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AME-29 16mm
Home Movie
1940s, 1950s, 1960s
01:00:33:00 - 01:45:45:00 Color 1940s, 1950s, 1960s The mostly late-1950s home movies of a large and happy Catholic family living somewhere in Massachusetts (other Northeast New England locales may be featured as well). [Americana warm family domestic scenes upper-middle class suburbia winter and summer leisure activities religious]. Most of the footage is in slight fast-motion. JMR. MOS. 01:00:33:00 Color 1940s (postwar) July 4th Independence day holiday community fair festivities: VS crowd gathered near beach, some people hold bunches of inflatable balloons people waiting on long line at small fast food concession stand snack bar, they're served hot dogs children play tug-of-war games people and children stand around eating hot dogs and drinking bottles of orange soda pop VS women competing in a rolling pin throw contest VS crowds hanging around and walking around sands of beach, near old-fashioned ice cream truck and gazebo men and a few children carry planks of wood and pinwheels toward beach and arrange fireworks troughs tetherball game horse-shoe toss girls and then boys run in races on the sand VS children wearing a variety of Halloween-style costumes parade for crowd, single-file PAN the costumed children posing for CAM more foot-races three-legged races etc. CIRCA LATE 1940S TO EARLY 1950S 01:08:42:00 Color 1950s Family boys sitting around Christmas tree playing with and launching toy rockets. 01:09:09:00 Color 1950s VS happy children sledding down small snow-covered hill VS boys playing in the snow, climbing on a snow-covered car VS children and families sledding down a bigger snow-covered suburban hill. Some good shots. 01:10:58:00 Color 1960s Waves breaking on New England beach and over sea wall amid high seas of storm. 01:11:51:00 Color 1960s Two suburban women friends wearing sunglasses and head-scarves sitting in lawn chairs together in backyard on sunny day. 01:11:59:00 Color 1950s, 1960s Marina scenes boy driving motorboat around harbor, sticks his tongue out at CAM as he passes. 01:13:16:00 Color 1950s, 1960s Boy climbing on big harbor bouy, POV boat nearby. 01:13:32:00 Color 1950s, 1960s VS water-skiing VS young man floating in water putting on water-skis water-skier rises out of water as tow-boat sets out. 01:15:50:00 Color 1950s, 1960s VS speed boat sailing back and forth along stretch of a lake or a river, passing beneath arched bridge a few times. 01:16:59:00 Color 1940s, 1950s, 1960s Woman supports helps to stand her smiling baby. 01:17:11:00 Color 1960s VS group of men and boys driving around down a suburban street in a customized, antique wheelie car, popping wheelies. [Wacky car, fun pleasure driving kind of precursor to low-rider]. 01:17:36:00 Color 1950s, 1960s Baby and pet puppy dog sitting on grass of lawn together. Cute shot. 01:17:53:00 Color 1960s VS group of men and boys driving around suburban street in a coastal New England town in a customized, antique wheelie car, popping wheelies. [Wacky car, fun pleasure driving]. 01:20:18:00 Color 1940s, 1950s, 1960s VS man water-skiing on drab lake, instead of ski he uses a kind of boogie-board in a few shots he skis with woman sitting on his shoulders. 01:23:11:00 Color 1940s, 1950s VS little girl pushes her baby brother riding tricycle on green lawn of house, cute shots the little boy standing next to the tricycle, bigger than he is, crib in BG little boy with dog on front lawn. 01:23:51:00 Color 1940s WS the White Mountains in New Hampshire. 01:24:16:00 Color 1940s Black bear atop some kind of observation pole platform above forest. 01:24:27:00 Color 1940s, 1950s Little girl pushing lawn mower and then riding tricycle on front lawn of house. 01:24:57:00 Color (faded, red) 1940s, 1950s Baby's first birthday: baby sitting in high-chair with cake adorned with one huge candle on it VS baby bends down to cake, licking frosting. 01:25:56:00 Color 1940s, 1950s Christmas morning: little girl and baby toddler playing with new toys around the Christmas tree - Christmas stocking, doll in carriage, various dolls, little rocking chair, etc. 01:27:18:00 Color 1940s, 1950s Bundled-up toddler baby walking around awkwardly in the snow little girl slowly walking on cross-country skis. 01:27:44:00 Color 1940s, 1950s PAN group of children, mostly girls wearing hair ribbons bows, sitting around big dining room table - birthday party. 01:28:05:00 Color 1940s, 1950s Man pushes sled with a few children riding on it down snow-covered hill two bundled-up children playing with a big shovel in the snow. 01:28:40:00 Color 1940s, 1950s Two girls wearing identical costumes dancing together on darkened stage during talent show flowers are presented to winning girls at end of show. 01:30:05:00 Color 1940s, 1950s CU miniature figurines of a Christmas nativity creche. 01:30:15:00 Color 1940s Two women friends dressed in classic 1940s clothing outfits sitting on couch smiling and talking. 01:30:24:00 Color 1940s, 1950s Man on his small but fast wooden motorboat adorned adorned with small American flag passes by CAM on Lake Boone. 01:30:40:00 Color 1940s, 1950s Adults at the beach acting silly, hammy and having fun, performing for CAM: friends sitting on sand together, one man plays banjo VS men wearing old-fashioned 1920s bathingsuits mugging for CAM and playing with a fake moustache while wading in the water the man the man walk out of the water toward CAM, acting like zombies or sea monster-men, pretty funny - horror movie parody. 01:31:44:00 Color 1940s, 1950s VS woman water-skiing on Lake Boone with a kind of boogie-board instead of water-skis, towed by wooden motorboat. 01:32:49:00 Color 1940s, 1950s Woman wearing bathing suit rowing kayak leisurely on Lake Boone. 01:33:41:00 Color 1940s, 1950s VS a Christmas Day parade in Waltham, Massachusetts: crowds watch procession of people wearing wacky costumes, marching band, floats (one with Santa Claus waving hello), an honor guard with American flag bearer, large inflatable balloons of a train, animals, people, etc. 01:35:08:00 Color 1940s, 1950s, 1960s July 4th Independence day holiday community fair festivities, some excellent shots: men building a tarp-covered platform on the beach VS cute children dressed in a variety of original Halloween-style costumes (weightlifter, Indians with headdresses and canoe, milkmaids, etc.) file past crowd and CAM in procession balloons are distributed to the children children are served bottles of soda pop and hot dogs at small fast food concession stand snack bar VS children running in races on the sand surrounded by crowd children play tug-of-war games VS women competing in a rolling pin throw contest VS outdoor nighttime talent show on darkened stage - children and teenage girls wearing skimpy showgirl costumes perform variety of song-and-dance routines - Irish jig, Little Red Riding Hood, baton twirling, gymnastics, tap dancing, ballet tip-toe dance men perform comedy routines, barbershop quartet, very racist shot of men in blackface, white gloves and straw hats VS pyrotechnic pinwheel and fireworks display.