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ARI-3 Beta SP (PAL)
1940s - 1950s
00:00:30:00 B W 1950s HEAVYWEIGHTS TRAIN FOR BOXING MATCH, circa 1950: Charles Ezzard and Jersey Joe Walcott train for heavyweight championship bout, VS sparring match black man tosses horseshoes, eats cereal, plays bass. 00:01:21:00 B W 1950s NEW JAPANESE ARMY ON MANEUVERS, circa 1950: Japanese military convoy rolls through town soldiers engage in combat maneuvers. 00:02:30:00 B W 1950s SHAPE CONFERENCE, 1950s: NATO officials meet at SHAPE Headquarters near Paris in attendance are Omar Bradley, Lauris Norstad, Andre Lemonnier, Matthew Ridgway, Marechal Juin, Earl Mountebatten, Hoyt Vandenburg, Sir Bernard Montgomery, Sir George Creasy and Sir Eric Brind. 00:03:23:00 B W 1950s KITTY HAWK ENSHRINED, circa 1950: brief archival shot of Wright brothers ??? the Kitty Hawk airplane hangs in large space at the Smithsonian Institute. 00:03:50:00 B W 1940s GERMAN ELECTION CAMPAIGN, 1940s: posters and bills for various parties and candidates candidate man speaks from podium to audience of workers in Volkswagen factory people running in streets policemen arrest men on streets candidate man (Willy Muller ?) speaks to audience of elderly voters Konrad Adenauer leans out of train window. 00:05:26:00 B W 1952 ARMY COUP IN EGYPT OUSTS KING FAROUK, July 1952: Commander-in-Chief of the Army Mohammed Naguib Bay with officials tank convoy drives down Cairo street. 00:06:52:00 B W 1940s - 1950s ENGLISH BLIZZARD, circa 1950: People shovel snow around cars and houses during and after snowstorm in England countryside. 00:07:51:00 B W 1953 DUTCH START REBUILDING AFTER SEVERE FLOOD, 1953: flood aftermath in the Netherlands: ruined houses and buildings stand amid flooded streets, some POV moving boat postage stamps roll off printing press sheet of Dutch stamps, CU bricklayer men work on coastal dikes. 00:09:38:00 B W 1950s ELECTION IN SOUTH AFRICA, 1950s: United Party leader Jacob Strauss and opposition candidate John Heppel speak to all-white crowds racist election posters bills woman at voting place enters curtained booth, fills out ballot, then deposits the sealed ballot in ballot box shots of black South Africans living in extreme poverty, including woman pounding grain in mortar while baby is wrapped to her back - 3rd world poverty. 00:11:08:00 B W 1950s RIOT DEMONSTRATION IN JAPAN, 1950s: communist? protesters (mostly students) with flags and banners and police in hectic, crowded Tokyo streets American soldiers guard a building man speaks at podium. 00:13:12:00 B W 1949 STALIN CELEBRATES 70TH BIRTHDAY, December 1949: USSR women sew enormous quilt as birthday gift commemorative bric-a-brac in store window Stalin autographing photographs, is embraced by Central Asian Eurasian woman. 00:15:00:00 B W 1949 GOVERNMENT TAKES CONTROL OF CHURCH IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA, 1949: Archbishop Josef Beran attends meeting, officials and clergymen speak at podium. 00:15:37:00 B W 1940s - 1950s ANTI-VATICAN CAMPAIGN IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA, circa 1950: outdoor Protestant ceremony (?), large crowd President Antonin Zapotocky and the excommunicated Father Plojhar in attendance. 00:16:48:00 B W 1940s - 1950s YUGOSLAVIA, circa 1950: construction workers on the job factory workers oil well drilling men manufacture pipes, VS. 00:17:35:00 B W 1940s LIDICE, CZECHOSLOVAKIA, WWII early 1940s: archival footage of the assassinated Reinhard Heydrich (Deputy Chief of the Gestapo, etc.) inspecting soldiers and saluting a swastika flag archival footage of demolition of buildings in Lidice and the ruinous aftermath of its destruction by the Nazis (to avenge Heydrich's assassination) a mass grave is excavated at Lidice gaunt women in prison rags are helped off a bus that says "Ravensbruck" on its side by Red Cross nurses, around the time of liberation. 00:18:42:00 B W 1940s - 1950s BULGARIA, circa 1950: in Sofia, crowds fill the streets as Albanian Prime Minister Enver Hoxha is warmly received by Bulgarian leader Georgi Dimitrov for a conference. 00:19:18:00 B W 1950s SISTER KENNY BEGINS FINAL TOUR OF THE US, 1950s: girl gives flowers to Sister Kenny at her famous polio hospice. 00:19:52:00 B W 1940s - 1950s TYPHOON HITS WAKE ISLAND, circa 1950: collapsed buildings and rubble mark the aftermath of typhoon soldiers based on the island make due as they eat and take shelter under stripped and twisted roofs. 00:21:26:00 B W 1950s KENYA, 1950s: Nairobi street scenes British soldiers, both white and black Mau Mau totem of text posted on tree trunk black colonial officers. 00:22:50:00 B W 1950s THE KOREAN WAR, 1950s: peace negotiations at Panmunjom outpost city street scenes communist parade combat footage, trenches President Truman deplanes, greets Austin and Acheson in Washington, DC a meeting at the United Nations, absent USSR representative combat aftermath in Korean town United Nations soldiers walk through town ship in Inchon Harbor fires artillery tanks fire artillery air-to-ground bombing ground combat in vicinity of Seoul, buildings on fire dead Koreans lie in stream shots of various generals (?? MacArthur, Clark, Ridgway, Walker, Van Fleet ??) convoy crosses river, trods over mud and dirt roads tank, cannon, mortar, bazooka, and machine gun combat parachute supply drop helicopter transports howitzer by cable artillery Eisenhower (General or President ?) visits the Korean front, eats with soldiers weary Korean war refugees file along country path, burdened with belongings. Good early Korean War footage. 00:29:36:00 B W 1950 JACOB MALIK AND USSR DELEGATION WALK OUT OF UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL MEETING IN PROTEST AGAINST INCLUSION OF TAIWAN REPRESENTATIVE, January 10, 1950: the delegates exit the assembly hall, smiling, get into car, VS. 00:30:14:00 B W 1947 FINLAND MAKES REPARATIONS TO USSR, 1947: footage of areas of Finland to be handed over to USSR as war reparation payment (the Petsamo area and the Porkkala Naval Base) boat is launched from dry dock sawmill and lumber yard a locomotive engine is built in train car factory. 00:31:42:00 B W 1940s - 1950s SCENES FROM THE LIFE OF QUEEN MARY, mostly 1940s 1950s: VS from the later years of Queen Mary's life: attending functions with King George V attending coronation of King George VI with Duke of Windsor after his abdication with Queen Elizabeth II Princess Margaret Rose the baby Princess Anne Queen Mother Elizabeth etc. 00:33:39:00 B W 1953 EINSTEIN'S 74TH BIRTHDAY, March 14, 1953: Albert Einstein is presented with a scale model of the Yeshiva University medical school to be named after him by Yeshiva President Samuel Belkin and New York Attorney General Goldstein. 00:34:44:00 B W 1950s PETER TOWNSEND NEW AIR ATTACHE IN BRUSSELS, 1950s: Princess Margaret and other royal women deplane, returning from trip to Africa Townsend drives out of Zurich?. 00:35:50:00 B W 1940s CONANT VISITS BERLIN REFUGEE CAMPS, late 1940s: United Nations High Commissioner James B Conant and his wife visit a war refugee DP camp. Poor footage, virtually no shots of refugees or their living environment. 00:36:49:00 B W 1940s - 1950s EASTERN EUROPEAN SATELLITE NATIONS CELEBRATE MAY DAY, circa 1950: May Day parade in Warsaw, Poland, among the officials attending are Boleslaw Bierut and Josef Cyrankiewicz (probably) May Day parade in Bucharest, Roumania, among officials attending is President Premier Petru Grosza (probably) May Day parade in Sofia, Bulgaria, among officials attending are President Georgi Dimitrov and Premier Vulko Chervenkov (probably) ? May Day parade in Prague, Czechoslovakia, among officials attending are President Klement Gottwald and Antonin Zapotocky or Zdenek Fierlinger ? May Day parade in East Berlin night parade with torches police old back crowd among officials attending are Otto Grotewohl, Wilhelm Pieck and Walter Ulbricht (possibly) the parades, VS. 00:39:30:00 B W 1940s ???, EAST BERLIN?, LATE 1940s: German Communist Party officials gathered in room, take oath. 00:40:08:00 B W 1940s ??? HUNGARY?, late 1940s: man stands before judges during trial, VS. 00:40:34:00 B W 1953 RUSSIAN FLAG TORN FROM BRANDENBURG GATE, June 17, 1953: street unrest in Berlin person on top of Brandenburg gate takes down the USSR flag. 00:41:04:00 B W 1950s EISENHOWER VISITS KOREA, 1950s: Eisenhower on airfield in Korea with Generals Mark Clark and Omar Bradley boards small two-passenger airplane. 00:42:17:00 B W 1945 POTSDAM CONFERENCE, 1945: Truman, Churchill and Stalin sit in wicker chairs in Berlin during conference. 00:43:06:00 B W 1940s - 1950s GANDHI SEMINAR, circa 1950: a wreath is laid on a memorial Gandhi seminar on Gandhi in Pakistan is attended by Ralph Bunche, Mr. ? Daftry, Acharya Kripalani and Jawaharlal Nehru. 00:44:18:00 B W 1952 THE KEFAUVER CAMPAIGN, 1952: Estes Kefauver at his New York City Senate campaign headquarters Kefauver playfully places a coonskin cap on donkey mascot women in BG wear coonskin caps. 00:44:50:00 B W 1950s FALANGISTS CELEBRATE 20TH ANNIVERSARY, 1950s: the Falangist Party holds 20th anniversary rally in Spain stadium, crowds wave white handkerchiefs, Franco speaks from podium large crowds parade in streets with banners. 00:46:17:00 B W 1953 TRUCE SIGNED IN KOREA, July 27th, 1953: international contingent of MPs guards country pagoda in Panmonjom, Korea US military officials walk from unusual looking helicopter to pagoda group of Korean men sit inside large room booklet reads "armistice agreement" CU phalanx of photographers American military officials in large hall, men at desk sign documents. Among them are Lieutenant General William Harrison, General Mark Clark, and General Nam Il. 00:47:39:00 B W 1950s VOTE IN WEST GERMANY, 1950s: Chancellor Konrad Adenauer speaks before the Bundestag in Bonn, West Germany protesters are held back by police, street riot scenes police spray protesters with fire engine water cannons a ballot box is passed around the Bundestag as it votes to ratify the European Defense Community Treaty. 00:49:20:00 B W 1950s EARTHQUAKE IN GREECE, 1950s: towns left in ruins on Greek islands after earthquake tent encampment. 00:50:42:00 B W 1940s - 1950s HURRICANE STRIKES FLORIDA: high winds and heavy rain batter city streets, palm trees, buildings detritus flies through streets man struggles to hold on to a car collapsed buildings in aftermath of storm deserted streets. Good hurricane footage. 00:52:30:00 B W 1950 MAUNA LOA ERUPTS, 1950: exceedingly poor AV footage of volcanic eruption and lava flow.