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FSN-13 Beta SP
01:00:07:00 - 01:00:07:00 Color Sound 1996 1996 Presidential election story. Grammy Awards, New York City, 40th annual do. South African leader Mbeki in Chicago. Anti-landmine activists. 01:00:07:00 - 01:01:31:26 Color Sound 1996 Washington, DC, nighttime - Simon Marks reports on eve of US Presidential election with emphasis on relationship between South Africa and the United States. 01:01:31:27 - 01:02:33:09 Color Sound 1996 MS restaurant sign "South African Cafe & Bar" VS INT restaurant and bar with band playing, black and white musicians, black man lights cigar, mixed race and ethnic clientele, diners. Diners are interviewed about presidential campaign - deeming it "pathetic." 01:02:33:10 - 01:04:07:11 Color Sound 1994 INT Pan Republican Party members cheering and applauding after taking control of both houses of US congress. Nighttime EXT of White House - good. EXT CU Newt Gingrich - says "This is truly an historic event." Right-wing conservative. Republican revolution. MS "Contract With America" display with Republicans, standing in front, waving American flags - good. VS Republican members of congress signing the contract with America - good. Newt Gingrich is formally made speaker of the house and handed gavel by Dick Gephardt. CU Gingrich speaking from speaker's chair, with stripes of American flag in BG "If you can't afford to leave the public housing project, you're not free. If you don't know how to find a job and you don't know how to create a job, you're not free. If you can't find a place that'll educate you, you're not free....." 01:04:07:12 - 01:06:40:28 Color Sound 1994 President Bill Clinton's press conference after election and Republican take over. MS President Clinton striding towards podium. VS Clinton as he responds to media questions. MS Bill and Hillary Clinton emerge from helicopter, holding hands, lovey dovey. VS INT US congress in session with few scattered members. EXT President Bill Clinton outside of White House, shakes hands with Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Haitian leader. ZI on Yasser Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin shaking hands to enthusiastic applause - EXT White House. INT President Clinton shaking hands with supporters in congress, black men - Warren Christopher in shot. AV of US congress. President shakes hands with vice-president Al Gore, and speaker of the house, Newt Gingrich before making speech. CU Clinton speaking, "The era of big government is over! But, we cannot go back to the time when our citizens were left to fend for themselves." MS of senators and congress members rising (Democrats) to feet to applaud Clinton. 01:06:40:29 - 01:09:52:20 Color Sound 1995 or 1996 Bob Dole's presidential campaign - good round up. Bob Dole speech, "I have the experience. I have been tested and tested and tested in many, many ways. I am not afraid to lead and I know the way!" VS Senator Bob Dole campaigning, speaking in congress. Black woman speaking in support of General Colin Powell. CU buttons "Colin Powell for President 1996" Colin Powell at book signing in bookstore for his book "My American Journey." Colin Powell press conference where he states he's not interested in running for office because of lack of passion and commitment for political life. VS Right-wing conservative, Pat Buchanan on campaign trail. Buchanan holds rifle in the air. Buchanan speech at rally. Bob Dole, with his wife, Libby Dole, descend from airplane. VS Dole campaigning after winning Republican nomination - moving through crowds of supporters, shaking hands. Bob Dole speech about why he wants to be president "It's about character. It's about the character of our nation. It's about moral leadership. It's about values, honesty, sincerity, integrity, self-reliance, responsibility - things we all try to instill in our children. ..." 01:09:52:21 - 01:10:23:11 Color Sound 1995 or 1996 Bob Dole campaign advertisement. 01:10:23:12 - 01:10:57:29 Color Sound 1996 August, Rose Garden, White House. MS President Bill Clinton signing welfare (Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act of 1996) legislation. Welfare to work. Clinton walks into crowd of supporters at Democratic Party event and shakes hands. 01:10:57:30 - 01:11:21:20 Color Sound 1995 or 1996 Reform Party candidate, Ross Perot, speaks from podium at Reform Party convention. VS Perot campaigning. 01:11:21:21 - 01:12:33:05 Color Sound 1996 Bob and Libby Dole walk through crowds of supporters at Republican Party convention - "Dole Kemp '96" posters. The disastrous Dole speech "Age has it's advantages. Let me be the bridge to an America that only the unknowing call myth. Let me the bridge to a time of tranquility, faith, and confidence in action. And to those who say it was never so - that America's not been better - I say, you're wrong! And I know, because I was there and I have seen it and I remember." President Bill Clinton's convention speech in response "We do not need to build a bridge to the past. We need to build a bridge to the future. And that is what I commit to you to do." CU Clinton, looking smug. 01:12:33:06 - 01:13:16:09 Color Sound 1996 MS Simon Marks, at nighttime, rounds-up report. 01:13:28:17 - 01:15:43:00 Color Sound 1997 See FSN-1, shot 7 - this is a repeat. Mir space station in orbit. VS mission control, Moscow. Simon Marks, off CAM, reports on delay in making repairs on Mir because Russian cosmonaut, and commander, Vasily Tsibliyev reported having heart problems. NASA representative speaks on CAM about why Mike Foale, US astronaut, should take over and perform repairs. MS cosmonaut being helped into suit at Star City training center. Cosmonauts work underwater during training. Russian trainer speaks on CAM about Foale's need for further training - VO translates from Russian to English. Simon Marks, holding Fox News mic, stands in front of pool, cosmonauts and trainers in BG, and reports on back-up plan to send new team of cosmonauts to Mir to complete repairs - VS cosmonauts, wearing space suits, being tended to. One cosmonaut speaks about training. MS simulation of underwater repairs. Good MWA Star City training pool. 01:15:54:11 - 01:16:38:16 Color Sound 1997 VS activity at Mir mission control, Moscow, good. Three cosmonauts float, weightless, on Mir or shuttle ? More Mission control - all very good material. Interview with Asian-American man cut off. 01:16:55:21 - 01:17:16:13 Color Sound 1998 New York City, 40th Grammy Awards. Brief AV of New York City at night with Empire State Building. Grammy Awards animated logo. CU "Music Hall" part of Radio City Music Hall's sign. Music stars stand outside - very brief. 01:17:18:16 - 01:17:27:28 Color Sound 1998 South African, Cedric Sampson, in hotel room with woman, preparing to leave for Grammy award ceremony. 01:17:36:06 - 01:19:14:03 Color Sound 1998 Cedric Sampson, talks as he walks on New York street. Interview with Sampson about his chances of winning, state of music industry in South Africa. VS R. Kelly performing "I Believe I can Fly" which won. MS Celine Dion pulling at and adjusting the top of her gown, brief. VS stage and audience. MS Patti Smith raising her arms in the air, cheering, from audience, good but brief. Sampson is interview after the show, on street at night - he remains upbeat. 01:19:14:04 - 01:19:59:08 Color Sound 1998 VS Bob Dylan, winner of Album of the Year award for "Time Out of MInd" performing. Topless New York City performance artist Michael Portnoy with "Soy Bomb" written on his chest, dances on stage, while Dylan performs. CU Paula Cole, holding award, makes acceptance speech. MS Shawn Colvin performing "Sunny Came Home." Clip of Puff Daddy video. INT Cedric Sampson with woman drinking at bar, clicking glasses, toast. Sampson and companion in elevator - waving at CAM as door close. 01:20:00:12 - 01:21:59:17 Color Sound 1998 Cedric Sampson and companion, Frank, getting ready for Grammy Awards in hotel room. He asks her whether or not to wear tie, reassures her telling her she looks beautiful. She says "No tie." Getting dressed. Spraying perfume. Anxiety. 01:22:00:24 - 01:35:49:19 Color Sound 1996 VS Deputy President of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki, visiting Chicago stock exchange, July 26, 1996. Mbeki talks to workers. African-American senior vice-president of Chicago stock exchange welcomes Mbeki and talks about international markets. Mbeki listening to workers, waves after general announcement welcomes him. White chairman and white CEO shake hands with Mbeki - they talk about current market and stocks. VS Mbeki party as it tours the floor of the stock exchange. MS Mbeki talking with trader and others. MS LED display of Dow Jones News. Mbeki waits to ring bell to start trading - Mbeki rings bell. VS workers trading - at computers - looking at print outs - talking on phones. Simon Marks, on floor of exchange, reports on visit - several takes. MS sign "The Chicago Stock Exchange Welcomes Thabo M. Mbeki .." 01:35:49:20 - 01:40:45:23 Color Sound 1996 Talking head - stock exchange employee is interviewed about importance of Mbeki's visit in economic and prospective investment terms for South Africa. ZI on wedding band, wedding ring on man's hand. VS of Mbeki and stock exchange bosses at dinner, talking and laughing. South African and American flags are center pieces on tables. 01:40:49:00 - 02:00:36:08 Color Sound 1999 Washington, DC - Campaign to ban use of landmines holds press conference - grand room with chandeliers and large mirror over marble fireplace - reporters wait for conference to begin. Podium is knocked off balance but man jumps to steady it and reporters applaud. Landmine Survivor's Network representative makes announcement about small delay. Landmine survivor in wheelchair makes joke about setting off metal detectors at security because of all the metal they have in their legs. Survivors enter room in dribs and drabs. Senator Patrick Leahy enters room. Ken Rutherford opens conference, says he was injured in Somalia, lost both legs below the knee - urges US to sign treaty to ban landmines. Landmine survivors step to podium and tell their stories - WWII veterans, Korean war veteran says "I was hospitalized for over four and a half years, and had 22 operations before my leg was finally amputated, 32 years after getting wounded." Woman who lost leg when she stepped on lindmine in Israel speaks. Vietnam vets speak. Eritrean survivor speaks. Survivors from mine explosions in Israel, Bosnia speak. Senator Patrick Leahy speaks - talks about plague of landmines, Ottawa Treaty to ban use of landmines, and the US's failure to ratify.