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ZCC-4 Beta SP
1962, 1966
01:01:28:11 - 01:40:44:10 Color Sound 1962, 1966 Driver safety - story of three specific drivers, 1962. Car racing at Pike's Peak, 1966. 01:01:28:11 - 01:03:45:17 Color Sound 1962 Countdown and title. CU turning automobile wheel with fancy hubcap. CU man's hands on steering while driving. POV from just behind driver while driving on highway. VO "The biggest wheel in the car is the sixth wheel - the driver." Woman takes driving test - shot from front hood of car. Woman drives as girl climbs over passenger seat. VS driver's waiting for traffic lights to change. Car parks in driveway outside of suburban house - woman lifts girl and bag of groceries from car - mother and daughter. Traveling sales man. 01:03:45:18 - 01:04:23:29 Color Sound 1962 Salesman paces at gas station as attendant fills his gas tank - impatience - man in a hurry. Man signs receipt. Attendant shrugs his shoulders. 01:04:23:30 - 01:05:31:28 Color Sound 1962 Two young boys carrying books come out of house and run down steps to car - mother and toddler follow and all pile into car. 1960s family. Station wagon drives through tree-lined suburban street. CU of mother driving with rowdy children in car - little girl in passenger seat - no safety belts worn. Driver is distracted by children. 01:05:31:29 - 01:07:02:07 Color Sound 1962 17 year-old high school senior attaches school's flag to radio AV on his car (a customized 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air), parked on driveway outside of house. He admires his car - polishes front fender with the sleeve of his sweater - proud owner. Lifts up front hood and checks engine. VS high-school student driving through suburbs in car - he check his side, and rear-view mirror often - very sensible. His brakes screech as he turns corner a little too quickly - VO explains as "youthful urges." 01:07:02:08 - 01:08:09:10 Color Sound 1962 Two cars drive on highway. POV car driving on highway - trees everywhere. Sign "Resume Normal Speed" MS side profile of man driving car - he's stiff. Traveling sales man. CU front view of driver, checking side and rear-view mirrors as he drives with both hands on the steering wheel. CU driver wear buckled seat belt - he pulls on belt to secure and tighten it. 01:08:09:11 - 01:09:33:28 Color Sound 1962 CU woman driving car with lively children. Little girls stands on front seat and hugs her mother who tires to get her to sit down while she drives. Boy in back rolls down window and looks out. Second boy pulls girl over seat and into back of car - girls puts her arms about her mother's neck. CU woman who's not wearing safety belt. Woman swerves in traffic when girl distracts her. Dangerous driving. MS car pulls in and parks on road close to yellow school bus - students line up to get on bus. Two boys run across road, turning to wave, and get on bus. 01:09:33:29 - 01:13:05:00 Color Sound 1962 High school student driving car - CU fuel gauge on dashboard - close to empty. CU Gary not wearing safety belt. Cars on highway - POV as car enters town - sign for "Shelbyville" CU driver - he's a bit creepy looking. CU foot on brake pedal. VS POVs - one as car cuts across our driver's from side road. Driver looks at wrist watch and leans down to turn on radio - he swerves on the road in the process - regains control of car - gets fright. CU hand on radio knob. Mary drives on town's busy main street - POV from moving car as woman in parked car opens door and steps out into street without looking - Mary brakes and stops - whip lash. POV slow moving car as ball rolls out onto road. MS car stopping as girl runs out onto road to retrieve ball. Mary leans out of window to shout at girl - scolding - rebuke. Mary parks car outside of post office and leaves toddler waiting in car - CU keys dangle from emission and of course, child starts to play with them just as mother returns. VO "There's no doubt about it Mary - children in cars can be a problem." 01:13:05:01 - 01:15:01:24 Color Sound 1962 Traffic on main street of town. CU high school boy driving car. Traffic stops at light - Gary slams his foot on the accelerator pedal to make fast get away when light changes. CU speedometer showing reducing speed. Jack rabbiting. Driver looks a little demented sitting in car, with hands on steering wheel, moving his headabout, while he waits for light to change. EXT "The Cloth Shop" with car parked outside and pedestrians passing. VO "Like most of us, Lou carries over some of his frustrations and hostility into his driving." Salesman puts samples case into back seat of car and pulls out into traffic because he's angry at failure to make a sale. Reckless driving. POV from front of moving car on town's main street - horn beeps and startles woman who's crossing. Lou lightens up and becomes a pervert instead of being enraged! VO "Cute little thing, isn't she? 'Hi honey," as Lou smiles and winks at toddler girl who waves at him from other car. Road rage. 01:15:01:25 - 01:15:42:21 Color Sound 1962 Fantasy sequence as woman imagines herself trying on hat while she's driving - distraction. Mary steps on brakes and has look of horror on her face as she almost hits car in front - she apologizes to furious male driver. VO "Daydreams and driving just don't mix." 01:15:42:22 - 01:17:22:26 Color Sound 1962 Gary picks up his high school friends - two couples sit in car and are very excited - Gary's friend scolds him for taking his eyes off the road while he's driving. CU speedometer rising rapidly. Gary's girlfriend becomes nervous and asks him to slow down. VO "Kay is not impressed - she wishes he'd take it easy." VS as Gary safely passes truck on road. 01:17:22:27 - 01:20:46:10 Color Sound 1962 VS including POVs of driving on freeway. Car reflected in review mirror - tailgating. Lou, the salesman, lets car overtake him, giving hand signal to driver behind. Sign "Doddstown Next Exit" POV from car passing tractor on rural, secondary road. Cows on road - young men herding - POV from car as it slows down. Girl sells Lou an apple on side of road. Mary sounds car horn when she gets impatient with slow car in front and driver who doesn't know where he's going. Road rage. Driver in front couldn't care less. Traffic jam - traffic congestion. Mary is courteous - allows driver to pull into her lane. 01:20:46:11 - 01:21:31:24 Color Sound 1962 High school students talking and laughing in car - they all get hysterical when they see wasp or bee in car and Gary parks on side of road to let insect out. 01:21:31:25 - 01:23:20:13 Color Sound 1962 VS Lou driving, looks drowsy, falling asleep at the wheel. Reckless driving. Freeway ahead starts to blur as Lou nods off. Lou wakes and regains control after swerving. INT man sits at counter smoking cigarette - waitress serves him coffee. Lou then splashes his face with cold water in bathroom. CU fastening seat belt. Mary leaves house holding her daughter's hand - they get into car. 01:23:20:14 - 01:25:08:20 Color Sound 1962 High school students in Bakersville, run to cars from football game during rain shower. Downpour. INT car and passengers as they wait to get out of jam - car in front revs up - CU exhaust pipe emitting exhaust fumes. Gary closes air vents to stop fumes from coming into car. Holding noses. Bad smell. VO "Inhaling too much carbon monoxide can be dangerous." Gary cracks open window. INT car with shot of rain pelting down on windscreen - windscreen wipers in action - no visibility. Car parks on side of road during rain storm. INT car during rain storm with Mary and children - very poor visibility and broken windshield wiper. Mary slams on brakes and skids to a halt - checks children - little girl hurt her mouth. 01:25:08:21 - 01:26:25:06 Color Sound 1962 Driving on wet and slippery roads. CU speedometer and gas gauge. Car pulls into gas station - attendants check oil, battery eta., and clean windscreen and lights. Gary's friend strenuously objects to having to chip in to pay for gas. Whiner, whining. Boys get back into car and drive off - attendant waves. 01:26:25:07 - 01:26:53:17 Color Sound 1962 Teenage romance. Girl rebuffs boy's pass - she takes his arm from around her, VO "Both hands on the wheel please." Boy looks a little hurt, miffed, continues to drive and parks outside of girl's home. He puts his arm around her again and draws her in - she points to the swing on the porch - VO "There's a much better place to show affection." 01:26:53:18 - 01:28:44:10 Color Sound 1962 Night time traffic - neon signs - motel signs. Woman meets man at station - they embrace and drive home in car, chatting to each other. EXT shot of house in dark but for light in one widow, which is then switched off - bedtime. CU hand switches off lamp. Cars parked in driveways at night. Narrator rounds up by reminding us the most important wheel of all is the driver, and asking, "How did you drive today?" as animated question mark symbol appears on screen. 01:30:53:20 - 01:32:34:19 Color Sound 1966 "Race to the Clouds" Countdown. ZO from mountain peaks to reveal WA shot of mountains and forest - sign in FG "Pike National Forest." Sign "Summit Pike's Peak" Pike's Peak summit, Colorado, with train cars parked and tourists wandering about (scratched and color isn't great). Railway tracks end and hang over rock. Plaque to Zebulon Montgomery Pike embedded in rock. Shot from peak looks over clouds with lower mountain peaks underneath. Banner "Pike's Peak Hill Climb - July 4th" LS pan hillside full of spectators. MS spectators making their way up hill, two men carry icebox, women carry blankets. Pan parking lot full of cars and people. 01:32:34:20 - 01:34:16:04 Color Sound 1966 VS race car drivers hanging around, talking, before race. LS "START" banner hanging above race's starting line. Title "RACE TO THE CLOUDS" Nick Sanborn drives past CAM in stock car. Sand born, sitting in car at starting line, adjusts his helmet. Car takes off, leaving dust behind. VS of Sanborn driving on route, turning sharp corners, coming round bends, leaving dust in wake. He's driving an Oldsmobile Tornado. Photographers at work - sliding down bank when race car speeds past. MS man with checkered flag stands at finish line - banner overhead "FINISH." LS as Sanborn drives across finish line and checkered flag is waved. MS Sanborn's car as he climbs out - three time Pike Peak winner. 01:34:16:05 - 01:34:54:12 Color Sound 1966 VS forest fire prevention symbol, Smoky the Bear, shaking hands with children - one boy is wary and frightened and buries his head in his mother's waist. 01:34:54:13 - 01:35:56:03 Color Sound 1966 Louie Unser sits in car, waiting to start race. He's driving an Oldsmobile Tornado with a front wheel drive. VS Unser racing around course accompanied by Unser's voice as he talks about driving experience. Car crosses finish line. 01:35:56:04 - 01:37:05:21 Color Sound 1966 Ak Miller sits in open sports race car, waiting to race. Miller takes off - VS of race, speeding around bends, kicking up dust - some nice shots. Miller crosses finish line - official waves checker flag. Miller sets new record of 13 minutes, 53 and six tenths of a second. MS racing officials, wearing black and white striped shirts, looking at stop watches. Sign "Official Timing - United States Auto Club" 01:37:05:22 - 01:40:44:10 Color Sound 1966 MLS as Bobby Unser settles into his sports racing car and prepares for race in championship division - Unser in car surrounded by his team. He takes off - there's a camera attached to car, behind and slightly above Unser's right shoulders - some excellent, hair-raising POV footage of race from this angle. Sign "DRIVE CAREFULLY - Enjoy Your Trip." Car passes finish line after and film stops as production company's name and logo appear on screen, and then resumes again when logo no longer appears on screen - nice.