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1980 - 1981 - 1982
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FOOTAGE OF INTERVIEWER CANNOT BE LICENSED 1981 - 1982 interviews with celebrities and personalities. 02:32:20:20 - 02:32:30:14 color w sound 1980 Female host (Nancy Collins) introduces brief shots of celebrities arriving at events (papparazzi). Actors Ernest and Tovah Borgnine, Mike Connors, Arte Johnson, Shirley Jones and husband Marty Ingels. 02:32:30:15 - 02:33:06:29 color w sound 1980 Young actor Timothy Hutton at premiere interviewed about success of the film, 'Ordinary People.' 02:33:07:00 - 02:34:24:03 color w sound 1980 Nancy Collins intro for celebrities at LA County Museum party (brief). Actors Michael York, Marisa Berenson, producer Ray Stark. Betsy Bloomingdale interviewed about friendship with Nancy Reagan, relationship between Reagans. 2:34:24:04 Comedian Buddy Hackett talks (favorably) about Ronald Reagan, jokes about being secretary of state. 02:35:19:01 - 02:36:57:19 color w sound 1980 Cartier jewelry store opening, Beverly Hills, CA. President of Cartier displays 107 carat diamond. Opening party. Arrivals- Zsa Zsa Gabor, daughter Francesca Hilton, Sammy Davis, Jr., Suzanne Pleshette, Robert Stack and wife Rosemary, Joseph Cotten and wife, etc., Armond and Harriet Deutsch. 02:37:17:01 - 02:38:47:22 color w sound 1980 Actor Jane Russell interviewed about rumors that Howard Hughes had special bra designed for her, announces her new autobiography. 'I'm so bored with those stories I could croak.' Singer and actor Eartha Kitt describes her past friendships with men. Songwriter Carol Connors talks about her songs and relationships. 02:39:06:04 - 02:42:24:24 color w sound 1980 Comedian Rich Little does impressions of president Ronald Reagan. Gary Collins describes being married to former Miss America Mary-Anne Mobley as a 'Ken and Barbie,' 'Donny and Marie' problem. Radio DJ and actor Casey Kasem kisses his fiance Jean and explains his new rock 'n' roll TV show. Talks about how he wants to be an actor. 'If I wanted to play any man, it would be Ralph Nader.' Party for CA lt. governor, former producer Mike Curb. Actors Buddy Ebsen, Don Defore, Dudley Moore and wife Susan Anton, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme. 02:42:24:25 - 02:44:18:08 color w sound 1980 Nancy Collins introduces mother Elsie Collins dancing with bandleader Lawrence Welk. Lawrence Welk makes finger noise from cheek, talks about how his speech pattern changed his life. Welk dances with Collins and kisses her on cheek. 02:44:18:09 - 02:48:22:17 color w sound 1980 Nancy Collins at premiere of Robert Altman film, 'Popeye' at Mann's Chinese Theater. Arrivals- Paramount CEO Barry Diller with model Cheryl Tiegs. Jennifer O'Neill, Jill Clayburgh. Neil Diamond, Henry Winkler, Peter Falk. Anthony Perkins, Pam Dawber, Shelley Duvall and boyfriend. Director Robert Altman and infant grandson Wesley ('Swee' Pea') Olivia Newton-John and Matt Lattanzi. Altman answers question about Paramount's expenses on film. Star Robin Williams talks foggily about the 'message' of film. Cher accompanies her children to the premiere of 'Popeye.' Producer Robert Evans with ex-wife Ali MacGraw. Hugh Hefner with Playboy Playmates. James Caan and ex-wife. Cher attends with children Elijah and Chastity Bono. She talks about upcoming album, tour. 2:48:22:18 - 02:48:53:16 Nancy Collins intro and film clip from 'A Change of Seasons.' (DO NOT LICENSE) 02:48:57:16 - 02:50:18:22 color w sound 1980 Actor Michael Brandon talks about his relationship with Shirley MacLaine on the set. Writer and journalist Pete Hamill talks (or refuses to talk) about former relationship with Shirley MacLaine, lighting cigarette. 02:50:50:12 - 02:52:07:14 color w sound 1980 Designer Diane von Furstenberg interviewed, wearing leopard-print pantsuit, sitting on sofa, talking about relationships. Actor Maude Adams explains whether or not it's a problem to date another actor. 02:52:07:15 - 02:53:59:02 color w sound 1980 Nancy Collins intro to piece on Mackenzie Phillips. Phillips talks about drug use, relationship with father, career, home and marriage - her 'unbreliable' reputation. 'Hollywood doesn't forget.' 02:54:17:07 - 02:55:58:00 color w sound 1980 '9 to 5' film premiere, Hollywood, CA. Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda and Dolly Parton pose together. Arrivals - Burt Reynolds, Donald Sutherland, Tatum O'Neal and mother actor Joanna Moore. Linda Gray, John Ritter, etc. Joyce Dewitt with Levar Burton. Fonda with Tom Hayden, family - son Troy, daughter Vanessa Vadim. CU Dolly Parton. Lily Tomlin in red boa talks about relationships the three formed. Burt Reynolds refuses to comment on personal life. 2:55:58:01 - 02:56:39:25 color w sound 1980 Nancy Collins intro to piece on 'Tess.' Includes unreleased short clip. 02:56:39:26 - 02:58:12:02 color w sound 1980 Nastassja Kinski talks about the film 'Tess' and director Roman Polanski. Debra Winger talks about life after 'Urban Cowboy.' 02:58:12:03 - 03:00:54:11 color w sound 1980 'Tribute' film premiere Hollywood. Robby Benson explains why he doesn't like producing movies. Talks about his relationship. Jack Lemmon and wife Felicia Farr talk about their successful marriage, pet nicknames. Producer Frank Yablans talks about creative differences (replacement of Anne Bancroft with Faye Dunaway) in the film 'Mommy Dearest' Diana Scarwid talks about the one Joan Crawford movie she's ever seen. Describes direction of Richard Donner on film 'Inside Moves.' 3:00:54:12 - 03:01:51:22 color w sound 1980 Richard Donner tells why he didn't direct the film 'Superman 2.' (salary disputes) Donner and Barbara Carrera. 3:02:15:04 - 03:03:49:10 color w sound 1980 Linda Grey talks on the set of the TV series 'Dallas' and the rumors about fights running around the press. Speaks about Larry Hagman's pranks. Talks about her husband Ed Thrasher and fame. 3:03:49:11 - 03:05:40:17 color w sound 1980 Nancy Collins at 'Jazz Singer' premiere. Johnny Carson talks about Reagan jokes, and wife Joanna talks about her charity work. 3:05:40:18 - 03:08:39:12 color w sound 1980 Joanna Moore and daughter Tatum O'Neal at the premiere of 'The Formula.' They talk about family life and college. Phyllis Diller with husband, poet Rod McKuen. Joanne Woodward states her opinion of the Barbara Walters' interview with husband Paul Newman. Lee Marvin talks about his trial and his career. States what he thinks his appeal is- 'guns and violence.' 3:08:39:13 - 03:09:21:14 color w sound 1980 Playwright Neil Simon and wife Marsha Mason: At the premiere of his new film, 'Seems Like Old Times,' Marsha talks about the Swami. 3:09:29:21 - 03:09:53:25 color w sound 1980 Clip from film 'It's My Turn.' (not released) 03:09:53:26 - 03:11:25:03 color w sound 1980 Jill Clayburgh talks about the movie 'It's My Turn' and the impact it had with women. She talks about film in production called 'First Monday in October' Michael Douglas sits in back of limo, tells why he did the movie 'It's My Turn' with Jill Clayburgh. Director Claudia Weill Talks about the Me Generation, romance. 03:11:25:04 - 03:13:28:17 color w sound 1980 1940s starlet Barbara Rush talks about ageing in Hollywood. Rhonda Fleming explains why she isn't in movies any longer. Cornel Wilde explains why he almost didn't make it as a director - rejected for 'yellow skin.' 03:13:28:18 - 03:19:23:01 color w sound 1980 Actor Jane Fonda talks about Dolly Parton. Parton explains what it's like being a star after growing up in poverty. Tells a little bit about her new movie "9 to 5". Describes what she thinks her appeal is. (2 parts) Talks about her husband and how their marriage has lasted so long. Talks about children and family, Jane Fonda. Jane Fonda explains how she thinks people perceive her. Talks about directing and producing. Talks about her daughter. Tells whether or not she thinks she's mysterious. 03:19:23:02 - 03:21:22:06 color w sound 1980 Nancy Collins intro to Bo Derek piece. Anthony Hopkins, co-star with Bo Derek in 'A change of Seasons,' talks about what it was like working with her. Dudley Moore talks about working with Bo Derek on '10.' Michael Brandon, also starring in 'A Change of Season,' Talks about Bo Derek's personality. Sam Jones, co-star with Bo Derek in '10,' calls her 'a real pro.' 03:21:22:07 - 03:23:46:21 color w sound 1980 Promotional clip for Janet Leigh. Janet Leigh talks about how the movie, 'Psycho' helped her career. Shelly Winters talks about the worst movie she ever made (with Liberace.) Cesar Romero talks about not being in more full-length featured films. Talks about the changing movie business. 03:23:46:28 - 03:25:54:15 color w sound 1980 Harriet Deutsch talks about first lady Nancy Reagan. Victor Navasky, author of 'Naming Names,' explains his theory on whether or not actors will be blacklisted for supposedly being apart of the communist party. Talks about Ronald Reagan in his comments. Patti Davis talks about the inaugural of Ronald Reagan. 03:25:54:16 - 03:27:17:02 color w sound 1980 Model Cheryl Tiegs talks about why she never pursued acting as a career. Yvette Mimieux tells why she doesn't want to have children, and the reactions she got from people about her decision. 03:27:44:00 - 03:29:53:21 color w sound 1980 Steven Shagan talks about writing and producing the film, 'The Formula.' Playwright and producer Garson Kanin tells how he makes his marriage to Ruth Gordon work. Talks about Marilyn Monroe, coping with success. 03:29:53:22 - 03:31:16:09 color w sound 1980 Producer Barry Diller talks about failure of 'Heaven's Gate,' risks of film business. James Caan (with young woman) talks about 'Heaven's Gate.' 03:31:16:10 - 03:33:17:17 color w sound 1980 Actor Ruth Warrick talks about the difference between herself and Phoebe Tyler. Explains why she thinks sex and violence on TV is not as bad for children as people say it is. 03:33:17:18 - 03:35:39:01 color w sound 1980 Singer Johnny Mathis talks about being a romantic person and fantasizing. Talks about having a private life and having children. 03:35:39:02 - 03:41:00:20 color w sound 1980 Real estate agent Elaine Young explains real estate and who are the prominent buyers. Talks about the most beautiful homes. Talks about the differences between movie stars and rock stars. Beverly Hills lifestyles, products. Celebrity dentist on boat. Celebrity dietician Judith Mazel. Fashion, celebrity photographer Matthew Ralston. 03:41:00:21 - 03:44:56:28 color w sound 1980 Vince Edwards (in tinted sunglasses) talks about acting, directing, typecasting. Katherine Bach from 'Dukes of Hazzard' talks about how she feels being a sex symbol, then asks Denver Pyle who grunts. Actor Michael Warren talks about 'Hill Street Blues' and the NBC network. Stands with costar Charlie Haid. 03:44:56:29 - 03:46:58:18 color w sound 1980 Dr. Timothy Leary and wife Barbara tell how they met each other. Talk about having children. Tells whether age between two people should matter or not. Timothy describes his 1960s regrets. (politics and religion) Says he doesn't want credibility, but 'incredibility.' 03:46:58:19 - 03:49:01:28 color w sound 1980 Actor Marjoe Gortner and girlfriend Greta Blackburn (in cowboy hat) talk about their relationship and love in Hollywood. 03:49:01:29 - 03:52:53:15 color w sound 1980 Pop music composer Burt Bacharach and lyricist Carole Bayer Sager tell about their relationship and what's like working with together. (2 parts) She describes how she got started in the industry. He explains why he and Hal David stopped working together, finances, lawsuits etc. 03:52:53:16 - 03:56:35:09 color w sound 1980 Celebrity photographer Ron Galella tells about who's hot and who's not in Hollywood couples, snapping celebrities in unflattering moments. Talks about photographing the Kennedys. John Kennedy Jr. as good subject (beefcake photos). 03:56:35:09 - 03:58:32:07 color w sound 1980 Actor Kristy McNichol explains how she may be idolized by people her own age. Talks about living on her own, dating, privacy. Talks about future plans for career. 03:58:32:10 - 04:00:43:12 color w sound 1980 Actor Lee Majors (bearded) talks about his love life, divorce from Farrah Fawcett. 04:00:43:13 - 04:02:09:00 color w sound 1980 Actor Michael Caine and wife Shakira talk about their marriage and how they have managed to stay together so long. Talks about 'Michael Caine' characters.