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AD-66 Beta SP; 16mm
1958; 1950s; 1960s
1950's, 1960's, travelogues, Scandinavia, Europe, Danes, Scandinavians, Belgians, Nordic, Expo 58', ; Expo 1958, Brussels World's Fair, Exposition Universelle et Internationale de Bruxelles, expositions, ; world fairs, cable car lifts, overhead cable cars, international relations, Sjaelland, farmers, street ; scenes, cities, urban, countryside, castles, harbors, ports, fishermen, fisherwomen, ferries, canals, ; airports, runways, churches, cathedrals, tombs, traditional culture, traditional dress, aerial tramways, ; aerial lifts, transportation, aerial lifts, street markets, outdoor marketplaces, retail
Travelogue from the late 1950s early 1960s in Denmark. Prominent buildings and structures in Copenhagen and various other locales throughout the country. Extensive footage of SAS airplanes on tarmac at Copenhagen International Airport with passengers boarding and disembarking airplanes via boarding stairs. Ferry boats commuting, castles and half-timbered houses with thatched roofs. Also features excellent footage from the 1958 Worlds Fair in Brussels with extensive coverage of International pavilions, cable car POVS, the massive Atomium looming over the fairgrounds, and fairgoers enjoying the sights. *************************************************************************************************************** 00:59:54:05 Denmark Roll 2A 1958 Worlds Fair, Brussels, Belgium Overhead cable car POV over fairgrounds. Netherlands Pavilion (Dutch Pavilion). Fairgoers walking on fairgrounds. Women carrying stroller down steps. VS bubbling fountains. Fountain running along promenade underneath cable cars. Cable cars running near Atomium. TD obelisk in World Co-operation Square of International Section. 01:01:59:15 1958 Worlds Fair, Brussels, Belgium VS overhead cable car POVs of fairgrounds. LA overhead cable car POV looking up at Atomium. Overhead cable car passing by. Cable cars passing by Belgian Congo Pavilion near Atomium. VS modern architecture in Civil Engineering Pavilion of Belgian Section. Fairgoers walking past shop displays. HA man walking through model of city (great shot, odd, bizarre, strange). VS pavilions & buildings (probably in Belgian Section). Fountain w Atomium in BG. 01:04:04:13 1958 Worlds Fair, Brussels, Belgium Facade German Pavilion w overpass. Fairgoers crossing overpass in German Pavilion. INT Pavilion w fairgoers walking around. VS diners at outdoor restaurants of pavilions. Fairgoers walking on fairgrounds w overhead cable car passing by. VS facade Thailand Pavilion. 01:05:51:18 1958 Worlds Fair, Brussels, Belgium VS Belgian Congo Section. Facade Pavilion of Banks. African village of huts. Traditional African mural. VS pavilions. Facade Construction, Energy and Transport Pavilion. Man taking photograph of Atomium. Facade Argentine Pavilion? Pool in rear of French Pavilion? Pool in rear of Great Britain Pavilion. Facade Norwegian Pavilion. 01:07:52:05 1958 Worlds Fair, Brussels, Belgium Facade Spanish Pavilion. Spanish flags outside Pavilion. Facade Monaco Pavilion. Facade Switzerland Pavilion. LS Great Britain Pavilion. British Coat of Arms. CU cellist figurine. Facade Czchekoslovakian Pavilion. Facade Saudi Arabian Pavilion (Arab States?). VS pavilions & buildings. VS Soviet Union Pavilion? International flags on flagpoles. 01:09:58:18 1958 Worlds Fair, Brussels, Belgium Overhead cable car passing over pedestrians walking on fairgrounds. Cable car POV going past United States Pavilion, fountains, Saudi Arabia Pavilion. Apple trees outside United States Pavilion. INT Pavilion w fairgoers walking around. Belgian flag flying next to Atomium. 01:11:38:13 1958 Worlds Fair, Brussels, Belgium Expo stars on Passerel overpass w Atomium in BG. French Pavilion Facade w Atomium in BG. VS INT French Pavilion. LS Atomium from pavilion. 01:12:53:04 1958 Worlds Fair, Brussels, Belgium VS Cheerful Belgium Section (Gay Belgium, Folklore Section) w historic buildings & cobblestone streets. Outdoor restaurants cafes in Antwerp Square. VS crowd watching performers. 01:15:51:01 1958 Worlds Fair, Brussels, Belgium LS French Pavilion w Atomium in BG. WS crowded United States Pavilion. Expo train going through World Co-operation Square of International Section w Atomium in BG. Cable car POV past Pavilion of Paper in Belgian Section. HA cable car POV of fairgoers walking on fairgrounds. LA fountain w Atomium in BG. Bubbling fountain in pavilion. Religious statues outside Cambodian Pavilion. Facade Cambodian Pavilion. Facade Japan Pavilion. Fairgoers walking around pool in Japanese Pavilion. INT Japanese Pavilion. 01:17:49:17 1958 Worlds Fair, Brussels, Belgium Facade Moroccan Pavilion. Fairgoers outside Moroccan Pavilion w Islamic archway. Facade Portugal Pavilion. Decorated frescoes. Facade Monaco Pavilion. CU Deo Juvante seal on wall. Facade Austria Pavilion. Facade Swiss Pavilion. Fairgoers sitting around bubbling fountain outside pavilion. Male driver on moped pushing female passengers (good shot, transportation). VS cable cars & trains on fairgrounds. Train passing by Civil Engineering Pavilion. 01:20:04:00 1958 Worlds Fair, Brussels, Belgium Pavilion of Commerce, Insurance, and Banks? LA Belgian & Belgian Congo flag next to each other on flagpoles. Hall of World Co-operation in International Section. Fairgoers on top of Atomium? VS pools & fountains. Atomium looming over Antwerp Square in Cheerful Belgium Section (Folklore Section, Gay Belgium Section). Diners sitting at outdoor restaurants cafes in Cheerful Belgium. MS woman speaking through megaphone. 01:21:52:27 1958 Worlds Fair, Brussels, Belgium Crowds of fairgoers walking on fairgrounds. Colorful flowerbed. Modern Architecture of Great Britain Pavilion. Facade Canadian Pavilion. Rear of French Pavilion? Reflection of Morocco Pavilion in glass window? LS Saudi Arabia Pavilion w pool in FG. LS Saudi Arabia Pavilion. Side of United States Pavilion. 01:23:20:25 Late 1950s Early 1960s Denmark Roll 2B Denmark Car POV driving through Danish village. Cars driving onto ferry. Boat POV past ferries. Parked cars on ferry. Cars disembarking ferry at dock. Car POV driving through Danish village past half-timbered houses w thatched roofs. 01:25:12:02 Late 1950s Early 1960s Denmark Car POV driving through Danish countryside. (good shot, country) Elsinore, Zealand, Denmark Ferry approaching dock. LS Kronborg Castle across Oresund Sound. People boarding ferry at dock. Cars railroad driving onto ferry. Fiskehallen boat (fish boat). Sign at harbor station for Kronborg Castle w castle in BG. VS Elsinore harbor ships in harbor. Boat POV approaching Elsinore (obscured by docked ferry). MS sailor in boat. 01:27:29:23 Late 1950s Early 1960s Elsinore, Zealand, Denmark Kronborg Castle VS tourists walking around castle ramparts & through gates. Swan in water. Tourists drinking from water fountain in courtyard. Copenhagen, Denmark Danish flag on flagpole from underneath archway. Tourists walking near Danish flag. Facade Christiansborg Palace. HA Copenhagen cityscape w Nyhavn canal. Facade Radhus (City Hall). People on top of tower looking down at cityscape. Crowd of pedestrians waiting to cross street. LA Dragon's Leap Fountain in Radhuspladsen (city hall square) w clock tower in BG. Statue of horn-blowing Vikings in square. Traffic on busy downtown streets. TD & PAN from statue in Radhuspladsen to Radhus (City Hall) facade. 01:29:13:23 Late 1950s Early 1960s Copenhagen, Denmark CU inscription on Rundetaarn (Round Tower). Facade Vor Frue Kirke (Church of Our Lady)? CU fountain spout. Traffic on busy streets. Anchor at Nyhavn Canal. Hanging sign outside window for Oresund. Facade Seil Flag Og Compasmager. Facade tattoo shop. Boats on Oresund. Buildings & boats along Nyhavn canal waterfront. People shopping at outdoor marketplace. Female fish sellers (fisherwomen) peddling fish along waterfront. 01:31:18:23 Late 1950s Early 1960s Copenhagen, Denmark Bicyclists riding on road w Christiansborg Palace in BG. VS Christiansborg Palace facade. Tower of Palace from behind archway. Equestrian statue of King Christian IX outside Palace. Twisting spire of old Stock Exchange (Borsen). Vor Frelsers Kirke Tower. LS Nikolaj church tower (Nikolaj Kirke). LA Bishop Absolon Equestrian statue near Nikolaj church tower. LS Facade Rosenborg Castle (Rosenborg Slot). VS INT museum galleries w artifacts. 01:32:58:19 Late 1950s Early 1960s Copenhagen, Denmark "Sinding Valkyrie" statue in park. Bubbling fountain. Couple posing for photograph in front of Gefion fountain. Photographer looking into lens of still camera on tripod. Photographer developing photograph inside camera. CU photographer inserting photographs between pages. VS modern buildings (modern architecture). Facade Volkswagen building? SAS bus (Scandinavian Airlines System) at station. Railroad tracks running underneath bridge. 01:34:28:27 Late 1950s Early 1960s Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen International Airport (Kobenhavns Lufthavn, Kastrup) INT people in restaurant cafe bar inside airport terminal. LA television in terminal. VS SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System) airplane taxiing on runway. Passengers disembarking SAS airplane via boarding stairs onto tarmac. Baggage handlers unloading luggage from airplane. LS SAS airplane taking off from runway. VS SAS airplanes parked on tarmac. 01:35:51:01 Late 1950s Early 1960s Copenhagen, Denmark Row of parked bicycles. Bicyclists riding bicycles near Radhuspladsen. VS traffic w cars & bicycles. (good shots, traffic, bicyclists, commuting, urban) Crates of Carlsberg beer being loaded unloaded from cargo ship (freighter) at dock (Danish commerce, economy). VS ships along docks moored in harbor. Children climbing on playground equipment near harbor. Girls swinging on swing set (childhood, playing). 01:38:00:17 Late 1950s Early 1960s Copenhagen, Denmark VS Little Mermaid Statue. Food arranged to resemble person. Plate of cold cuts. Desert in plate (probably ice cream w berries). (Danish cuisine) 01:38:45:08 Late 1950s Early 1960s Copenhagen, Denmark Tivoli Gardens Bunch of balloons. VS marching band & young soldiers marching through gardens. Performance on outdoor Pantomime Theater. Curtain going down on performance. 01:40:36:06 Late 1950s Early 1960s Denmark Cars about to drive onto ferry. Car POV past half-timbered house w thatched roof haystacks in countryside. Mon, Denmark TD cliffs of Mon to shores. Ferry transversing water. Beautiful flowers on shrubs (fuchsias?). Buildings in village & cobblestone streets. Horse-drawn cart going through village. CU person chiseling piece of wood. Car POV driving on beach (estuary?). Men holding Danish flags blowing on flagpoles. Boats in harbor. 01:41:56:08 Late 1950s Early 1960s Denmark Clotheslines hung between windows. Young boys writing down license plate numbers? Copenhagen, Denmark Gefion fountain. Soldiers riding bicycles into castle gate (Kronborg Castle?) Two women sitting on street & eating popsicles. Diners seated at outdoor restaurant cafe. INT military museum (probably Royal Naval Museum (Orlogsmuseet)). Displays of battleships. INT house museum VS displays of antique furniture in house. 01:43:50:11 Late 1950s Early 1960s Copenhagen, Denmark VS soldiers at attention in palace courtyard. (Change of guard?) Man walking past row of parked bicycles on street. Roskilde, Zealand INT Roskilde Cathedral. VS tombs in cathedral (including Tomb of Margaret I). VS religious statues & shrines in cathedral. 01:45:46:21 Late 1950s Early 1960s Denmark Swiss license plate on 1930s convertible? CU car tire. Fishing boat going past in harbor. Boat POV going past fishing boats in harbor. INT house museum? Mannequins w antique furniture. Fano, North Frisian Islands, Denmark Fanniker Days Celebration (Fannikerdage) VS Danish children wearing traditional clothing. 01:47:16:23 Late 1950s Early 1960s OUT