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1960s - 1970s Home Movies #2
ELP-2 Beta SP
Home Movie
1960's, 1970's
1960's, 1970's, Canada, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Toronto, home movies, Americana,; childhood, youth, infancy, playing, games, winter, nuclear family, relatives, parents, ; generations, silliness, nurturing, tenderness, love, travel, visiting, tourists, ; sightseeing, drinking, birthday parties, leisure, relaxing, skiing, ice skating, ; celebrating, Christmas, senior lifestyles, ballerina, dancing, siblings, sister, ; brother, parents, grandparents, amusement parks, carnivals, rides, parades, ; floats, clowns, wild animals, vintage toys, collectible toys, Halloween costumes,; consumerism
Color Super-8mm home footage from the late 1960's to the early 1970's of a family with a girl (ranging from being around four to eight or nine years) and a newborn baby boy who grows up to be a young child as they are raised in the family home of Toronto, and travel throughout Canada (Ottawa, Niagara Falls) and Florida, visiting friends and relatives. Excellent footage of young children playing and being cute, young children with adults of different generations (parents, grandparents, relatives, etc) siblings playing together (an older sister and younger brother). Various footage of celebrating Christmas at home, with children and parents opening presents, family dinners, and children playing with presents. Rare footage of children playing with collectible, vintage toys, such as a 1969 Easy Bake Oven, a Fisher Price Action Garage, and a Mattel Putt Putt Railroad set. Various sequences of a childs birthday party (at different ages), with children celebrating, blowing out candles on the cake, and opening presents. Various sequences of children dressed up in costumes for Halloween and eating candy. Great shots of children in winter clothes skating and sledding with parents, children playing in playground with adults, and having fun on amusement park rides (Toronto Island Park), such as bouncing on an inflatable bouncer. Good examples of late 1960s early 1970s fashion and clothes (flared pants, bright prints, corduroy pants, hairstyles, and glasses). Images of various locations in Ottawa, Canada, such as the Parliament Buildings and some footage of other locations in Canada. Various shots of adults and children enjoying leisure time on the beach or swimming in lakes and oceans. Family barbeques and picnics. Great images at a wildlife preserve and zoo of animals interacting with humans (bear looking into car window, monkey sitting on car being fed). Good footage of dancing at a Scottish Highland Festival. Generally excellent condition, although some slight scratches and shaky camerawork. Occasionally dirt on film or something obscuring lens. ****************************************************************************************** Late 1960s. 03:00:08:08 Young girl in dress sitting on rock in wooded area, smiling. HA wooded park w trees (Weeping Willows) & pond, people walking around, lying on the grass. Young girl standing at park water fountain struggling to reach handle & spout (cute). Woman and young child sitting on park bench drinking. 03:00:54:27 LS airplane taxiing down runway (Air Canada), ramp cart waiting by. LS airplane at gate, people walking up boarding stairs & entering airplane, people walking past airplane (something slightly obscuring lens film). Women, senior man, & young girl in front of car smiling, wave at CAM. Adults sitting on park bench, picnic, lying on lawn chair, young child wearing giant mens shirt and shoes holding purse dancing manically, spastic, twisting, waving arms around (very cute shots, funny dancing). LS & MS young child jumping holding onto senior mans hands in small boat (dinghy) by dock (grandfather & grandchild). PAN lake w hills in BG. EXT small house in woods. Woman & young girl in dresses picking flowers from field. Young girl in dress holding flowers, smiling (FLARES UP). 03:02:17:13 PAN forest park entrance, cars driving though, people standing around. Sign, Forest Fire: Danger To-Day w colored rating meter. Young girl in red one-piece bathing suit on dock by water, walking on dock w legs clenched together, climbing off dock into water, wading in water. EXT house on hill (quick shot). Young girl in red bathing suit splashing in water. PAN lake skyline of water, hills in BG. 03:03:05:28 Two women walking outside house on hill. CU small tin sign Joy on side of house. LS two women standing on dock by small boat (dinghy) docked on water. LS & MS woman sitting on boat (dinghy) holding young child wrapped in towel (cute). Woman standing by rope strung on trees, shaking & hanging clothes on rope. Senior man shirtless in swimming trunks & young girl in red bathing suit standing on beach by waters edge shoveling sand into bucket (shaky). Women on beach shaking out cloths and folding towels. Young child in shorts & canvas fishermans hat running on dock holding ashtray & cigar to CAM, smiling. Young child in shorts & hat handing ashtray to senior man shirtless in swimming trunks sitting by water. Women in bathing suits sitting on dock w young child, senior man in swimming trunks sitting in boat lighting cigar. Young child in shorts & hat running up rocky trail from dock into house, waving. 03:04:34:26 INT house. Young girl in dress standing by table w bouquet of flowers & cards, waving & smiling at CAM (bright image). Young girl sitting by baby wrapped in blanket sleeping on couch (cute shot, siblings, sister, bright image). MS baby dressed in white lying on blanket yawning (cute). MS & CU baby asleep in crib w mouth open (cute). CU baby being held. MS naked baby (boy) being washed in bathtub, young girl sitting by smiling (siblings, sister). CU baby being dried off w towel. 03:05:45:05 Young girl sitting on couch w baby on blue blanket, smiling & pointing at CAM (cute shot, siblings, sister). MS woman breastfeeding baby (baby sucking on nipple, nursing). Baby lying w eyes closed. Young girl smiling & talking. Woman holding baby w breast exposed. Woman holding baby on shoulder. Woman holding baby up sitting on couch by young girl. VS man in black thick framed glasses sitting w young girl holding baby on couch, smiling at CAM, girl kissing baby & smiling (great shots, father & children, family, siblings, sister). Baby lying on blankets in crib in blue jumper w mouth open yawning, sneezing, opening eyes (cute shots). 03:07:27:25 Christmas. Young girl in peasant outfit dress in front of Christmas tree. Woman w 1960s look (nothing precise) smiling. Young girl in peasant dress doing ballet dance, twirling around in front of Christmas tree (good shot, child dancing). TD decorated Christmas tree to young girl dancing. LS kitchen dining room table w plates, food, & lit candle on top, young girl walks into frame. MS man in shirt & tie carving turkey on table. MS man in shirt & tie w black thick framed glasses smiling at CAM. Young girl sitting at table smiling & waving at CAM, PAN along table w plates, turkey. (good short sequence, family) Young girl sitting on floor unwrapping present (shaky). Ice skates on floor, young girl starts to put them on (cuts out). 03:08:45:18 CAM moves close, young girl sitting at table painting picture (quick shot). Dusk, outdoor ice skating rink. VS young child (girl) in winter clothes skating, keeps falling down on ice. (great shots, childhood, cute, funny). HA CU ice skates skating, young girl crashes into CAM, falls down. Young child laughing, smiling. Young child skating, keeps almost falling, manages to keep skating (good shot). 03:10:14:25 Baby in carrier chair on couch, looking unhappy (sad). Young girl sitting on couch w baby in carrier chair, smiling (siblings, sister). Woman lifting baby in jumper out of crib, Putting hood on baby lying down. Woman bouncing baby w hooded romper (jumpsuit) (cute). 03:11:03:06 Woman carrying sled saucer (sled disc, sled disk) & young child in winter clothes pushing stroller (baby carriage) down snowy street. Young child in winter clothes pushing stroller (baby carriage) down snowy street (good shot, siblings). CU baby w hood asleep in stroller (baby carriage). Young child touching baby asleep in stroller (siblings). Woman holding young child in winter clothes & sitting on sled saucer (sled disc, sled disk) going down snowy hill (great shot, mother & child). Young child in winter clothes playing w snow, gets up & picks up sled saucer. Man in wire-rimmed glasses & young child in winter clothes on sled saucer (sled disc, sled disk) going down snowy hill (great shot, father & child). Man w sled saucer (sled disc, sled disk) & young child running through snow. 03:12:01:09 Outdoor skating rink. Man & young child in winter clothes skating on rink w other people in BG, Young child twirling & falling down on ice. CU baby in stroller w blanket pulled up. Woman & young child on ice skates holding onto stroller (baby carriage). VS smiling young child skating, twirling, falling down on ice. 03:12:50:08 Dusk, snowy lawn (slightly dark). Children in winter clothes on sled being pulled on snowy ground by person. Child standing on snow in winter clothes. Teenager carrying child on back (piggyback), running on snow. (Good shots, children playing) Teenager twirling child around. Children in winter clothes & hats standing on rock, smiling at CAM. Children pulling children on toboggan sled. Young child holding bucket smiling, waving at CAM. 03:13:49:16 Young child in sweater & furry hat & woman in fur coat & suede boots on lawn, smiling & waving (mother & child). Man & young child in winter clothes holding hands skating on outdoor rink, Smiling & waving at CAM (father & child). Young child in winter clothes trying to skate, (moving legs back & forth) (very cute). Woman in boots walking on ice holding onto young child skating, metal blade falls off ice skate (mother & child). Woman standing & young child sitting on snow by car. MS young child w hooded jacket lying on snow sucking thumb, smiling & waving at CAM. 03:14:51:19 Woman in leather jacket, jeans, & suede boots walking w young child in winter clothes carrying bucket through snowy park (mother & child). Young child bouncing on snow, shoveling snow into bucket. Woman sitting on park bench watching child. Woman & man sitting on different benches w young children in between. Young child dressed in red hooded jacket & overalls sitting on blanket on ground eating (cute shot, children eating). Two children sitting on blanket eating. Woman sitting on park bench w children standing on bench eating. 03:16:11:18 Young girl in pigtails shoveling dirt into bucket, smiling & waving at CAM. Woman in jeans & blazer leaning back on park bench, smiles at CAM. Adults & children sitting at picnic table w drinks waving at CAM. 03:17:03:23 Woman & young girl playing w baby in carrying chair on couch, Baby making faces, looking at young girl, who smiles (siblings, sister). Birthday party. Group of young children wearing paper Indian headdresses blowing noisemakers & doing Indian war yell (covering mouths w hand) sitting around table. Woman w cat-eye glasses holding baby smiling. Woman serving children hot dogs. Young girls jumping up and down (excited) (shaky). Woman in red dress carrying lit birthday cake & knife into room, puts cake down in front of young girl. CU birthday cake Happy birthday (cannot read), candles not lit. Girl giving young girl birthday punches on butt. Children running around room, playing, dancing. 03:19:03:14 Zoo wildlife preserve animal park (Toronto Zoo?). Car w painted stripes (Zoomobile) stopped on road. Group of lions walking, lying down on rocky terrain. EXT building w Pigs sign. HA pigs, womans arm reaching over to pet them. Llamas by wood fence w people on other side, walk towards CAM. Penguins on top of stone pile. Woman & young girl walking near fenced areas. Crowned crane in cage, walking on branch. Seals playing in pool, swimming. Baby kangaroo in cage. 03:20:31:14 Other side of window of woman in car breastfeeding baby, smiles at CAM. Baby looks out window at CAM. LS late 1960s car (standard American 2 door coupe). Adults & children lying on grass, waving at CAM. 03:21:11:13 PAN lake, people swimming. Woman in bathing suit holding baby wearing giant diapers, dipping babys feet in water, young girl swimming w water tube. Senior woman wearing bathing suit in water. Senior man diving off pier. Woman holding smiling baby close to face, rubbing faces (love, mother & child). Young girl swimming w water tube squinting eyes. VS men playing golf on golf field (leisure shots). Senior man in shorts & hat swinging golf club at ball. PAN following ball fly through air over fairway towards flag. Younger man in shorts & hat swinging club, ball rolling on grass. Younger man hits ball past hole, gestures w hand. Senior man hits ball, young boy runs past. Adults & children at picnic table outside house, talking to baby in stroller (baby carriage). MS baby sitting in stroller (baby carriage). PAN golf field to senior man swinging golf club. 03:22:50:26 Women & child wearing red sunglasses w orange soda bottle sitting on grass. Woman places glass soda bottle (Coca-Cola, Coke) in front of baby, who plays w it (cute). Young girl going down playground slide sunken in pool of water, senior man catching her at bottom (strange). Climbing up ladder of swing. 03:23:06:15 Niagara Falls, Canada Woman holding baby standing at fence watching large cargo boat Anna Rehder - Hamburg going past promenade, dock. Giant floral clock, people sitting in front. Senior man & woman, younger woman, & young girl sitting in front of floral clock, waving. PAN street w Rainbow Gardens & buildings behind (fast PAN). VS Niagara Falls. Adults & children walking w stroller (baby carriage) by wall overlooking falls. MS baby in stroller (baby carriage) being pushed down street. CU Niagara Falls, water going over edge. Adults & child standing at wall in front of falls, Young girl waving at CAM. 03:24:03:05 Horse-drawn carriage carrying people going down street past CAM. Woman feeding baby food from jar to baby wearing bib being held by senior woman sitting on park bench (cute). TRACKING SHOT from car (see part of window) of Niagara Falls & city w Skylon Tower in FG & Minolta Tower in BG. 03:25:12:25 Adults & young children sitting on blanket on grass having picnic (good shots, leisure). Cute little girl & boy chewing & looking at CAM (cute). Adults eating, baby in stroller (baby carriage) smiling. Children lying on blankets talking to each other. Woman wearing 1960s printed tunic & slacks pointing (short shot). Woman sitting on picnic table watching. Man standing on field bouncing ball. Woman playing long darts (tossing dart). Young child sitting on lawn chair next to baby in stroller (baby carriage). CU baby in stroller (baby carriage) smiling (cute). CU young child smiling. (good shots, siblings) Woman lying in reclining lawn chair. Woman in bikini top & shorts playing badminton w senior man shirtless in shorts. MS & CU baby asleep in stroller (baby carriage). 03:26:16:11 Senior man shirtless standing by outdoor barbeque grill, grilling food, putting food on plate being held by woman w bikini top & shorts. Senior woman on lawn chair holding baby, feeding baby food from jar (baby food) (good shot, grandmother & grandchild). Young girl in dress giving baby being held by woman drink from glass (cute, siblings, sister). Adults, young girl, & baby in stroller around picnic table w food on top, adults preparing food. Senior man taking photograph. Young girl in dress serving herself food on picnic table. Baby sitting on blanket crying, next to young girl. Man w black thick framed glasses rushes over to baby & picks up, holding close & smiling (good shot, father & child). Adults & young girl sitting on apartment terrace overlooking street having breakfast. Young girl drinking, cups w coffee on table. Senior mans fingers tenderly rubbing young girls cheek. 03:27:13:O01 At Highland Festival. Adults & young child held by senior man in front of stone castle - like building (quick, shaky). TU stone building wall. PAN crowds of people walking sitting in outdoor area. LS crowds of people sitting, man playing violin & piano in BG. LS people dancing at Scottish highland festival (Scottish dancing, Highland dancing), men in kilts, women in sundresses (good shot, Scottish dancing). Woman holding young girl watching, smiling (dancers in BG). Senior man holding baby, DOLLY IN to CU baby (grandfather & grandchild). Man in black thick framed glasses holding onto baby in huge diapers bloomers, helping baby walk on grass, baby smiling (good shot, father & child). Young girl in dress running up grassy hill, rolling down grassy hill landing on road (great shot, childhood). MS women & men in kilts & white shirts doing Scottish highland dance (good shots, Scottish dancing, Highland dancing). CU baby being carried by senior man through parking lot, stuffed animal being waved at baby (cute). 03:28:32:08 CU pizza pie on table. Adults & young girl on apartment terrace overlooking street sitting at table w pizza, smiling, man w black thick framed glasses & senior man holding up drinks (glasses), woman holding menu Mamma Mias Pizzeria. CU picking up slice of pizza, putting on plate. (good shot, family, generations) Baby smiling & gesturing at CAM (cute). HA woman in bathing cap swimming in swimming pool. HA young girl w inner tube swimming, senior woman in bathing cap swimming. Senior man in swimming trunks standing, leaning on pool edge. VS people in bathing suits & bathing caps swimming, playing in pool (good shots). Baby in stroller (baby carriage) w towels draped on handle. 03:29:14:25 LS lawn outside building, row of flowers planted on grass. Man walks by, looks at flowers (splotches, dirt on film?). Adults & children in summer clothes having picnic on table outside building, ketchup bottle on table. Baby in stroller (baby carriage). Woman passing Polaroid camera to man. Woman at table serving food onto plate. PAN plates of food on table, woman serving food onto plate. CU baby in stroller (baby carriage) eating wafer cookie (cute). Adults & children (one pushing stroller (baby carriage)) walking down suburban street. MS young girl w ponytail, bikini top & shorts pushing stroller (baby carriage) w baby inside. Young children swimming in lake. Woman holding up young girls head above water as she swims. Man in black thick framed glasses in swimming trunks. LS man & two young girls holding hands in water dancing in circle, swimming (good shot, father & children). Adults & children in summer clothes sitting on front steps & porch of small building, waving at CAM. 03:30:40:02 At the beach (good shots, childhood). VS baby w bonnet & diaper & young girl w bucket & shovel playing on sand. Baby w bonnet & diaper crawling on sand (very cute). Woman in bikini sitting by children. PAN ocean, people on the sand, swimming. Baby sitting on sand, smiling. EXT school building, Fenside Drive Public School. EXT front entrance of school building. PAN windows along school building wall. Young girl in dress standing by tree smiling at CAM. EXT school door, children (school children) lined up to walk inside, women (teachers) in 1960s hairstyles & glasses standing at the front, giving instructions. Young girls in dresses holding hands, smiling at CAM. (Good shots, first day of school). 03:31:37:06 Apple Orchard. Adults w baby & young girl looking in big bag of apples in front of apple trees. Baby in overalls standing holding hand of woman. Young girl kneeling in front of big bag of apples, polishing apple on shirt. PAN apple tree orchard. Young girl sitting on branches in apple tree, smiling at CAM, apples in FG (good shot). Man in black thick framed glasses pouring drink from canteen for young girl eating apple, next to baby in stroller eating. Man & woman sitting on lawn chairs smiling. 03:32:12:13 INT house Halloween Baby boy in blue overalls sitting on floor sucking on lollypop, crawling towards CAM (great shot, cute). Young girl in bride costume holding Jack O Lantern bucket (pumpkin bucket) smiling at CAM (Halloween costume). Trays of candy on table. Baby boy in blue overalls holding lollypop crawling on wood floor, standing by wood table, crawling on carpet. Group young children in Halloween costumes standing w woman. (Bride costume, clown costume, Mexican costume w sombrero) (good shot, but quick). 03:33:04:13 Babys birthday. Young girls & baby in highchair sitting by table w birthday cake w one candle. Woman lifts baby out of highchair holding over cake. Young girl w ponytail blows out candle on cake. Woman cuts slice of cake, hands to young girl. Puts pieces of cake in front of baby on highchair tray. Baby holds piece of cake, looks confused. Woman feeds baby piece of cake, crumbs on mouth (funny, cute). 03:33:38:18 Christmas TU young girl in dress in front of decorated Christmas tree. LS table w red tablecloth & place settings. Baby boy in blue outfit & young girl in red dress sitting on floor & smiling at CAM, holding Santa Claus doll (good shot, siblings, sister & brother). Young girl sitting at table smiling. Baby in highchair eating. Man in orange shirt, yellow tie & black thick framed glasses laughing, carving turkey on table, next to young girl smiling wide at CAM. Baby in highchair eating, getting food all over mouth (berries?), smiles at CAM, eating from bowl (cute shots). Young girl smiling wide at CAM, missing teeth (cute). 03:34:43:16 Christmas Baby boy sitting on floor, chewing, smiling. Young girl in red dress & baby sitting on floor unwrapping presents, woman throws ribbon at baby, he looks confused, she laughs. Woman in red dress & 1960s flipped hairstyle helping children unwrap presents. Baby in blue outfit playing w colored train set, standing, dropping train (cute). Baby in blue outfit walking past presents & wrapping paper, standing. Young girl holding doll. Baby boy sitting by green toy car, pushing it. Baby boy and young girl sitting on toy car, woman helps them drive car (great shots, siblings, brother & sister, family, mother, childhood). CU cake w reindeer & Christmas written on it. Baby in highchair next to table, Young girl sitting at table. Woman in red dress & 1960s flipped hairstyle pouring cups of coffee. Baby in pajamas and young girl in robe by Christmas tree unwrapping presents. Girl taking out pink carrying case from box. Late 1960s 03:37:11:14 Birthday party (Great shots, childhood). PAN young children w party hats sitting around table smiling at CAM, eating hot dogs. Baby in highchair next to table, woman and child try to feed baby hot dog, he doesnt want it. Young girl w party hat eating hot dog. Woman in dress carrying birthday cake w six lit candles & ballerina decorations into room. Young girl w party hat covering ears w hands, smiling. Close shot, young girl w party hat blowing out candles on cake, other children smile and watch (good shot). Young boy blowing streamer noise maker. Baby in highchair holding glass making funny face. Children in party hats blowing noise makers. Children running around house playing, lifting girl in air, giving piggyback rides. 03:38:36:11 EXT front of house surrounded by snow. PAN snowy field in country w mountains in BG. Children in winter clothes & hoods sitting at picnic table buried in snow eating & drinking. Baby in hooded winter coat & overalls standing on snow by woman. Children in winter clothes & boots standing on snow w big furry dog, petting dog. EXT house surrounded by snow w late 1960s cars (station wagon, truck) parked in front, people walking into house. Woman holding baby in coat next to young girl in coat, smiling. 03:39:42:15 Two women in bikini tops & shorts leaning back on lawn chairs on grass. VS baby boy w hat sitting on ground, smiling & throwing sand at CAM. VS baby boy w mud on face (muddy face) (very cute shots, childhood) running towards CAM, holding shovel running around, throwing beach ball), climbing on picnic table, smiling & walking to CAM. Baby in red jacket w badges holding badminton racket. Young girl smiling & bending over for CAM. Baby trying to hit shuttlecock w badminton racket (quick shot). Early 1970s 03:41:23:15 Girl & young boy swinging on double sided swing set (good shots, but CAM flare for some of it, siblings, childhood). LS PAN from swing set in yard to house w late 1960s car (standard American 2 door coupe) in front. Young children sitting on playground equipment. Girl swinging towards CAM. Woman in tank top & shorts walking. 03:42:02:15 St. Pete Beach, Florida (good shots, family, leisure, vacation). LS senior woman & senior man in swim suits walking on beach by ocean (good shot, senior lifestyles) LS woman & child playing in ocean water. Young child in sailors hat & swimming trunks walking to CAM. Woman in bikini & senior man in swimming trunks walking, Girl in bikini running up beach shoreline, falling on sand. Young boy running to CAM. VS girl in bikini getting knocked down by surf, surf passing by. Young boy in swimming trunks walking into water. 03:42:52:14 Swimming Pool (good shots, family, leisure). Young boy in swimming trunks climbing out of swimming pool, women in bathing suits standing by. HA child in pool w head in water. Young boy dipping hand into pool. Senior man diving off diving board into pool (good shot, senior lifestyles). Senior woman in swimsuit smoking cigarette at table by pool. Young boy in pool dumping out water from pail. Young girl holding nose, going under water. Man helping young boy swim, girl swimming behind (good shot, father & children, siblings). Man holding young boy, senior man & girl in water smiling (generations). TU & PAN from swimming pool, hotel complex. PAN parking lot, EXT hotel building w terraces & palm trees. 03:43:58:05 St. Pete Beach, Florida (good shots, family, leisure, vacation). LS PAN beach w people on sand & swimming. Sign on wall This shower: Palm Crest Guest Only. Young boy & child playing by beach shoreline. Surf goes by, young boy looks scared, then laughs. Women in bathing suits lying on sand (sunning). PAN buildings of apartments behind beach & palm trees to Ocean. Senior man in swimming trunks walking on beach shoreline. Child in swimming trunks on shoreline, dancing, next to senior man. Young boy & child sitting on sand. Senior woman & child running into ocean water, playing (grandmother & grandchild). 03:45:34:28 Halloween. INT house. Children in costumes (Little Red Riding Hood, Gypsy) holding Jack O Lantern basket (pumpkin basket), woman in miniskirt & purple costume scarf giving them candy. Girls in costume smiling at CAM. Girl in gypsy costume (long floral dress, headscarf & hoop earrings) sitting on floor w candy all over floor, smiling wide at CAM. 03:46:10:17 On Street. Young children in winter coat & hoods (girl in slightly flared pants) holding balloons, standing by adults. Santa Claus Parade, Toronto. Parade going down street, spectators watching across street. VS floats & people in costume waving at crowds (good shots). Metro Police car float, Clown waving at crowd, Float w girls in costumes & Christmas Tree, Man in jester head and costume waving, Giant pink bird float, Old woman in the shoe float w people in costumes waving, Mice & Cinderella float, Three Little Pigs float w women in costume & pigs waving, Santa Claus & Reindeer float, Santa Claus waving. 03:47:37:03 Christmas, INT house. Girl in dress by decorated Christmas Tree smiling at CAM (shaky). Girl & young boy in blue suit outfit by Christmas Tree holding presents. Woman w 1960s flipped hairstyle & children unwrapping presents. PAN wrapping paper & presents lying on the floor, Cootie box on the floor. Woman laughing, smiling at CAM. Girl smiling, sitting next to 1969 Easy Bake Oven (in Avocado Green), PAN Easy Bake Oven accessories on table (vintage toys, collectible toys). Young boy in crib rubbing eyes, next to Fisher Price Tuggy Tooter tugboat toy (pull toy, bath toy) (vintage toys, collectible toys). Easy Bake Oven accessories on table, girl sitting next to Easy Bake Oven, smiling, (shaky). Young boy in crib covering eyes, picking nose (cuts out). 03:49:14:11 Sky slopes. Woman & children in winter clothes by car w open trunk in parking lot, girl walking on snow wearing skis. PAN snowy ski slopes. Woman helping girl put on gloves. 03:49:52:03 Birthday party. Girl w dress & missing teeth embracing young boy in outfit w red bow tie standing together smiling at CAM (siblings). Woman in 1970s vest suit carrying cake lit w candles (7) into room in front of young girl, who blows out candles (hard to see) & smiles. (good shot, birthday) PAN table w children eating cake. Children making silly faces, waving to CAM. Young boy in highchair smiling at CAM. 03:50:34:21 VS young child in winter clothes walking on snow wearing skis (cute). LS adults in winter clothes reclining on lawn chairs on snowy hill w trees in BG, young child runs by. Small outdoor grill w fire. People rubbing hands together to keep warm. Adults in winter clothes sitting on lawn chairs, children playing in snow. Young girl in winter coat & hood skiing down little hill (good shot). Woman helping young child in winter clothes wearing skis walk on snow. LS PAN people sitting on lawn chairs to cars in parking lot. Young child on skis falling over. VS young child wearing skis walking with ski poles (very cute). CU young boy w hood looking into CAM (good shot). Women & children shoveling snow into mound. Girl & young boy in winter clothes sitting on snow smiling at CAM. 03:53:15:26 Bridal Shower? Woman wearing bonnet sitting on chair under hanging streamers. Women in late 1960s early 1970s outfits & hairstyles sitting on couch, woman lights cigarette. Coffee table in front of couch covered w plates and cups. 03:53:54:04 Swimming Pool (good shots, family). Girl swimming in swimming pool. Man helping young boy swim in pool, smiling. Man helping young boy slide off slide into pool. (great shots, father & son). Young girl swimming, holding her head above water. Young girl in bikini jumping off slide into pool. Boy holding onto man swimming, laughing at CAM (father & child). 03:54:34:27 INT house Table w plate settings & cake. Children, senior man, & woman wearing 1970s print dress at table, senior man slicing cake. PAN adults drinking shot glasses of liquor to children making funny faces at CAM. 03:55:03:12 Toronto, Canada. Toronto mounted policeman riding horseback down street. Adults & children watching man ride by. Park wooded area (good shots, family) Woman in 1970s jac