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1940s Color Home Movies and Waterskiing Short
EJJ-7 Beta SP
B W Color
Home Movie
10:00:42:12 - 13:02:45:06 B W Silent 1930s-1940s Home movie footage of church and family recreation spanning the 1930s-1940s, and short waterskiing promotional film for Cypress Gardens. Nature around the family home- gardens, landscape through four seasons-life, aging, happiness, wistful scenes. Probably shot in Canada. 10:00:42:12 - 10:02:16:05 B W Silent 1930s Male cleric and woman arrive at rural church & enter front door. EXT church & steeple framed by trees in forest. Pastor & two women walk around brick church looking at area. Same priest (now bearded, years later) walks with two women on rural road. He waves to them & walks past camera . 10:02:16:06 - 10:03:54:05 B W Silent 1930s Procession of happy women (many wearing costumes) leave through church door, smiling at camera. One women wears a feather duster as a tail. Elderly woman in dress speaks to camera. VS groups of women laughing outside church. CU Elderly woman in dress speaks to camera, other women escort her into building. 10:03:54:06 - 10:06:40:27 B W Silent 1930s VS Bushes and evergreen trees with snow on their branches in the Winter. WS countryside. VS birdfeeder in snow. View from inside house window of two pheasants walking in snow. VS country estate in winter. Two elderly women in fur coats walk up front sidewalk of house in Winter. Elderly man in suit walks on same sidewalk. Young & elderly women working together to do yard work & planting on lawn of house. 10:06:45:03 - 10:07:28:04 Color Silent 1940s B W to Color- Front lawn of country estate in Spring, with colorful flowers along sidewalk and wooden fence. Red hedges beside stone steps. PAN of surrounding green hills, trees & countryside. 10:07:28:05 - 10:09:28:11 Color Silent 1940s VS Family- Elderly formally dressed couple walk arm-in-arm outdoors. Elderly woman walks arm-in-arm with middle-aged woman. Same elderly couple walks out front porch, kiss their children & grandchildren, shake hands w in-laws, relatives - pose for family photos. Young boy sitting on father's shoulders playfully knocks hat off grandfather's head twice. 10:09:28:12 - 10:10:58:00 Color Silent 1940s VS Flowers & nature on outdoor lawn in spring. Red flower bushes blow in breeze. PAN over red, yellow, pink daisies, lilies, tulips, etc. CU petals, blossoms of different flower varieties. 11:00:06:26 - 11:00:58:26 B W Silent 1930s Home movie of small man-made waterfall. Two workmen working w pickaxes- gazebo & evergreen trees in BG. Stream flowing over rocks. 11:00:58:27 - 11:04:14:02 B W Silent 1930s VS Family. Man exits front door of house. Man helps infant in hooded coat walk down front stoop. Cute: four young children (brothers & sisters) in wool caps sit together on front stoop. They walk toward camera, hold hands of infant. Family leaves house. Two men in derbies help very elderly woman w cane walk down front porch. Couple & three children entering front gate, front door of house. Help elderly woman back in house. She smiles & waves to camera. Great grandmothers, generations, grandchildren. CU pet sheepdog w ribbon around neck barks & runs to woman as she steps from car. 11:04:30:00 - 11:08:39:10 Color Silent 1930s VS Family & friends have formal Christmas dinner party. Everyone at table raise glasses & drink toast. Maid serves roast turkey on platter to man in white tie & tails who carves it. Guests wear colorful party hats, blow noisemakers. Maid serves cake Christmas pudding, elderly woman carves it. VS people eating & drinking, clowning & hugging. Elderly couple (hosts) drink coffee by Christmas tree as pet dog sits with them. Young boy rides piggyback on man as family laughs. Wealth, sophisticated, celebrations, holidays, grandparents, grandchildren. 11:08:53:05 - 11:13:02:03 Color Silent 1930s Crowd of formally dressed women leave home, gather in front yard of home in Spring. Cleric joins women in yard. Elderly couple poses with two women (daughters). VS nature: evergreen trees, garden paths, foliage, flowers, bushes moving in breeze. 11:13:07:24 - 11:16:16:02 B W Silent 1920s VS: Horse races. Man lights cigarette. Jockeys on numbered horses enter track. Horses jump hurdle in race. Crowd pushes forward to watch race. Horses leave track. Mounted policeman in uniform. Jockey falls from horse after jump during race. WS crowds in bleachers. Couple walk through bleachers. 11:16:21:27 - 11:20:07:04 Color Silent 1930s VS Home & gardens. Gladioli, amaryllis, irises, lilies other flowers in gardens. MS Man and woman relax on porch behind gardens. Shirtless elderly man bending to tend garden, carries basket. Gardeners, horticulture. 11:20:09:01 - 11:24:21:06 B W Silent 1940s Family sledding trip in Winter. Woman & infant step from car. Child wears hooded snow gear. LA Family w children & dogs at top of snowy hill. Man gives child a push on sled, dog runs behind. Three children riding on toboggan toward camera, laughing. HA man & child sled down hill. Three children on sled, wiped out in snow. Dog jumps over them. Adults & children sledding in tandem. Dog pulls sled. Father tries to sled standing up, falls down as he goes down hill. 11:24:27:22 - 11:28:33:06 Color Silent 1940s Young boy taking pictures with still camera on suburban lawn. Mother, young girl & Black Labrador dog join him. Boy & girl pose together, boy tries to kiss girl. Boy & girl ride tricycles on walkway lined w tulips in front of their house. Boy holds backward "7" sign (his birthday?) Young boy & girl ride tricycles by front porch of house. 12:00:04:28 - 12:01:46:06 Color Silent 1940s VS seasons of nature. Woman walks outdoors through Autumn foliage w sheepdog. VS countryside w red & orange leaves, forest paths. Man walks in front of house in Winter & trudges through snow with dog. VS family shovels snow from front driveway. 12:01:46:07 - 12:04:23:11 Color Silent 1940s WS Snowy hills in Winter, WWII. Women in military uniforms (WACs) stand inside shack. Servicemen and servicewomen in uniform have snowball fight outdoors. WS Military planes fly over crowd, drop paratroopers on ground (many flares, shaky poor quality). Plane sits on grass w propellers spinning. Four bomber planes fly in formation. Bomber swoops in silhouette in dark sky w storm clouds (good, menacing). 12:04:23:12 - 12:10:45:14 Color Silent 1940s VS flower beds on lawn in Spring. Pink climbing flowers, orange marigolds, yellow lilies. VS land on country estate w pond surrounded by birch trees. Two elderly men walk arm-in-arm with canes, sit on bench. One man points out sights to other. Elderly men walk towards camera, one in pinstriped suit. VS trees, including weeping willow, birch, evergreen. VS men walk up garden path. Elderly man walks to stone patio, sits on bench. Theme of "Twilight years, in the autumn of life." VS flower beds. Woman walks on lawn w young girl who plays w a ball. 12:10:49:10 - 13:00:57:26 Color Silent 1950s START TITLES: "Florida Color Short- Cypress Gardens Waterskiing." Orlando, Florida. Two couples in swimsuits carry their waterskis to water and place them in. Small motorboat pulls all four of them into water. Good SLO MO of man & women doing jump over ramp. 13:00:57:27 - 13:01:56:12 Color Silent 1950s Orlando, Florida. Two young couples on sandy beach bring their skis to water. Boat POV: men & women waterskiing behind boat, with one man skiing off to side. VS couples skiing in formation thru swamps & trees. Waterskiing through boggy marsh area in Florida Everglades w trees & boats. 13:01:56:13 - 13:02:45:06 Color Silent 1950s Title: "Looks Easy... but-" over palm trees. Good SLO MO man loses footing while waterskiing between two women & wipes out - failure. Man jumps ramp on waterskis. HA WS water skiers going between trees. Boat follows skiers back to shore. Man and two women skid back on shore effortlessly & kick off their skis. END TITLES. 13:02:49:11 - 13:07:43:24 Color Silent 1940s Home movie. EXT Trees, foliage in autumn. Two elderly couples board small airplane. AV POV rural countryside. VS defoliated trees, evergreens, green hills, farm houses, fields. HA view from window of elderly woman carrying bouquets of flowers up towards steps of house. Crew of workers remove large tree stump & roots w chains, put in flatbed truck. Landscaping. Piles of stacked firewood lumber in front yard of house.