Footage Information

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AME-31 16mm
B W Color
Home Movie
1940s, 1950s
01:00:30:00 - 01:43:30:00 Color 1940s, 1950s 1). Home movies of close-knit New England family featuring children (the bulk of it), holiday get-togethers, pleasure-boating, etc. 2). Misc. 1940s college football on a Castle Films newsreel. In b w and color. MOS. JMR. [Three-star]. 01:00:30:00 B W 1940s, 1950s VS woman and her three toddler children walking around down deserted beach and in field and garden around country house. 01:03:15:00 B W 1940s, 1950s Children's birthday party (a costume party): VS a game of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey VS costumed children sitting around big dining room table together, birthday girl blows out candles on cake, the children eat food and cake VS girl opening presents. 01:05:59:00 B W 1940s, 1950s CU little girl happily rocking in her rocking chair holding stuffed animal doll and reading. 01:06:52:00 Color 1940s, 1950s VS three brother and sister children throwing bread crumbs to ducks in pond [feeding the animals] the children wave miniature American flags at CAM. In both b w and color. 01:07:37:00 Color 1940s, 1950s VS cute shots of three little children (brother, two sisters) playing and romping on green grass together - somersaults, playing "horsey," girl rolling around exposing her underpants, etc. father man wearing formal Army dress uniform bends down, smiles with his children. 01:08:37:00 Color 1940s, 1950s Three brother and sister children sitting in front seat of parked car and sticking their heads out of the window. 01:08:42:00 Color 1940s, 1950s Little girl gives her baby brother sister a kiss. 01:08:49:00 B W 1940s, 1950s Boy rides tricycle down suburban sidewalk towing girl behind him in a red wagon. 01:08:57:00 Color 1940s, 1950s Children playing in backyard: brother and sister on a see-saw teeter-totter together group of children playing on a swing-chair which rhythmically sways back and forth - very funny shot. 01:09:38:00 Color 1940s, 1950s Two little girls playing on Main Street sidewalk of town girls holding their mothers' hands walking down sidewalk little girl holds her father's hand (man wearing formal Army uniform) as they walk down street. 01:10:08:00 B W 1940s, 1950s Girl eating an ice cream cone gets it all over her face, messy. 01:10:15:00 B W 1940s, 1950s Christmas morning: VS girl opens and plays with various gifts around the Christmas tree in living room - toy telephone, dolls with carriages, etc. 01:12:11:00 Color 1940s, 1950s VS Santa Claus pulls gifts out of big sack and hands them to three children in front of Christmas tree Santa bends down and the children kiss him on the cheek. Excellent shots. 01:12:55:00 Color 1940s, 1950s VS girl puts baby doll into toy carriage and carefully tucks baby in under a blanket. [Playing mommy, pretend mommy]. 01:13:25:00 Color 1940s, 1950s VS girl carries chair to fireplace mantle, stands on chair and takes down her Christmas stocking girl reaching into her stocking for gifts. Good shots. 01:13:52:00 Color 1940s, 1950s Girl with Easter egg basket in her bedroom. 01:14:04:00 Color 1940s, 1950s Girl wearing bathingsuit holding garden hose spraying water on front lawn of house. 01:14:22:00 B W 1940s, 1950s The Boston Traveler Soap Box Derby - a go-cart car race event in Boston, Massachusetts: VS marching band, majorettes, twirlers, standard bearers, etc. (all children ' teenagers) march in opening ceremonies parade VS excellent shots of boys racing their very well-designed soap-box go-carts one boy loses speed on an ascent and has to get out and push. 01:15:59:00 Color 1940s, 1950s Two women shooting pool on blue-felt pool table in home recreation room. 01:16:12:00 Color 1940s, 1950s Man starts engine of small motorboat VS man driving motorboat around on river with small town on banks in BG, some good shots man and boy passenger wave to CAM as they pass he comes ashore, sails the boat right onto its trailer chassis at boat launch. 01:17:30:00 Color 1940s, 1950s VS PANS of a beautiful, lush city park. 01:18:48:00 B W 1940s, 1950s Man starts engine of small motorboat VS man driving motorboat around and towing water-skiing woman on river with small town on banks in BG. Over-exposed. 01:19:54:00 B W 1940s, 1950s Small town America parade down Main Street: high school marching band, majorettes, twirlers, police officers marching local VIPs wearing top hats ride in staff car - Mayor? 01:20:47:00 B W 1940s, 1950s People on quaint pedal-boat ride on canal or park river, paddler man sits inside a little booth shaped like a swan. 01:21:28:00 B W 1940s, 1950s Woman feeding pigeons near public water fountain in park CU pigeon hovering at her hand and eating right out of it 01:21:44:00 B W 1940s, 1950s Man standing beside his hot rod car outside garage men roll hot rod car out of garage with him sitting in driver's seat. 01:22:10:00 B W 1940s, 1950s VS a hot rod car race on dirt-track racecourse the cars round the bends in clouds of dust tow-truck removes crashed car car makes pit-stop. 01:23:01:00 B W 1940s, 1950s VS small passenger planes taxiing on airport tarmac one of them carries another airplane piggy-backed some of them are emblazoned "American Flagship." 01:24:28:00 B W 1940s, 1950s An evening at home in the recreation room game room: group of friends (men and women) sitting around drinking together, playing pool on pool table, playing Ping-Pong, playing a strange table-top bowling game CU silly man wearing scary Halloween mask. 01:25:43:00 B W 1940s, 1950s VS friends at a party in catering hall or similar venue: couples dancing man makes short speech to his friends people sitting around at tables eating, drinking, smoking, laughing and smiling at CAM people putting on coats to leave etc. 01:28:29:00 Color 1940s, 1950s On-screen bumper logo for "Kodachrome" film stock with a painter's palette. 01:28:32:00 Color 1940s, 1950s Silly men wearing 1920s-style bathingsuits and beach leisure clothing goofing around on beach. 01:28:52:00 B W 1940s, 1950s Group of friends standing around and talking at a gathering or party coffee pot trophy is presented to woman in mock-award ceremony man playfully points long rifle gun at people, they laugh and dodge out of the way, strange shots etc. Poor footage. 01:31:23:00 B W 1940s, 1950s Mechanic working on car outside of garage with a huge wrench. 01:32:19:00 B W 1940s, 1950s Football practice: team of players playing tug-of-war strength game with horse [cruelty to animals] players practice tackling with various dummies and obstacle bags. 01:32:48:00 B W 1940s, 1950s VS plays, touchdowns, interceptions, laterals and the like (one shot of player accidentally running into and knocking over man on sidelines a reaction shot of spectator woman in sports stadium covering her face with hands a reaction shot of happy sports fan jumping up and down and smiling reaction shot of football players on sideline attentively watching a play on the field, one player holds up his arms in nervous anticipation) from college football games, including players Jack Bohrman, Tom Harmon, Jim Noble, "Gopher" Bruce Smith and the school teams from Yale, University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan, Fordham, Tulane, University of Minnesota, Carnegie Tech, University of Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Army, Northwestern, Harvard, Boston College, Georgetown, Navy, Dartmouth, Cornell.