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Glimpses of Netherland India (Sumatra); Java
AD-24 1 inch; 35mm Nitrate
1930s, Dutch, Southeast Asia, South East Asia, Indonesia, Indonesians, Sumatrans, Sundanese, Southeast ; Asians, Javanese, animals, boats, buffalo carriages, buildings, movie cameras, canals, antique cars, ; children, cities, country roads, dirt roads, elderly, families, fathers, government buildings, horse drawn ; carriages, horses, hotels, maps, marketplaces, monuments, palaces, cinematographers, cameramen, policemen, ; roofs, rowboats, shipping ports, shopping, stores, villages, wagons, East Indies, ocean liners, cruise ships, ; cruisers, Rotterdam Lloyd, wealthy, steam tram, steam trains, steam locomotives, steam engines, fighting, ; old town, native culture, Sultanates, barefoot, Buddhist temples, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 1930s cars, ; serving, meals, drinking, tourists, sightseeing, colony, colonies, cruises, Bon Voyages, markers, ; passenger liners, street markets, outdoor marketplaces, retail
Travelogues from the 1930s of various locations in Indonesia (then a Netherlands protectorate) including Sumatra and Java. Footage includes natives in Javanese villages, Dutch style architecture in modern cities, Caucasian tourists looking at sights, Indonesians wearing traditional clothing, Batik craft making, and prominent monuments and temples. Also includes footage of Andre de la Varre enjoying a drink, touring a European city, and filming on location. ************************************************************************************************************* 04:01:00:00 w Sound Title card: Andre de La Varre presents: Cities of Netherland India. Photographed & recorded by Andre de La Varre. General world map w Indonesia highlighted. Ocean liner docked at port. Passengers walking up gangplank to ocean liner. Men dropping untied mooring rope into water. PAN ocean liner departing as passengers wave from deck to those below. 04:01:58:27 w Sound CU bottom of ocean liner stern as it plows through water. CU water rushing past. Rowboat approaching land as ocean liner passes nearby. Adults & children on deck of ocean liner looking at white cliffs in distance. View from inside ocean liner of glistening water & vista. Passenger enjoying ocean view on deck. Passengers on deck waving to ocean liner that passes by. CU Indonesian boy wearing head cover on deck of ocean liner. 04:03:07:19 w Sound Padang, Sumatra Map of Sumatra. PAN Batak village of huts. CU intricately carved detail on huts. Carabao (water buffalos) pulling carts on dirt road. Carabao resting in mud. Indonesian boy refilling water in cars engine w bamboo stalk. Indonesian boys carrying bamboo buckets smiling at CAM. 04:04:41:18 w Sound Bonjol, Sumatra Caucasian tourists get out of car & look at Equator marker. Paloepoeh, Sumatra HA Caucasian tourist wearing safari hat feeding fish in pond. CU school of fish swimming towards thrown food. Sumatra Indonesian curio merchants showing goods to Caucasian tourist. Elderly Indonesian man wearing head cover. 04:06:18:06 w Sound Padang, Sumatra Minangkabau village w roofs of houses curved upwards. TD grain houses w Indonesian girl holding sack in front. Indonesian women in traditional dress spreading rice on blanket. Cute Indonesian baby. 04:07:13:09 w Sound Padang, Sumatra VS outdoor marketplace w vendors in traditional dress sitting amongst goods. Man wearing wide-brimmed bamboo caping hat. Baby w shaved head (Ngutangin Bok). Upper-class Indonesian women in traditional clothing w headdresses & ornate jewelry. Upper-class Indonesian boys wearing Batik trousers. 04:09:16:17 w Sound Nias, Indonesia LS WS Caucasian tourists walking in Indonesian village. VS Indonesian natives in traditional clothing. Indonesian boys leaping over large rock in middle of village (Megalithic culture). VS Indonesian men dressed in armor performing traditional war dance (traditional culture, tribal dancing). Indonesian men dressed in armor holding spears staging fight. 05:00:00:00 w Sound Batavia (Jakarta), Java Ocean liner POV near harbor. Passengers on deck of ocean liner waving towards harbor, looking over deck to shore. Steam tram approaching on track. Train engineer hooking pipe up to steam engine (refueling), tram then departs. View from inside steam tram going down street. Indonesian passengers & conductor inside tram car. Tram POV going past Dutch style buildings in Batavia Centrum (New Batavia), including Governor Generals Palace (now National Archive Building, Gedung Arsip Nasional), Hotel Des Indes, & railroad station (Stasiun Beos Kota, Kota Train Station?) (Dutch architecture). 05:01:45:23 w Sound Batavia (Jakarta), Java Tram POV going past Javanese & Indonesian Chinese shops in Old Batavia. Tram POV going past canal w Indonesians on the banks. VS Indonesians washing laundry in canal water. Indonesian women bathing in canal. Yogyakarta (Jogjakarta, Jogja), Java VS procession of nobleman flanked by soldiers on way to Sultans Palace. MS soldiers carrying lances & wearing Fez hats & batik sarongs. HA bare feet of soldiers as they walk in procession. 05:03:27:02 w Sound Java Carabao carts on city street (Water Buffalo carts). VS male & female coolies on city streets carrying huge loads on their backs. Male coolie carrying pots & pans. VS male coolies carrying furniture. Batik shop w merchant unfolding cloth. VS Indonesian women creating batik designs (handicrafts, craft making). VS women drawing designs on cloth w pen. Man dunking batik cloth in jug of water. 05:06:14:09 w Sound Java Indonesian man (father) holding baby in lap (fatherhood, child). Torrential rain on Java streets w carabao carts, cars, people riding bicycles. Horse-drawn carriage racing through downpour. VS Borobudur Buddhist memorial (Buddhist Stupa, Mahayana). PAN EXT memorial wall. People walking up steps. PAN base reliefs on walls (illustrating life of Buddha). CU stone reliefs of animals & figurines. Indonesian tourists looking at sights. Indonesian pilgrims burning incense. MS Borobudor faade. 05:08:08:14 w Sound Java LS PAN EXT Prambanan Hindu Temples. Surabaya, Java Traffic on busy, metropolitan street w cars, bicyclists, horse-drawn carts. MS Indonesian traffic cop (policeman). PAN EXT Municipal Building. Caucasian men sitting at table being served by Indonesian waiters (rice table). Row of waiters holding plates of food. VS Caucasian men helping themselves to plates of food held by Indonesian waiters (dishes include rice & meat skewers). VS men eating plates full of food & drinking glasses of beer. Caucasian men raising glasses of beer in cheer & drinking (toasting). Title card: The End 05:10:15:16 OUT 06:00:00:00 Silent Europe Tour guide pointing out sights to Andre de la Varre on rooftop. Andre de la Varre purchasing item from street merchant, shoe shiners in BG. MS bare-chested man eating sauce w fingers from jar (honey?). Andre de la Varre drinking at outdoor stand nods his head in satisfaction, then wipes his face & pays bartender. Cameraman (Andre de la Varre) wearing lederhosen & Bavarian feather hat setting up movie camera attached to tripod in agricultural field, looking through lens & filming. 06:01:53:17 OUT