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Mandela's Birthday 98162
FSN-6 Beta SP
07:12:31:17 Color 1998 July 17, 1998 - Washington, DC. Guest at celebration of Nelson Mandela's 80th birthday - arrivals, entertainment, musicians, eating, drinking, beginning speeches. Note: Mandela is not shown. 07:12:31:17 - 07:13:26:02 Color 1998 INT party guests are greeted at door - introductions, kissing, hand shaking. 07:19:53:21 - 07:39:37:27 Color 1998 (Note - TC jumping all over the place) EXT guests get out of Howard University mini van, walk on red carpet into building. VS party guests enter building. VS guests greeted by party hosts - banner in hall in BG "Happy 80th Birthday President Mandela." MS musician in band playing tenor saxophone - percussion, base guitar and keyboards - black musicians. VS young black people talking (young black professionals). VS party guests socialize, drink, eat and converse - black and white - African, African-American, East and South Asian, young and old, women and men. CU plaque at bottom of portrait "President Nelson Mandela by Yolanda Prinsloo- Phillips" South African artist - female - portrait. VS portrait of Mandela with balloons next to it. CU birthday message on banner in hall. 07:39:37:28 - 07:55:03:27 Color 1998 Interviews with guests - Baron Harvey, Dean of the School of Business at Howard University, African-American - talks about Mandela's achievements, international hero status, looks directly at CAM and says "Happy Birthday." White man, Kevin Maguire, US diplomat (McGuire), Irish-American, interviewed - talks about how inspiring Mandela is. CU young African architecture student, Nikka Taylor, interviewed. Young Nigerian male student interviewed, says Mandela "is a giant of this century." Neville Welch, president of Howard University Student body interviewed. African woman, academic, interviewed - she says she thinks Mandela should write his memoir. African woman with dreads (dreadlocks) sends greeting in African dialect, Xhosa, one of the 'click' languages and Nelson Mandela's mother tongue - translation "Grow old gracefully." Light-skinned African-American woman, Madeline Coleman, interviewed. Jim Craigen, African-American, school of social work professor, interviewed. Swaziland consul speaks and wishes Mandela a long life. 07:57:44:09 - 07:58:05:02 Color 1998 (Note - TC jumps again) MS men standing near podium, including Kweisi Mfume, president and CEO of N.A.A.C.P. (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) 08:02:28:12 - 08:25:39:25 Color 1998 (Note - TC leaps to 08 hours) Kweisi Mfume introduces woman who sings the South African national anthem at podium, good. Women in audience sing along. CU print of South African flag on banner. CU woman singing at podium. Mfume introduces preacher and theologian, Reverend Hooks, who speaks from podium, prays. Christianity. VS audience, some with heads bowed in prayer, others look about, one woman sips drink. "We come in praise of a patriarch among us" is the thread through his sermon. Mfume introduces South African Ambassador to United States, Franklin Sonn. Franklin Sonn speaks - he thanks many people - makes speech about dignity, integrity, freedom and democracy. Mfume is cut off mid-sentence.