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HC-114 1 inch; 35mm
B W 1954 A series of sequences playfully and intentionally full of movie "flubs" - non sequitur match-cuts and editorial continuity errors. The sequences can be used as such - Hollywood production satire - or as shots and sequences for their own inherent value. Narrated by Ward Wilson. Directed by Justin Herman. . 00:01:48:00 B W 1954 VS woman dives from diving board into large backyard swimming pool VS woman climbing out of swimming pool via ladder VS man relaxing on poolside, clapping hands in response to dive and smoking a cigar, a cigarette and a pipe - in different shots. 00:02:43:00 B W 1954 CU a large question mark, "?," - on-screen graphic effect. 00:02:48:00 B W 1954 Cool, serious and expressionless man and woman sit at restaurant table together, woman puts on makeup with compact waitress serves cocktail drinks, the couple clinks glasses man furtively sneaks a note to the woman, they look around to make sure no one is looking waitress gives them check bill, they pay and leave. 00:04:34:00 B W 1954 CU a large question mark, "?," - on-screen graphic effect. 00:04:40:00 B W 1954 Shady character man makes a call from an old-fashioned pay phone, intercut with woman sitting in her apartment who answers telephone, she argues with the man and becomes nervous and angry before hanging up. 00:05:19:00 B W 1954 Woman takes off her pearl necklace and looks around her small apartment for a good place to hide it, finally deciding on a vase with flowers in it she then takes a small pistol gun out of desk and hides that beneath the cushion of couch. 00:06:07:00 B W 1954 CU a small table top clock [wacky clock with both numerals Roman numerals] reading 8:30 DISSOLVES to 9:05. [Passage of time]. 00:06:13:00 B W 1954 Nervous woman gets up from couch in her small apartment to unlock and answer the door shady character gangster man shoves her aside and enters man begins to search the apartment, opening drawers and the like, makes a mess, finally discovers pearl necklace hidden inside a vase the woman reaches for her hidden pistol gun and shoots the thief in the arm and leads him out through the door at gunpoint, locking it behind him and putting her pearl necklace back on. [Attempted robbery, foiled crime]. 00:07:58:00 B W 1954 CU a large question mark, "?," - on-screen graphic effect. 00:08:04:00 B W 1954 Repetition of above sequences with different narration