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1970s - 1990s Home Movies #4
ELP-4 Beta SP
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1970s, 1980s, 1990s
1970's, 1980's, 1990's Japan, Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas, Walt Disney World, ; home movies, Americana, childhood, youth, teenagers, playing, games, nuclear family, ; relatives, parents, generations, silliness, nurturing, tenderness, love, travel, ; visiting, tourists, sightseeing, birthday parties, leisure, relaxing, skiing, ; celebrating, Christmas, siblings, sister, brother, parents, grandparents, ; amusement parks, rides, bicycling, cross-cultural, Eastern culture, Asian culture, ; Japanese culture, European culture, vista, European cities, steamboats
Color Super-8mm home footage from the late 1970s to early 1990s of a family with a girl (ranging from being around early teenage years to early twenties), a boy (ranging from about 10 to late teenage years), and a young boy who eventually becomes a teenager as they live in Japan and visit various locations in Europe and America. Excellent footage of children and teenagers with adults of different generations (parents, grandparents, relatives, etc), and siblings playing together (an older sister and younger brothers). Various footage celebrating Christmas at home, with children and parents opening presents and having family dinners. Footage of a senior mans 70th birthday party, with adults and children celebrating and senior man blowing out candles on the cake. Extensive footage at Disney World (Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center) with people having fun on amusement park rides and walking around the grounds. Excellent coverage of Epcot Centers World Showcase, with areas representing various countries, models of real buildings. Extensive, excellent footage at Legoland Denmark with footage of giant displays made from lego pieces and life size models of real-life structures and buildings, children riding vehicles made from legos. Footage at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan (the birthplace of Henry Ford) with EXTs of various buildings. Footage in various locations in Japan and on the Bahamas (including extensive footage on an ocean liner: The Sovereign of the Seas of Royal Caribbean Cruises). Extensive footage throughout Europe and in small villages. Footage of Swiss Alps and beautiful vistas throughout Scandinavia. Various locations throughout Norway (including crowds in front of the Royal Palace of Oslo, the lake-side village of St Moritz, and the charming Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen (including people doing trapeze stunts). Various images of people dressed in Norwegian or Scandinavian dresses celebrating. Some good examples of late 1970s fashion and clothes (flared pants, glasses). Some good examples of 1980s fashion & clothes (mullet hairstyles, big hair). Various shots of adults and children enjoying leisure time on the beach (including the Bahamas, Caribbean) swimming and playing in oceans, lakes, or swimming pools. VS people having barbeques, picnics, formal dinners, or eating at International food festivals. **************************************************************************************** 06:59:50:00 Japan Girl & boys wearing coolie hats (blurry). PAN EXT low building w Japanese signs & lights. 07:00:15:13 Karuizawa Prince Hotel, Nagano, Japan PAN parking lot w golf carts next to golf course. VS LS golf course, people walking around. Sign Karuizawa Prince Hotel Ski Area w deer face (shaky). Woman in shorts & tube socks & boys standing by bicycles. VS girl in 1970s track shorts & calf socks & boy in flared denim jeans riding two-seat bicycle (2-seat bicycle) outside building (good shots, siblings, brother & sister). VS HA LS people playing on tennis courts, Mt Asama in BG. 07:01:15:03 Karuizawa Prince Hotel, Nagano, Japan EXT wood cabin w bicycles parked in front. VS trees behind wood cabin w white cherry blossom tree. Woman standing in doorway of wood cabin w room number 692 on wall (shaky). Boy sitting outside wood cabin (shaky). Path between rows of wood cabins in wooded area. Cute young boy in overalls standing on grass looking & talking to CAM. VS girl, boys & man wearing casual clothing sitting on grass in wooded area eating sandwiches & smiling at CAM. Tree tops in wooded area (quick shot). VS girl & boy sitting lying on flattened cardboard boxes sliding & tumbling down grassy hill (good shots, slightly shaky, childhood, playing, siblings, brother & sister). 07:02:43:10 Karuizawa Prince Hotel VS girl & boy in denim jeans playing tennis on tennis court w man (good shots, slightly blurry). Cute young boy running on grass carrying flattened cardboard box. Young boy standing near other children. Young boy running down path, young Japanese girl walking behind. Young boy walking, children running other direction (good shot, no friends, loneliness). 07:03:34:09 International fair, Seisen International Bazaar at Seisen International School, Tokyo, Japan. VS crowds of people of different ethnicities (multicultural) walking around looking at stands w hanging International flags, people at stands dressed in traditional native outfits. Woman in Norwegian (or Scandinavian) folk dress behind stand talking. HA food on table, hand holding food. PAN crowds of people around tents in basketball court. Woman in Norwegian (or Scandinavian) folk dress, girl & boy (picking his nose?) watching something, laughing. Young boy sucking on lollypop & holding onto handle of stroller. 07:04:42:08 Japan Sign on building Norwegian Seamens Club. Group of children & adults in dresses & casual suits walking through streets holding Norwegian flags, walking up steps of building. PAN adults & children sitting on chairs outside building. VS children doing obstacle course on lawn as adults & children watch (ok shots). Boy doing summersault & walking on balance beam as men w cameras stand by eagerly watching (good shot, competition). Men drinks from beer bottle, spits & pours beer over head, next two men in row also chug quickly from bottle (good shot, drinking game, competition). 07:06:41:26 Girl & boys eating at table outside house, looking at CAM, woman (mother) serving food. Man taking food off small barbeque grill (quick shot). At the lake. VS children & adults swimming & playing in water. Young boys in inflatable raft being pushed by girls swimming. VS LS people sitting on pier on lake, mountains in BG. LS people jumping off pier into water. Girls in inflatable raft (one rowing), young boy swimming in inner tube nearby. Boy swimming. Boy diving off pier into water, climbing out of water, diving in again. Young boy carrying paddles out of water. Woman in plaid bikini playing w young boy in water (good shots, mother & son). 07:08:37:08 Girl, boy & woman in bathing suits sitting on towel on grass. Woman feeding baby (very shaky). Young boy & young girl playing on sand, young girl picks up something & walks off (cute shot, childhood). EXT wood cabin w long window. Boy in swimming trunks carrying inflatable raft, holding hand of young boy carrying inner tube & bucket. VS trail in wooded area. LS across lake, mountains in BG. LS children & adults wading in water. MS boys in swimming trunks standing by pier (shaky). Boys diving off pier together, swimming in race (good shot). 07:10:13:08 At the ocean. Woman & young boy in water as surf comes in, boy runs up to sand. Boy & girl riding waves in water as surf comes in (good shots, leisure). PAN from people in water along ocean waterline & mountains along shore. VS boy & girl playing in surf, which keeps knocking them over (good shots, some shaky). Man swimming in water. Woman watching young boy playing in sand. Man & girl swimming in water, riding waves. Young boy playing on sand w toy car. Girl & man walking out of water onto beach. Woman running walking into water as wave comes up (good shot). Woman & man in water riding waves (good shot). Man holding boy in inner tube as wave comes up (blurry). 07:12:37:22 Japan VS Japanese woman (farmer) digging up long blades of grass (rice plants?) in plotted land & wrapping in bundles (to make straw from dried rice plant?). Woman & children standing by road watching. 07:13:48:05 Japan Senior couple, middle-aged couple & children standing in front of large vehicle smiling & waving at CAM (shaky & dark). LA people walking up steps towards Japanese temple. VS Japanese figures in shrines. People walking into temple, PAN temple. VS people walking around temple courtyard (all very shaky & dark). 07:15:51:27 VS HA from car driving of valley w mountains covered in greenery (very shaky). TD hill with multicolored foliage & waterfall (shaky). Senior couple, middle-aged couple, boys & girl posing in front of fence w foliage (very shaky). VS multicolored foliage (very shaky). 07:17:10:06 Christmas Eve VS senior man & woman, middle-aged woman & children in dresses & suits sitting around table (some shots very blurry, can hardly see). Boy lighting candles on table. Young boy blowing out candles (slightly blurry). Girl holding cake w Christmas decorations on top. Boy lighting candles on cake. Santa Claus sitting on chair handing out presents to children & adults. Santa Claus shaking hands w man. Children unwrapping presents (dark). HA girl unwrapping present & smiling at CAM (good shot). 07:20:05:19 - 07:20:15:08 CUTS OUT 07:20:15:09 Young boy unwrapping present, sitting next to woman (very blurry). Young boy handing something to senior man & woman sitting around table. 07:20:37:13 At the lake. Young boy & older boy in swimming trunks playing (rough-housing) next to woman in bikini lying on beach towel. Senior woman in bathing suit & teenage girl in bikini lying on beach towels sunning tanning, talking to other people, sheltering faces from sun. LS people relaxing on grass next to lake. Woman in bikini lying down on beach towel sunning tanning, suddenly sitting up & talking. Woman sitting on towel talking to young boy, pointing. LS PAN lake w mountains surrounding. Young boy in swimming trunks playing w toy car on rocky sand by lake. Boy playing w rocky sand by lake. LS men in swimming trunks standing on pier by water. Boy in swimming trunks playing by water, looking at CAM. 07:22:04:29 At the lake. Girl, senior man & woman, middle-aged woman putting on clothes over bathing suits (shaky). Senior man showing boys berry bush (slightly blurry). Boy eating ice cream cone, younger boy eating popsicle (shaky). Girl picking berries off bush (slightly shaky). CU flowers underneath shack in wooded area. LS girl standing by bush (picking berries?) on grassy hill overlooking lake. Boy standing on grass smiling at CAM. 07:23:22:17 CU red peony. Senior man & woman, boys & girl sitting around table next to trailer, eating, smiling at CAM. Boy & younger boy standing in makeshift fort made from lawn chairs. 07:24:09:17 Christmas Eve Decorated & lit up Christmas Tree by window. Children sitting at table in front of Christmas Tree (all very blurry). Woman in kitchen slicing open bag w big knife, points knife at CAM, laughing. VS children unwrapping presents (very blurry & dark). VS children sitting around table eating, woman (mother) serving them (most shots very blurry). 07:25:53:03 Christmas Eve VS Santa Claus sitting in chair passing out presents to children, who unwrap presents (some shots ok, others very blurry & dark). MS Santa Claus & middle-aged man sitting in chairs raising glasses to CAM (cheering) & drinking (good shot). Christmas Morning Girl in nightgown & boys in robes sitting in front of Christmas Tree w presents. Girl holding purse, boy holding soccer ball. 07:27:03:16 Boy carrying inflatable raft & paddles & young boy w inner tube around neck walking away from house in wooded area. LS people walking on rural road in wooded area. Car parked outside house. 07:27:36:24 VS EXT large house in suburban area. Road outside large house w mailbox. PAN from house to field w trees. EXT large house w basketball hoop on top of garage. (1970s architecture) 07:28:29:06 PAN large soccer field, people walking around, people kicking soccer ball in BG (football). VS boys in team jerseys playing soccer (football) in field, running, kicking ball. (good shots, child soccer.) 07:29:17:19 Ski slopes Boy & girl in winter clothes on skis standing in front of sign Advance Skiers Only on snowy hill. CU boy & girl in winter clothes (slightly shaky). LS adults & boy skiing down slight slope in forested area (shaky). Adults & boy skiing cross-country in forested area (ok, slightly shaky). 07:29:54:09 VS INT house, different rooms & furniture. (food shots of 1970s interior design, bold colors) PAN living room (family room) w leather couches, brick wall over fireplace & entertainment console w television & framed pictures of children. PAN dining room w long sectional sofa to long table w chairs & tablecloth w chandelier overhead & China cabinet. PAN room w upright piano, Japanese Cherry Blossom painting on wall above, to staircase w orange carpeting. TU wood bureau to painting hanging on wall above. PAN kitchen w island, wood paneled cabinets, yellow walls & appliances (good shot, 1970s interior design). 07:31:04:00 Freiburg, Germany? LA banner 9 INT Fechtmarathon 30 31 July 1983 strung between buildings, mountains in BG. LS street in village, people walking, traffic on street. PAN outdoor caf, people sitting at tables (blurry). PAN field, people walking around (blurry). Teenage boy & younger boy pushing each other & smiling for CAM (rough-housing, siblings, brothers). Swiss Alps CU road sign Fluelapass, cars driving on road, snowy mountains in BG. PAN from cars parked along road w Fluelapass road sign to snowy mountains (Swiss Alps). LA sign on building St Moritz. Train at station w snowy mountains in BG. VS LS PAN St Moritz village & buildings around Moritzer Lake (St Moritz Lake) (scenic). PAN hills & mountains. 07:32:20:04 View from car driving on twisting road (Fluelapass?) (slightly shaky). View from front seat of car driving into village (shaky). Sign on building Automobile Club d Italia. PAN red flowers planted along side of building. Woman, teenage girl & boy & younger boy standing near water, smiling at CAM. PAN lake w mountains in BG (hazy). Teenage boy & younger boy walking along street in city. 07:33:25:10 Swiss Alps View from car driving past blocks of snow. View from car driving on highway of green valleys surrounded by mountains. View from front seat of car driving on twisting highway (Fluelapass?) w other cars Zurich, Switzerland View from car driving on streets of Zurich. Driving past Hotel Rossli, Hotel St Gotthard. HA PAN people leaning on railing overlooking Limmat River running through city w buildings on either side, person riding vehicle over bridge. HA VS streets of Zurich. 07:34:34:11 Zurich, Switzerland Sign on building Hotel Zurich (now Zurich Marriott Hotel). VS LA TU Hotel Zurich (now Zurich Marriott Hotel). Road sign arrows pointing towards Rudesheim & Aulhausen. Street along edge of road w cars parked & people sitting at caf. Teenage boy & girl, younger boy & woman sitting at table eating. View from car driving on highway by lake w mountains, greenery, small island w building (Lake Zurich?). HA barge going down lake surrounded by mountains covered in greenery. Woman & teenage girl sitting on rock smiling at CAM. 07:35:39:00 Denmark VS city streets (Billund, Denmark?) LA building on mountain. Sign on top of building hotel restaurant. EXT entrance gate to Legoland, Denmark Woman, teenage boy & girl, younger boy standing on line. VS huge, elaborate displays (some life size) made from lego pieces, recreations of existing places. (great shots, lego displays, toy models). PAN lego display of Munich Airport CU SAS airplane (Scandinavian Airline). PAN lego Amalienborg Palace (Copenhagen) PAN lego Miniland (various cities in Europe along river, train on track). PAN lego Holland, windmills turning. PAN lego Amsterdam, boats going down canals, bridge raising. PAN lego Lofoten (Norway), houses next to water. 07:37:58:20 Legoland, Denmark VS boys driving toy cars made from legos around outdoor track (some good shots, some blurry). Large lego Mount Rushmore display. People walking around recreation of Old West w buildings. Sign on building Legoredo Timber Trading Co. People in log amusement park car going quickly down track (lego canoe ride) (good shot, amusement park rides). PAN carvings of bison on wall behind lego canoe ride. VS boys driving lego boats on water past lego Abu Simbel carvings (Egypt), lego Parthenon model, lego Wat Pra Kheo temple model (Thailand), lego pagoda building model. Boys driving toy jeeps made from lego pieces on track past lego animals (Safari Ride.) 07:39:08:07 Legoland, Denmark VS Miniland, houses & boats on water, lego train on track. CU lego boat going on water. PAN people sitting at picnic tables in front of life-size buildings made w giant lego pieces (Food Court). Sign on building Polser (Danish sausage) w picture of sausage. CU sign on building Sodavand (soda) w picture of soda & cup w straw. CU sign on building Hamburgers w picture of hamburger. Teenage girl & boy, younger boy & man standing w ice cream cones smiling, TU tower. 07:40:09:21 Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark (good shots) Archway w Tivoli written at top. People standing outside gates, walking around. Signs for Jazzhus Slukefter (jazz club). Stage w peacock curtain (Pantomime Theater). People walking around garden. LS restaurant, people sitting at tables. LS eastern inspired building w people walking in front (Nimb Brasserie). People sitting at tables at restaurant. LS Tivoli Gardens Concert Hall w fountain in front. VS circus performers. VS men & woman doing trapeze stunts over stage (swinging on trapeze, flying in air, doing flip in air, catching each other, trapeze artists). People (clowns) in costumes jumping on trampoline, doing flips (& somersault?) over platform, landing on mattress. Pantomime Theater performance. Jester & woman in Greek robes dancing, gesturing (quick shot). 07:41:28:07 PAN along body of water (Baltic Sea?) w green hills on other side. Teenage boy pretending to punch younger boy (both in swimming trunks), who lands in inflatable raft filled w water. Teenage boy raises his arms to flex biceps. (good shots, playing, siblings, brothers, rough-housing). Trailer parked in wooded area. Boys, teenage girl, senior man (all in bathing suits) sitting around table w umbrella, woman (mother) serving them. MS senior man eating from bowl. PAN from rocky cliff to lake, boys in inflatable raft on water, teenage boy paddling, younger boy waving at CAM. Senior man & woman (in bathing suits & sun hats) sitting on rocks on hill, woman & teenage girl in bikinis lying on blankets sunning tanning. Senior man in swimming trunks sitting on lawn chair smiling at CAM. LS makeshift dock leading into water. (leisure, vacation). PAN from boat along water of houses (village) along water (Baltic Sea?) (good shot, Scandinavian village) 07:43:19:07 PAN along EXT one-level wood house w Volvo parked to front yard. Boys in inflatable raft on water, teenage boy paddling, younger boy waving at CAM (good shots, childhood, siblings, brothers, leisure). PAN from boys in inflatable raft along water w hills on other side, small boats on water. PAN people sitting by edge of water, senior woman in bathing suit waving at CAM. PAN people relaxing on grass, woman sunning tanning. Children & adults (family) (some in bathing suits) sitting around table inside, eating. Woman putting plate of food on table. LS PAN small islands in sea covered in trees (Baltic Sea?). Woman in bikini standing by young boys & girls by edge of water (quick shot). 07:44:57:13 INT house. PAN large group of people (couples) sitting at long dining room table, man holding up glass to cheer CAM. Man standing at head of table wearing party hat speaking to group. VS people watching man & smiling. Walt Disney World Village, Orlando, Florida Woman, teenage boy wearing tube socks, & younger boy standing in front of sign Walt Disney World Village - Shopping & Dining. VS by street, people walking around. LS & MS antique carriage w Walt Disney World on side. 07:45:46:19 Walt Disney World Village VS people walking around grounds, People walking near Lake Buena Vista w riverboat Empress Lilly in BG. LS dock w small boats docked. LS children on top of slide coming out building, sliding down. ZO Empress Lilly riverboat through trees at dusk. VS people walking around grounds at dusk. LS brass band performing on stage being led by conductor in front of audience in seats, lake in BG (The Walt Disney World Marching Band). PAN along shores of Lake Buena Vista at dusk. PAN MS Empress Lilly riverboat. 07:47:32:21 Epcot Center, Orlando, Florida LS people walking around entrance. People sitting by flower bed watching Marching Band perform (The Walt Disney World Marching Band?) LA Spaceship Earth' (globe). LA Disney Monorail going by. Woman & boys standing, waving at CAM (shaky). Original Fountain of Nations by Spaceship Earth. 07:48:27:28 Walt Disney World PAN people walking towards sign Ferryboat to Magic Kingdom to lake w Cinderella Castle in BG (shaky). MS Kingdom Queen ferry. VS from ferry going on water of LS Cinderella Castle & Magic Kingdom, Space Mountain, monorail going past Cinderella Castle (slightly shaky). People inside entrance of Magic Kingdom, Main Street Train Station in BG, horse-drawn trolley going by. VS people walking on Main Street USA, buildings on either side, Cinderella Castle in BG (good shots). Horse-drawn trolley w people inside going down street (good shot). EXT building Ice Cream Parlor. Woman, teenage boy, & younger boy sitting by floral bed w Cinderella Castle in BG. LS people walking up to Mission to Mars, space shuttle model on top of building (shaky). VS Tomorrowland grounds. Mission to mars ride spinning (underneath space shuttle model) (shaky). CU flowers in flowerbed. 07:50:08:13 VS boys & woman riding toy cars on track (very shaky). Boys & woman sitting at table underneath roof eating (Tony's Town Square Restaurant). Boy pouring Aunt Jemima Syrup on pancakes (shaky). Frontierland, Magic Kingdom. VS people walking around Frontierland near lake, ZI Mile Long Bar sign on building. LS people walking up path to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. CU sign on building Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. LS roller coaster car going up side of cave in Southwestern themed setting as fountain sprays up in air (Big Thunder Mountain Railroad). Roller coaster car going around bend of rocky Southwestern setting w fake Dinosaur bones in FG. (good shots, roller coasters, amusement park rides). View from Walt Disney World Railroad driving on track in wooded area (see part of train). 07:51:14:03 Magic Kingdom PAN from Walt Disney World Railroad past American Indian village display (mannequins by teepees w horses, canoes). Frontierland, Magic Kingdom LA sign on top of building Pecos Bill Caf, TD EXT of restaurant. VS people walking around. CU sign on building Caribbean Plaza: Pirates of the Caribbean. VS people walking around Caribbean Plaza, past buildings. PAN from people waiting on line to get into Pirate of the Caribbean to The Haunted Mansion. 07:51:57:19 Epcot Center World Showcase PAN people walking around grounds. Woman & boys sitting at table eating. EXT side of building w windows Le Chefs de France Restaurant. Three-piece band dressed in Gondola driver outfits (striped shirts, kerchief) performing outside building. VS people walking around Epcot Center. VS TRACKING SHOT from car of World Showcase (representations of various countries, models of real buildings). VS buildings, store fronts, people walking around (good shots, some slightly shaky) Driving up to castle, World Showcase Germany w people walking around square. Past World Showcase Italy, St Marks Square, people walking around. Past American Adventure (large Colonial building) VS past World Showcase Japan w Goju-no-to Pagoda (Horyuji Temple) Japanese Pavilion w Red Torii Gate. Past World Showcase France w mansions & Eiffel Tower model in BG. Past World Showcase United Kingdom Past Canada Pavilion w Hotel du Canada (French Renaissance style building), totem poles. Past LS Spaceship Earth' (globe) across courtyard. 07:54:20:02 Boy standing by double-decker buses w sign World Showcase Transportation. LS TRACKING SHOT on lake World Showcase Mexico w Cantina de San Angel. LS TRACKING SHOT on lake World Showcase China w model of 'Temple of Heaven (shaky). LS TRACKING SHOT on lake World Showcase Mexico w model of Aztec pyramid Temple of Quetzalcoatl. TRACKING SHOT away from Spaceship Earth' (globe) (good shot). TRACKING SHOT on lake World Showcase Japan, World Showcase China, World Showcase Italy w Venice gondolas. Woman & boys sitting at table eating, waving at CAM, people walking by in BG. World Showcase American Adventure Men dressed in revolutionary war outfits (red coats & tricorn hats), marching & playing instruments (fifing & drumming) (reenactment, depiction) (Spirit of America Fife and Drum Corps) on street. 07:55:25:14 Lawn party EXT yard in front of house w Norway Flag hanging, adults & children having party, lanterns strung up, tables & chairs. Children playing soccer (football) on field. VS adults standing & sitting around, socializing. Women in traditional Norwegian dresses smiling as person takes photograph of them. Young girl in Norwegian dresses looking at flower bed, standing next to Norway flag. VS people standing around socializing, eating (some dressed in traditional Norwegian & Scandinavian clothes) Women & girl dressed in traditional Norwegian dresses posing in group for CAM, smiling (good shot, Norwegian people, Scandinavian people, Scandinavian clothing). VS people helping themselves to food from buffet, sitting around tables eating. 07:57:27:20 Lawn party Young girl dressed in Norwegian dress blindfolded, trying to hit snowman piata w baseball bat. Girl dressed casually & blindfolded trying to hit snowman piata w baseball bat. Boy hits piata, which opens up, children run over to get candy. Children in group on grass (looking at candy). Boy smashing empty piata w baseball bat. (great shots, childhood) Woman in Norwegian dress carrying cake. VS people sitting around on lawn talking. Children having potato sack race (jumping in potato sacks, falling on grass). Women having potato sack race (jumping in potato sacks, falling on grass). (great shots, leisure, competition) 07:58:51:28 Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan PAN people walking along path in front of building w Museum Store sign. People walking up to entrance of Henry Ford Birthplace farmhouse HA sign (plaque) on grass Henry Ford Birthplace. People walking away from Ford Motor Company building. Sign against fence Menlo Park Compound. Man driving horse-drawn bus. Senior couple, middle-aged woman, teenage girl (wearing leg warmers), teenage boy, younger boy wearing winter clothes smiling & waving at CAM. EXT Cotswold Cottage,(limestone English cottage), people walking out. LS carousel building (cannot see carousel itself). Horse-drawn bus going down street. People walking out of Town Hall building. LA TD clock at top of tower w figures underneath moving & hitting bell (Sir John Bennett Sweet Shop & Clock). 08:00:05:23 TD decorated Christmas Tree in living room. CU blur from lights on Christmas Tree. Senior couple, middle-aged woman, young woman, & children dressed formally sitting at table holding up glasses & cheering (good shot, family, generations). VS children & adults sitting on chairs couch by Christmas Tree unwrapping presents. Teenage boy in suit sitting on couch holding up ski gloves. Boy in suit digging under Christmas Tree & passing present to senior man sitting on couch. Senior man & woman, boy dancing near couch & Christmas Tree while middle-aged woman, young woman & boy on couch bop their heads to music (good shot, dancing, funny, but shaky). 08:02:15:27 Seniors, adults & children (some w 1980s hairstyles) holding hands dancing throughout house past decorated Christmas Tree, applauding. Senior man sitting on couch playing violin, people dancing in FG (can see part of them). VS people dancing throughout house, clapping hands. (two women wearing Norwegian dresses). Woman & man dancing kissing. Man making silly face at CAM. (good shots, celebrating) 08:03:34:04 Ustaoset, Norway Road sign Ustaoset Street PAN, VS lakes w mountain landscape in BG (Hardangervidda National Park), Small houses on countryside, Norwegian village (European village) (scenic). Teenage boy & younger boy in t-shirts & man in casual clothing on grassy hill overlooking lake w snow-capped mountain landscape in BG (Hardangervidda National Park) (scenic). VS snow-capped mountain landscape. HA & TD waterfall. 08:04:28:24 Norway VS people on ferry going past European (Norwegian) village by lake, rocky cliffs. LS oil rig on water (shaky). Norway flag mounted on rock. Woman & teenage boy standing on rock by fence smiling at CAM. TD rock cliffs to valley. VS fjords (fiords). 08:05:42:02 Formal Birthday Party Senior man & woman dressed formally w banner hanging above Happy Birthday, (good shot, grandparents, senior couple) PAN long table w table cloth & place settings, Senior man & woman waving to CAM (good shot, grandparents, senior couple). VS PAN adults of different ages & teenagers standing around room talking, socializing, smiling at CAM (good shots, socializing). European looking man w moustache, bow tie & cigarette in mouth pouring champagne. Woman w boy in front of her. VS people seated at long table eating. People sitting at couch talking. Table w bottles of liquor. 08:07:16:06 Formal Birthday Party Boy carrying cake w 70 candle lit, woman carrying other cake w candles lit. Senior man blowing out candles on cake being held by woman (good shot, senior lifestyles). Woman handing cake w 70 candle lit to boy. Senior man standing over boy w cake. VS adults sitting around table drinking liquor from cordial glasses & smoking cigars, eating dessert on table w tea cups & cake, talking (good shots, family, different generations). 08:09:29:11 LS adults & young woman sitting around table outside house underneath canopy, holding Champagne glasses up. Young woman holding up Champagne glass (blurry). VS men w mullets & woman, child sitting at table outside house eating. Man standing w young girl on grass. VS adults & children standing around lawn talking. Adults & children forming group on lawn to take group photograph (go