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PDA-LB-013 Beta SP; 1 inch
B W Color
1979, 1978
B W 1979, 1978 Part 1). Excerpts from what seems to be a comprehensive and unsentimental documentary on the history of the anti-Apartheid movement in South Africa. Composed largely of interviews with well-spoken and determined activist leaders (of the ANC and other groups, all save one are men and all speak in English among them are Selby Msimang, Pete Mda, Elizabeth Mafekang and William Leslie) in which they discuss Apartheid, activism, torture, Nelson Mandela, militancy, the Pan Africanists, etc. Many still photographs long sequences are blacked-out. Narrated by Motlatsi Motsoasele. Directed by Peter Davis. . 01:01:41:00 B W 1900s 1900s: Afrikaner white man with a gun sitting on his horse in field WS huts on hillside two black farm women till soil with hoes. 01:02:25:00 B W 1900s 1900s: CU Gatling un machine gun shooting fusillade of bullets. 01:03:34:00 B W 1910s 1910s: legion of black tribal (Zulu?) warriors gathered on vast prairie, they wear traditional clothing and carry weapons as if preparing for a battle. 01:03:54:00 B W 1910s 1910s: VS black tribal men and woman wearing traditional clothing and carrying weapons, a Chief?, men dance. 01:05:40:00 B W 1910s - 1920s 1910s 1920s: black women doing laundry and washing baby in stream. 01:06:03:00 B W 1910s 1910s: crowd of Afrikaner white men riding horses down road. 01:07:18:00 B W 1920s 1920s: black woman and men working on farm. 01:08:56:00 B W 1920s - 1930s 1920s 1930s: crowd of dejected unemployed Black men on city street corner. 01:09:14:00 B W 1920s - 1930s 1920s 1930s: black worker in rock quarry is supervised by white foreman black workers leaving factory. 01:09:25:00 B W 1920s - 1930s 1920s 1930s: black policeman asks to see and examines black man's passbook black policeman asks another man for passbook, man searches his pockets but doesn't have it on him. 01:09:50:00 B W 1920s - 1930s 1920s 1930s: group of black prisoners walks down street under police escort. 01:10:30:00 B W 1940s 1940s: black soldier trains other black soldier how to drive military vehicle on a vehicle simulator, basically a free-standing steering wheel. 01:10:45:00 B W 1930s - 1940s 1930s 1940s: black worker man stoking furnace. 01:10:57:00 B W 1948 1948: newly elected white Afrikaner politicians take seats at desk together for meeting. 01:13:40:00 B W 1952 1952: Blacks and some white Afrikaners march in anti-Apartheid demonstration, carry banners and signs inscribed in English CU "whites only" sign crowd of the protesters listens to leader speak from dais more at 01:14:33:00, one banner is inscribed "African National Congress". 01:14:48:00 B W 1955 1955: crowds of black protesters and some whites in anti-Apartheid demonstration, with flags, banner, VS at 01:15:19:00 they raise fists in air, chant and sing, a speaker at dais, etc. Good sequence. 01:16:47:00 B W 1950s 1950s: PAN crowd of chanting black protesters and a few whites in anti-Apartheid demonstration, grainy. 01:23:55:00 B W 1950s White Afrikaner policeman looking over black man's passbook line of black men at passbook inspection checkpoint CU handcuffed hands of black men under arrest for passbook violations. 01:24:25:00 B W 1960 1960 Sharpeville Massacre: black crowds running in panic, VS policemen VS dead and wounded people on ground are attended to, VS VS dead bodies. 01:26:30:00 B W 1979, 1978 Pondoland: PAN huts on hillside meeting of black peasants in village square black men slowly riding horses past CAM. 01:30:52:00 B W 1979, 1978 Pondoland: huts in valley, POV moving car. 01:35:49:00 B W 1979, 1978 WS Robben Island prison. 01:40:56:00 B W 1979, 1978 Unhealthy black baby with swollen belly in hospital crib. 01:41:17:00 Color 1979, 1978 Group of colorfully dressed black peasant men sing and dance together as they walk down country road. 01:42:18:00 B W 1979, 1978 Young black men and women walking around the the campus of an all-black university more shots at 01:44 27:00 and 01:47:03:00. 01:43:40:00 B W 1979, 1978 Black college students read political tracts posted on university kiosk. 01:50:23:00 B W 1979, 1978 Black farm workers till soil with hoes. 01:50:45:00 B W 1979, 1978 VS black pedestrians on city streets. Part 22). A documentary short about an eccentric black pig farmer who wears suspenders and speaks with a thick, somewhat unintelligible southern accent. His quirk is that he has trained his small group of pigs to obey his spoken commands: the hungry animals stop dead in their tracks and even pause right at the trough during feeding time in immediate response to his voice. Before he allows them to eat their slop, he raises his cane-stick (the training implement, no doubt, used to beat the pigs into their submissive states) and "says Grace" to bless their meal. Good for animal tricks, good shots of pigs eating slop from trough in pig pen. Directed produced by Bill Ferris, Judy Peiser and Bobby Taylor.