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KR-16 Beta SP
Color 1991 A superbly crafted documentary expose on extreme right wing American neo-Nazi hate groups. Dispensing with the conventional VO narration, the film allows its subjects to freely speak for themselves in a series of interviews and through speeches made at meetings (mostly at a gathering of national leaders at a farm barn in rural Cohoctah, Michigan in 1986), in which they describe their irrational, paranoid theories (racism fascism anti-Semitism homophobia armed revolution race war Christian fundamentalism anti-big government recruitment through propaganda isolationism anti-immigration white supremacy secessionism segregation miscegenation exegesis of Biblical prophecy etc. ad nauseam) and air their enthusiasm for violence and their unshakeable confidence in eventual victory, upon which America will become a white, Christian, Anglo-Saxon, world-dominating state. This method brilliantly leads them to unknowingly talk themselves into corners. Confused, they contradict themselves with sentences that trail off, and the CAM indicts them as ignorant fools. Some of these extremists speak calmly, others are angry, scary, some are even clearly psychotic. Ironies abound, both in the xenophobic litanies and in the careful and graceful editing and CAM placement. Occasional on-screen titles indicate geographical locations and names of speakers. Directed by Kevin Rafferty and Anne Bohlen. Interviewers: Anne Bohlen, Kevin Rafferty, James Ridgeway and Michael Moore. 01:00:03:00 Color 1991 Neo-Nazi hate group convention: CAM tracks past thin crowd of men gathered outside small building, some wearing Nazi swastika armbands and selling books and military surplus equipment. 01:01:01:00 Color 1991 Neo-Nazi hate group convention: audience of men and women, some wearing military camouflage clothing, listen to series of racist speakers (VS CU at podium, some wear suits, some wear paramilitary clothing, etc., espousing various fascistic ideas) in an assembly hall decorated with various Nazi Aryan icons, including a Hitler bust and swastika flag. 01:04:05:00 Color 1991 Racist fascist men and small children sitting around country picnic table under blue sky, eating and talking about the overthrow of the government, sending black people back to Africa, etc., VS. 01:05:18:00 Color 1991 Interview: MS Pastor Bob Miles MS calmly talks about the working-class membership base of hate groups at 01:27:06:00, he says racism is based on individual experience at 01:35:26:00 he says that Jerry Falwell is "a Jew" at 01:37:12:00 he says the US will fall apart at 01:38:10:00 he talks about a white nation in the Pacific Northwest at 01:43:40:00 he says Hitler said that Jewishness was "an attitude" at 02:01:36:00 says "this is revolution" at 02:03:26:00 he says victory will come. 01:05:58:00 Color 1991 Interview: sleazy white trash neo-Nazi people (four men and one woman who look laughably ridiculous) wearing crudely assembled Nazi SS uniforms pose together for CAM with farm field in BG one man shares his hatred doctrine they make "white power" salute together Michael Moore interviews the ineffectual woman, she smiles as she shares her uncertain fascistic views at 01:57:27:00 the creepy leader talks about winning elections and a second American Revolution at 01:58:05 he talks about defeating the "Jewish lobby". 01:08:29:00 Color 1991 CU androgynous person lauding the neo-Nazi legacy of George Lincoln Rockwell. 01:09:51:00 Color 1991 Interview: neo-Nazi man wearing sunglasses and paramilitary clothing stands over a display table at small outdoor gathering and discusses George Lincoln Rockwell, the ANP (American Nazi Party American Nationalist- Socialist party) and opening "a chain of retail stores" people stand around display tables in BG, talking. 01:12:00:00 Color 1991 Interview: two low-key women (on the left: the wife of Bruce Pierce, a leading member of Christian Identity hate group "The Order" on the right: Debbie Matthews, widow of Robert Matthews, founder of "The Order," as well as one-time girlfriend of Buford Oneal Furrow Jr, the man who on August 11th, 1999 shot five people at the North Valley Jewish Community Center in Los Angeles) calmly talk to CAM about feeling good with people of their "own kind" at 01:15:29:00, they talk about miscegenation and defending their race at 01:27:27:00 they claim that segregation is nothing more than a lifestyle choice at 01:50:38:00 Pierce's wife talks incomprehensibly about moving around the country with her bank-robber fugitive husband. 01:12:53:00 Color 1991 A solemn and eerie KKK cross-burning rally and wedding ceremony, night scene: white-robed Klansmen, both men and women, some hooded and some not, stand in wide circle holding burning torches white-robed KKK leader addresses the group, makes toned-down yet euphemistically racist speech as cross is set fire to and burns dark-robed KKK Wizard Dragon minister reads marriage vows to KKK couple, burning torches in dark BG the married couple hugs minister gives them communion wafers (?) Klansmen carrying burning torches and wearing camouflage fatigues and swastika armbands walk in circle. Long sequence. 01:17:37:00 Color 1991 CU fascist man at podium wearing paramilitary clothing discusses the threat posed by high minority birth rates in America. 01:19:14:00 Color 1991 CU Don black (former KKK Imperial Wizard) speaking at podium about hate group recruitment by means of a videotape underground at 01:57:49:00 speaks about running for Senator at 01:58:25:00 talks about his friend David Duke at 02:00:47:00 he says an Aryan Nation will exist. 41:27:54:00 Color 1991 Excerpts from racist propaganda videos: man speaks from podium with American flag in BG about miscegenation and the like two men wearing crude Nazi SS uniforms with SS flag in BG talk about winning the future race war, etc. while one of them handles and aims a rifle gun. 01:22:40:00 Color 1991 Paramilitary survivalist soldier wearing shrubbery camouflage over his military uniform fatigues emerges from field of grass and talks to his lookout man sitting high up in tree. 01:23:27:00 Color 1991 Interview: man makes anti-Semitic and racist comments to CAM, men mill around in BG, VS. 01:25:03:00 Color 1991 CU racist tee shirts for sale on display inscribed "niggers beware!" and "white power". 01:25:06:00 Color 1991 Interview: elderly man with long grey beard wearing black and red KKK robe and cap, no mask he makes various apocryphal, baseless racist statements about black people. 01:28:28:00 Color 1991 Racist man talks to his friend about minorities' low IQs and high birthrates. 01:29:01:00 Color 1991 Interview: racist man wearing KKK tee shirt talks about minorities being the "scourge of god". 01:29:45:00 Color 1991 Interview: Thom Robb (KKK National Director) says that the current plagues of miscegenation and homosexuality were predicted by the bible, man in BG carries shield emblazoned with Maltese cross at 1:34:05:00 he talks about Christian Identity and says that Jews are not the Chosen people at 01:37:22:00 he says that secession will be necessary 01:30:45:00 Color 1991 Interview: CU Allen Poe (Christian Identity minister) talking about the return of Christ and the demise of "small-c Christians" at 01:32:54:00 he says there are USSR Russian forces in Mexico at 01:34:42:00 he says Judeo-Christians are not real Christians at 01:35:53:00 he says that our enemies will be silenced at 01:42:00 he slaps his face and talks about blood-in-the-face Adam at 01:42:52:00 more on Adam at 02:02:57:00 he says in crazed voice "we're gonna win!" in response to question from Michael Moore. See also 01:44:35:00 for Allen Poe. 01:31:27:00 Color 1991 Fascist man at podium speaking evangelically but calmly about influx of minorities into US, etc. (Kinescope). 01:32:23:00 Color 1991 Christian Identity minister Jack Mohr at podium makes speech about the eventual ouster of minorities from US, American flag in BG. 01:38:31:00 Color 1991 Fascist man at podium points to map and advocates an Aryan Nations region in the Pacific Northwest. 01:39:52:00 Color 1991 Bumbling farmer man rambles about Jews, the Founding Fathers, etc. in barn yard at 01:42:13:00 he rambles about Adam, the first man. 01:44:06:00 Color 1991 WWII holocaust: Jewish people wearing Star of David badges and carrying bags at train station German soldiers close doors of train cattle cars with Jewish people inside corpses of dead concentration camp death camp victims are dumped into pit. 01:44:35:00 Color 1991 Fascist leader men gathered around in room for group interview, among them ar Allen Poe and John Ross Taylor: they talk about Jews and say the Holocaust was hoax at 01:49:48:00 they talk about networking at 01:54:50:00 Poe talks about networking. 01:47:37:00 Color 1991 Fascist leader John Ross Taylor makes rant speech at podium and then talks to fellow leaders at a table about prophetic bible numbers and the 97th anniversary of Hitler's birth, pointing to bust of Hitler. 01:53:12:00 Color 1991 A KKK cross-burning, night scene: Klansmen stand solemnly in circle people wearing Nazi uniforms and swastika armbands carry torches and walk ceremoniously in single-file at 01:54:16:00 Klansmen carrying torches and wearing both dark and white robes walk around cross, VS. (This is not on the KKK CPL). 01:55:52:00 Color 1991 Pastor Bob Miles at podium praising and introducing Glen Miller. 01:56:12:00 Color 1991 Marching "militia" soldiers: men wearing camouflage military uniforms carrying Confederate flags marching, presenting arms and making "white power" salute. (White Patriots Party). 01:56:48:00 Color 1991 Glen Miller of the White Patriots Party at podium wearing beret and camouflage military uniform makes racist jokes and talks about running for political office at 02:01:00:00 he says the movement is growing, gives the "white power" salute and receives applause. 01:58:33:00 Color 1991 David Duke: Duke in interview talks about Jews Duke on stage making speech and arm salute Duke shaking hands with crowd of followers Duke on podium introduces himself and talks about the NAAWP Duke in KKK robe, brief shot still photographs of duke, including one in which he is holding sign inscribed "gas the Chicago Seven" Duke announcing election victory to room of supporters 1989 Louisiana House of Representatives inauguration ceremony, he receives applause.