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B W 1961 1961-06-15 VOL. 34, REL.49 B W 1961 NEW US SUB JOINS FLEET The count of America's atomic subs rises to 25 as the daughter of Thomas Alva Edison christens an underwater craft in his honor. This latest sub will fire the nuclear-head Polaris missile fifteen hundred miles to target. B W 1961 MRS. JACKIE KENNEDY'S VACATION IN GREECE Like any other tourist in Greece, Mrs. Jackie Kennedy finds fascination in the ancient ruins--the famed Acropolis in particular. Later the First Lady is received by the King and Queen. B W 1961 MASSIVE EARTH-MOVING SHOVEL The Russians come up with a massive earth-moving shovel that can handle 26,000 cubic yards a day. It supplies enough ore to keep the furnaces busy. B W 1961 TRAIN WRECK IN GERMANY Thirty-five German commuters, bound for work on their routine trip, died in a head-on collision between two trains, using a single track during repair work. B W 1961 FISHING FOR CAVIAR There's a boom among Russian sturgeon fishermen as the United States eases import restrictions on Soviet caviar. It should be an export to gladden the heart and stomach of the epicure. B W 1961 US CAPSULE IN ROME At an International Fair in Rome, "Freedom 7," the US space capsule goes on exhibition. The US thus gives everyone a chance to see the vehicle that made our flight a success. B W 1961 US CAPSULE IN ROME At an International Fair in Rome, "Freedom 7," the US space capsule goes on exhibition. The US thus gives everyone a chance to see the vehicle that made our flight a success. B W 1961 CIRCUS IN RUSSIA Circuses in Russia are the most popular entertainment--and this show gives you an idea why. The clowns, of course, are the most popular--with a trained hippo coming a close second. B W 1961 SPORTS NEW WEST COAST SPORT. Kids on the West Coast come up with still another new fad--sliding ranges made of plastic that open the way to all sorts of acrobatics and they skid down range to target! B W 1961 1961-06-19 VOL. 34, REL. 50 B W 1961 100,000 IN BERLIN DEFY RED THREAT More than 1,500 separate rallies throughout West Germany mark the 8th Anniversary of the anti-Communist uprising in East Germany. With Khrushchev renewing his threat to recognize the East German government, the free Germans put on a show of unity that sees 100,000 mass before Berlin's City Hall. B W 1961 BRITISH SHOW ARMED MIGHT In the largest military maneuvers since the end of the War, units of the British Navy, Army and Air Force take part in Operation "Saucy Sue." It's an impressive show of power. B W 1961 NEW CARGO PLANE UNVEILED A new cargo plane with a tail that swings away from loading makes its debut in Canada. As it cuts loading time, the plane is expected to lead to reduced rates. B W 1961 HATS COMPETE WITH HORSES There's a new multi-million dollar grandstand at ancient Ascot race track, but even that doesn't overshadow the presence of Queen Elizabeth II and the parade of women's new hats that compete with the horses. British traditions. B W 1961 SPORTS RECORDS FALL AT TRACK MEET: Records fall at the National Collegiate Field and Track Championships in Philadelphia. The crowd is treated to a thrilling meet as they see Dyrol Burleson run a 4:05 mile. B W 1961 1961-06-22 VOL. 34 REL. 51 B W 1961 US WELCOMES JAPAN'S HEAD OF STATE Premier Hayato Ikeda of Japan finds himself caught up in a whirlwind of activity upon his arrival in Washington to confer with President JFK and other US officials. He is honored at a reception given by Eric Johnston has luncheon with the President and former President Eisenhower and then sails the Potomac with the President aboard his yacht "Honey Fitz" (named for JFK's grandfather). Press photographers snap photos of JFK as he boards the yacht (JFK on crutches, from apparent foot injury). B W 1961 NATO CELEBRATES 10TH ANNIVERSARY The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is 10 years old and a parade marks a successful decade of maintaining peace in Europe against any Red threat. B W 1961 POPE JOHN XXIII WELCOMES CHURCH LEADERS The first Ecumenical Council since 1869 is convening in Rome in an effort to unite the Eastern and Greek Orthodox Churches with the Roman Church. B W 1961 CHINESE RACE DRAGON BOATS On Formosa, 24-man crews race their ponderous Dragon Boats down the Tamsui River. They say: "Keep your sleek Western shells--we'll stick to craft that takes muscle to maneuver!" B W 1961 TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO The Democratic Convention in Philadelphia nominates Franklin D. Roosevelt for his second term as Alben Barkley delivers the keynote address and a riot breaks out as Al Smith followers declare the nomination is steam-rollered. B W 1961 The Worst Heat Wave in history gripped the country, causing a billion dollars damage and brings death to more than a thousand. From plague-ridden crops to melting pavements, both country-side and cities felt the unprecedented weather. B W 1961 1961-06-26 VOL. 34, REL. 52 B W 1961 TRAINING STARTS FOR PEACE CORPS VOLUNTEERS Candidates for the Peace Corps begin an intensive eight-week training course at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, N.J. There are some 64 posts open for work in the South American nation of Colombia, and there are 128 competing for those posts. Physical fitness, language training and Latin-American economics and history will figure in the final ratings. B W 1961 NEW ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY The Reverend Doctor Arthur M. Ramsey is installed as the 100th Archbishop of Canterbury, head of the Church of England. In traditional ceremonies he takes an oath of allegiance to the Queen as he assumes the office of Primate of All England. 00:37:00:00 B W 1961 GENERAL GEORGE S. PATTON, JR., HONORED The man who led the Third Army across France during the famous drive in WWII is honored by the village of St. Symphorien, which he freed from the Nazi invaders. B W 1961 HOW TO SAIL IN LUXURY A far cry from the native catamarans of the South Pacific is the luxury model built in England for a retired automobile manufacturer. The twin-hulled craft is the latest in comfort--for these prices it should be! B W 1961 YOU PICK 'EM--WE'RE DAZZLED Gals from all parts of the world converge on New York to compete for the title of "Miss Universe." You think Solomon had a tough job?--just try to pick a winner from this batch! B W 1961 SPORTS RECORDS FALL AT AAU MEET: From Frank Budd's new record in the 100-yard dash to the record leap of Ron Morris in the pole vault, there's plenty to keep the crowd on edge at the Amateur Athletic Union's National Championships. B W 1961 1961-06-29 VOL. 34, REL. 53 B W 1961 JFK ANSWERS REDS ON BERLIN President JFK, in his first news conference since the beginning of May, prefaces the question and answer session with a strong statement on our stand on Berlin. He challenges the Russians to let Berliners determine their own fate in free elections--giving them the chance at the self-determination that the Russians maintain should prevail in all countries. (Also on DN-19, 01:55:22:00 to 01:56:40:00) B W 1961 CONGO LEADER REPUDIATES UNITY Moise Tshombe, President of Katanga Province in the Congo, returns home in triumph after being freed from imprisonment by the Central Government. In jail he agreed to bring his seceding province back into the Central fold, but once home he says he's going to govern Katanga himself. (Also on DN-19, 01:56:43:25 to 01:57:23:15) B W 1961 NEW FACILITIES FOR WILL ROGERS HOSPITAL On the 31st anniversary of the Will Rogers Hospital at Saranac Lake, N.Y., three new buildings are dedicated to care for the ill and disabled of the Amusement Industry. A. Montague outlines the hospital's aims, while Richard Walsh, Labor Leader presents the Man-Of-The-Year Will Rogers Award. (Also on DN-19, 01:57:23:20 to 01:58:01:26) B W 1961 RARE PICTURES OF SPANISH MANEUVERS Newsreel pictures are not often made showing General Franco and the Dictator's Army, Navy and Air Force in War games along the Spanish Coast. B W 1961 SPORTS KIDS RIDE FOR COMMUNITY PROJECT: The Kids in La Honda, California, have a Community House in mind and they take the bumps in a junior rodeo to raise money for the project. Every bruise is another brick in the building. B W 1961 THE ROCKY ROAD TO SPORT: The Czechoslovakians take one rough river, six kayaks and six contestants to come up with a water-borne version of the Ski obstacle course. Of course, a rubber Czech wins! B W 1961 1961-07-03 VOL. 34 REL. 54 B W 1961 ENGLAND INSTALLS NEW ARCHBISHOP The 100th Archbishop of Canterbury is installed at the revered and historic namesake Cathedral. He's Dr. Arthur Ramsey who becomes the spiritual leader of 42,000,000 members of the Anglican Communion throughout the world. He assumes his new office of great responsibility to his flock. B W 1961 FREE CHINA GETS ATOMIC REACTOR The first atomic plant in Southeast Asia is opened on the Island of Formosa, where professors and students at the National University can do research on all aspects of medical and scientific research. Thus they stay a step ahead of the Red Chinese who are on an atom search. B W 1961 THE QUEEN VISITS A FAIR Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are the stars of the Royal Windsor Fair and show keen interest in the younger exhibitors. The Queen sees a John Bull in the flesh and one of her cows comes through to win a royal prize. B W 1961 'CHUTE, THIS LOOKS EASY! Contestants from a dozen countries take part in parachute leaps to targets. Some leap from planes with varying luck--while others cut loose and wiggle to the target after they're airborne by auto tows. B W 1961 TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO President Roosevelt is shown at his favorite recreation, sailing along the coast aboard one of his sailing craft. It was a sport that he could take part in despite crippling polio. B W 1961 Helen Jacobs, after reaching the finals four times at the Wimbledon Women's Tennis matches, makes it the fifth time and becomes the Lady Champ of England. B W 1961 The 4th All-Star game sees some of Baseball's immortals in action in one of the greatest of the series. B W 1961 Iron Man Lou Gehrig latches on to a pitch for a homer, showing the form that landed him in the Hall of Fame. B W 1961 Glenn Cunningham and Jesse Owens show their form in Olympic trials that brought them glory in the games in Berlin. They were the fastest humans of their day. B W 1961 An Inventor In California thought up a Helicopter that he designed to hover aloft and let the country he wanted to travel to revolve until he was over it. P.S.: He didn't get very far up. B W 1961 1961-07-06 VOL. 34 REL. 55 B W 1961 80 MOSLEMS DIE A strike of Moslems in Algeria against threatened French partition of their nation results in 80 dead and nearly 300 injured. They protested against France's plan to isolate the natives if peace talks did not lead to a close association after independence. They want no part of the plan. B W 1961 BRITISH MOVE TO STOP IRAQ As suddenly as a sandstorm a new crisis blows up in the Middle East as newly independent Kuwait is claimed by Iraq as hers. British troops return to protect the oil-rich nation, fourth largest producer. B W 1961 MACARTHUR GETS HERO'S WELCOME! Never have the streets of Manila been as jammed since the Japanese surrender as millions of Philippines turn out to welcome one of their national heroes--General Douglas MacArthur. He helps them celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Independence. B W 1961 SPORTS MICKEY WRIGHT TAKES WOMEN'S OPEN: After a shaky start, Mickey Wright settles down to take the Women's Open Golf Championship for the third time. She won in 1958 and 1959, but never has she played the brand of golf that brings her her third crown. B W 1961 YACHTS OFF ON RACE TO HONOLULU: A picture that most artists could paint--and usually do. More than 40 yachts of all shapes and sizes take off from Los Angeles on a 3-week sail to Hawaii. It's a breath-taking picture as they head out to sea. B W 1961 1961-07-10 VOL. 34 REL. 56 B W 1961 QUEEN REVIEWS DUTCH FLEET A little publicized arm of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is the fleet of the Royal Netherlands Navy. At Scheveningen, the ships parade for Queen Juilana as she reviews them from a pier at the North Sea resort. From battleship and carrier to submarine, the Netherlands' fleet is ready for battle at a moment's notice. B W 1961 BERLIN STOCKPILES SUPPLIES FOR A YEAR In face of renewed Russian threats to recognize East Germany and put access to Berlin in jeopardy, the Allies are pouring supplies into the Free City--enough to sustain the city for a full year, if necessary. B W 1961 RUSSIANS DISPLAY GOODS IN LONDON The Russians have trumpeted an increase in consumer goods production and they hold a Trade Fair in England to display 10,000 items. Just what is in production is a secret to the Reds. B W 1961 SPORTS AUSSIES TAKES ENGLAND'S TENNIS TITLE: After reaching the finals twice only to fail, Rod Laver of Australia beats Chuck McKinley of the US in straight sets to finally win the coveted Men's Singles Championship. B W 1961 THRILLS AND TRAGEDY FOR RACE THRONG: "Four-and-Twenty" gets away to a fast start and is never headed in winning the rich Hollywood Derby. There's a disaster in the running for "Mr. America," however, who breaks an ankle and has to be destroyed. B W 1961 HEMINGWAY DIES Ernest Hemingway dies of a "self inflicted gunshot wound, while preparing for a hunting trip". Shots of older Hemingway, with wife.