYERS MEET AT FAMOUS ANNUAL "PONY-PENNING DAY". Roundup of wild ponies of Chincoteague Island, Virginia cowboys drive herd of horses across river, through streets of town auctioneer two men wrestle with foals in corral. [August 3, 1931.] 00:23:12:00 B W 1931 SAD THRONGS MOURN AT FUNERAL OF BABE SLAIN BY GANGSTERS. Funeral for five-year-old Michael Vengalli, killed in a Mafia shooting in Little Italy. Funeral procession of children, all dressed in white boy points to bullet holes in wall four boys carry small coffin covered in flowers crying mother and father are led to car. [August 3, 1931.] 00:24:36:00 B W 1931 "LOS ANGELES, CAL. - Ho, hum - the chiropractors are in again - Helen Holliday wins trophy for having world's most perfect back." Strange beauty contest three male judges inspect backs of crouching women in bathing suits. [August 3, 1931.] 00:25:36:00 B W 1931 PUT-IN BAY, OHIO - Dedicate great Perry Memorial! Giant shaft commemorates immortal victory in battle of Lake Erie." Giant stone tower dedication ceremony. [August 3, 1931.] 00:26:26:00 B W 1931 "PORTOLA, CALIFORNIA - Work train crashes through trestle-- 17 hurt in freak lumber country accident." Train wreck: train lies folded up on collapsed wooden bridge. [August 3, 1931.] 00:27:14:00 B W 1931 "SEATTLE, WASH. - Flagpole-sitting epidemic hits Northwest! -7-count 'em-7 compete for $500 cash prize." Amusement park with seven tall poles, each with a person sitting on top in a little chair VS flagpole sitters, waving, pulling up box of supplies on rope, jug of water. [August 3, 1931.] 00:28:18:00 B W 1931 WEARY DEPOSITORS AWAIT RE-OPENING OF STRICKEN BANKS - BERLIN, GERMANY. [August 3, 1931.] Crowds of anxious-looking people outside bank helmeted police monitor crowd. 00:29:16:00 B W 1931 LINDBERGHS OFF ON LONG HOP THROUGH WILDS OF CANADA - NORTH HAVEN, ME. [August 3, 1931.] Charles Lindbergh and wife Anne Morrow Lindbergh row little boat to seaplane Lindbergh inspects airplane seaplane flying low over water. "THE BOY THEY LEFT BEHIND 'EM. Universal newsreel has the honor to present the first pictures ever shown on the screen of Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr." Excellent footage of the doomed Lindbergh baby looks like it was shot surreptitiously. WS Lindbergh mansion and grounds baby in baby carriage on porch of house young uniformed nanny appears nanny pushes stroller across lawn, containing the Lindbergh baby and a Scotty dog. 00:31:56:00 B W 1932 WORLD HAILS DARING AMELIA EARHART FOR SUCCESSFUL SEA HOP - SAINT JOHN, N.B.,CANADA. CU Amelia Earhart next to airplane, smiling bashfully, good shot also, CU crew members Earhart dances playfully before boarding her plane takeoff people run across airfield. (Title refers to Earhart's flight across Atlantic Ocean to Ireland, which broke a speed record: 15 hours & 40 minutes). [May 23, 1932.] 00:33:10:00 B W 1929 - 1933 "While in Sacramento, Cal., Miss Smaranda Breascu set new 24,000-foot record for altitude parachute jump." Woman smiles, boards airplane airplane begins takeoff EWS of parachute descending men run to help the parachutist, who seems stunned by her landing. 00:34:40:00 B W 1932 ROYAL POMP ATTENDS NATION'S CELEBRATION OF INDEPENDENCE DAY - BUCHAREST, RUMANIA. [May 23, 1932.] King of Roumania on horse military parade, soldiers marching, wearing elaborate costumes, rather silly-looking soldiers on horseback. (Also on DN-LB-507, 09:26:00:00-09:27:00:00) 00:36:08:00 B W 1932 CHICAGO, ILL. - "Stork arrives with first triplets in 40 years!--Mother and daughters doing well, thanks." VS three babies, triplets, very cute: sitting on armchair sitting in tub mother brings them bottles mother pushes extra-wide baby carriage down street happy father poses holding all three babies. Also, ECU shots of single baby, crying, good. [May 23, 1932.] (Also on DN-LB-507, 09:27:00:00-09:28:00:00) 00:37:35:00 B W 1932 "GUADALUPE, MEXICO. Descends steep mountain on hand!--Legless native wins laurels for reckless exploit." He's not legless, just missing one of them, and he walks on his hands down the side of a rocky mountain. [May 23, 1932.] (Also on DN-LB-507, 09:28:00:00-09:29:00:00) 00:38:56:00 B W 1932 "BROOKLYN, New York. Amateur baseball world agog over girl phenom! - Youngster rivals experts twice her age." Children playing sandlot baseball, girl is the pitcher, she pitches, fields ball, throws batter out at first she bats ball, runs bases. [May 23, 1932.] (Also on DN-LB-507, 09:29:00:00-09:30:00:00) 00:40:32:00 B W 1932 40 ENTOMBED ALIVE AS CAVE-IN ENGULFS TENEMENT BUILDINGS - LYONS, FRANCE. Slow PAN shots over ruin rescue workers digging, shrouded body carried from rubble good shot of wall crumbling. [May 23, 1932.] (Also on DN-LB-507, 09:30:00:00-09:31:00:00) 00:42:12:00 B W 1933 COOLIDGE IS DEAD - NORTHHAMPTON, MASS. US Capitol VS, Calvin Coolidge and his wife walking the grounds of their estate. [January 5, 1933.] (Also on DN-LB-512, 19:01:00:00-19:02:00:00) 00:43:26:00 B W 1933 SHANHAIKWAN, CHINA - 1700 CHINESE SLAIN IN MANCHURIAN WAR AS JAPS BOMBARD TOWN. Japanese troops, soldiers with rifles run to brick wall explosions Chinese refugees. [January 5, 1933.] (Also on DN-LB-512, 19:02:00:00-19:03:00:00) 00:45:20:00 B W 1933 PASADENA, CAL. - CARNIVAL OF ROSES THRILLS CROWD WITH GORGEOUS PAGEANTRY. Parade, frilly floral floats Mary Pickford is Grand Marshal. [January 5, 1933.] 00:46:44:00 B W 1933 MIAMI, FLA. - RIDER DEFIES DEATH IN HIGH-SPEED CRASH THRU SHEET OF GLASS. Daredevil Said Bougerra rides motorcycle through pane of glass marked with an X several slow motion shots wacky stunt. CU man with goggles salutes CAM. [January 5, 1933.] 00:47:38:00 B W 1929 - 1933 New York City - BRILLIANT PLAY WINS CHAMPIONSHIP FOR BOY IN JUNIOR CUE MATCH. Playing pool, National Pocket Billiards Contest for children. Crowd of well-dressed boys watches as teenage boy sinks billiard balls then he demonstrates a trick shot. 00:48:40:00 B W 1933 BLACKWELL, OKLA.- WHOLE TOWN PUMPING AS FREAK 'GAS' WELLS SPOUT IN BACK YARDS. VS men pumping oil with primitive hand-pumps. [January 5, 1933.] 00:49:50:00 B W 1933 LAKE PLACID, New York - COLLEGIATE JUMPERS TEST SKILL IN ANNUAL WINTER SKI CONTEST. Very WS ski-jumping several wipeouts. [January 5, 1933.] 00:51:20:00 B W 1933 PASADENA, CAL.- SOUTHERN CAL. TRIMS PITT BY 35 TO 0 SCORE IN ROSE BOWL CLASSIC. WS football game, several plays good touchdown pass in end zone [January 5, 1933