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PDA-B-003 Beta SP; 1 inch
B W Color
B W 1988 Excerpts from a biographical documentary on Nelson Mandela, produced while he was still in jail in 1988. Consists largely of interviews with people praising Mandela and recounting their experiences with him. Some of the interviewees are identified by on-screen text the interviews are broken up into segments several still photographs of Mandela inserted throughout good South African archival footage. [N.B. the jump in on-screen timecode at real-timecode 0:01:35]. 01:17:00:00 B W 1988 1980s: crowd at protest holding up banner inscribed "Free Nelson Mandela". 01:17:07:00 B W 1988 VS landscapes and people of Transkei, South Africa: WS person swimming ashore out of river shepherd rancher walking his flock of sheep and some cattle farmer women carrying bales of straw hay on their heads a cattle ranch etc. 01:18:10:00 B W 1988 Arthur Mandela walks around the Mandela family farm and points out various landmarks. 00:32:12:00 B W 1988 Mabel Notamco, sister of Nelson Mandela, husking some dried ears of corn on farm talking to CAM in interview. 00:33:42:00 B W 1988 VS a small complex of traditionally built hut buildings, a tribal headquarters. 00:35:00:00 B W 1988 Interview: Chief Mtikrakra. 00:35:36:00 B W 1940s - 1950s 1940s 1950s?: VS b w archival footage of black South African miners and physical laborers at work. 00:35:48:00 B W 1950s - 1960s Apartheid, b w archival footage, 1950s 1960s: VS black South African men being stopped and questioned on the street black South African men bound in handcuffs. 00:36:43:00 B W 1988 Interview: Adelaide Tambo. 00:37:16:00 B W 1960s South African black township, b w archival footage, 1960s?: two WS shots of large shantytown and poor people outside their shacks also a shot of young Nelson Mandela walking down township alley with a white man and talking to a local woman. 00:37:40:00 B W 1988 Interview: Paul Joseph. 00:39:03:00 B W 1988 Interview: Oliver Tambo. 00:39:19:00 B W 1960s 1960s, probably: VS b w archival footage of crowds of South African men and a few women demonstrating in civil rights protest against Apartheid, carrying signs written in English. 00:40:04:00 B W 1988 Interview: Jackson Nkositane 00:41:14:00 B W 1960s 1960s: MS a young and smiling Nelson Mandela, film damaged by cinch line scratches, b w. 00:42:03:00 B W 1960s 1960s: MS brief shot of Nelson Mandela speaking to someone, b w. 00:42:18:00 B W 1988 Interview: Helen Joseph. 00:45:11:00 B W 1960s 1960s: HA Black South Africans walking down dirt road between shack houses in black Township, street scene. 00:46:29:00 B W 1960 VS the aftermath of the Sharpeville Massacre, 1960: corpses on ground wounded people are attended to, carried in makeshift stretchers policeman holding a whip. 00:48:03:00 B W 1988 Interview: Joel Joffe (sp?). 00:52:10:00 B W 1988 Interview: Fikile Bam. 00:54:08:00 B W 1988 Interview: Winnie Mandela more at 00:57:25. 00:56:40:00 B W 1980s 1980s South African black township street scenes: crowds of black men and women fill the shabby streets on their way to work or on their way home newsboy man selling newspapers on sidewalk graffiti on wall reads "Free Mandela now". 00:57:41:00 B W 1980s Late 1980s: large anti-Apartheid protests in New York City and London: ZI to street sign on 42nd Street inscribed "Nelson and Winnie Mandela Corner" VS crowds of enthusiastic demonstrators carrying a wide variety of banners, flags, placard signs, and portrait posters of Nelson Mandela.