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JB-2780 16mm Beta SP
10:00:58:00 - 10:37:22:08 Color Silent 1964 Israel. Shows a day in the life of a typical Tel Aviv family. Israeli lifestyles. Leisure activities. Education. Science. Kibbutz. Farming. Industry. Military. 10:00:48:18 - 10:04:18:28 Color Silent 1964 Israel. City buses on streets of Tel Aviv. Bus POV. Woman serving seated husband on balcony drink. Man reading Hebrew nespaper & eating grapes. CU face looking down. VS girl talking on phone & petting cat. Mother in kitchen making salad. Girl helping mother serve dinner to father & sister. Traditional dinner time. Family life. Eating & talking. 10:04:18:29 - 10:08:57:24 Color Silent 1964 Family leaving house for beach. Israeli suburb. Get in motorcycle w side car for 2. VS riding thru streets of Tel Aviv to beach. PAN very crowded beach. Parents relax under beach umbrella. Kids play in sand. WS ZO PAN sailboats to crowded beach. Bikini woman plays paddle ball. Sunbathing. Men drinking from coolers. Confused baby. Couples walking. 10:08:57:25 - 10:10:03:20 Color Silent 1964 Israel. Children walking to school. Boy & girl play with dolls, diorama. Model city. High school biology class w take-apart mannequin. Parallel shots with real life counterpart of object child is using. CU man & woman dolls to real tourist couple. Toy boat, Ship boat in harbor. 10:10:03:21 - 10:11:56:07 Color Silent 1964 Israel. Farm sequence. VS mature man walking on rural path w spray can (insecticide?). Sprays large stacks of hay bales. Shakes disinfectant? on hay. People bending over hoeing rows of crops in field. CU farm laborers in straw hats & bandanas. Kibbutz? 10:11:56:09 - 10:12:34:02 Color Silent 1964 Israel. Science teacher teaching anatomy biology to junior high school students. CU students writing & listening. MS man points to anatomical model. Students smiling. School library. ECU girl studying reading. 10:12:34:03 - 10:15:57:27 Color Silent 1964 Israel. Kibbutz lifestyles. Middle-aged women get hair done in salon. CU woman under hair dryer. EXT backyard: CU smiling boy gives father in deck chair a menorah. Girl helping older woman make meat? patties in kitchen. CU woman w Indian features talking. EXT school w students entering. INT students eat in cafeteria. Man serving diners in another cafeteria. Couples doing Israeli folk dancing on stage. Banner in Hebrew. Musicians, one w accordian. Women in black leotards doing "arty" modern dancing. Girls in blue dresses dance onstage. Barefoot men in conga-line. VS girl practicing on upright piano w teacher Piano lesson. 10:15:57:28 - 10:19:32:12 Color Silent 1964 Israel. Farm sequence. Cutting bananas, carrying them. Tractor. Man driving tiller. ZI workers picking oranges in orchard grove, put them in sacks. Empyting sacks of oranges into large crate. Fruit. HA forklift carrying orange crate. Sheep herded down road, ZI PAN "Danger" sign in Hebrew. LS ZO WS mountains w valley in FG. 10:19:32:13 - 10:23:06:22 Color Silent 1964 Israel. PAN desert to architect & contractor looking over large construction site--ARAD near Beersheba. Multiple buildings. Blueprint, plans, talking, construction activities. Contruction worker using bulldozer to move sand good MS of bulldozer in action. Heavy equipment. Lumber. Man drinking water from canteen. Cranes. 10:23:06:23 - 10:31:02:01 Color Silent 1964 Israel. Man w blueprint leaving building, picking up small son, entering home. INT family. Talking w wife. Admiring drawing. Woman opens refrigerator. Father reading storybook w son. PAN ZI WS building w large lawn. ZI family relaxing on lawn. Father is atomic physicist. CU faces talking, smiling. Girl w dolls. Enter apartment building. Silhouette father playing grand piano. CU hands on keyboard. WS Weizmann Institute of Science. Particle accelerator. Physicist pianist inspecting instruments. Looking thru eyepiece. Cleaning part. Control room. Woman in laboratory checks reading w rulers, writing notes. Scientists. Nuclear science. 10:31:02:02 - 10:35:13:27 Color Silent 1964 Israel. Blue & white flags on giant menorah. Outdoor festival. (Dubious quality for many shots -some shots underexposed) Israeli flag in wind. Military parade. Tanks. Troops marching. Soldiers. Marching band. Israeli military. WS crowds. LA fighter jets in formation. Women troops in uniform. PAN soldiers standing by tents in desert. CU faces Israeli soldiers, all young. EXT children clapping + playing. Barbed wire. REAR VIEW Arab troops. WS PAN city. 10:35:13:28 - 10:37:22:08 Color Silent 1964 Israel. Men w fezes sit at conference table looking at maps of dam site on Jordan river. HA MS stream. TU river. Desert. Dam construction. Storage tanks by sea. Pumping water into buckets. CU hose. Irrigation of crops in field. Water running thru dirt. Small boy planting small tree in ceremony. Rabbi reading at ceremonial tree planting. CU tree shoot blowing in wind.