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1981 - 1982
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FOOTAGE OF INTERVIEWER CANNOT BE LICENSED 1981 - 1982 interviews with celebrities and personalities. 07:03:40:02 - 07:05:27:26 color w sound 1981 Leah Adler talks about her son, director Steven Spielberg. She tells what his favorite foods are. Segment includes photos, film clip from 'Raiders of the Lost Ark.' 07:05:27:27 - 07:07:22:26 color w sound 1981 Alexandra Penney explains for a woman how to make love to a man. Explains why men are afraid of getting old. 07:07:22:27 - 07:09:25:10 color w sound 1981 Divorce of many stars of 'Charlie's Angels.' Tanya Roberts and husband Barry play on racquetball court. Describes how he met Tanya when she was working on the show, their work habits. 07:09:25:11 - 07:11:29:19 color w sound 1981 EXT famous Hollywood restaurants: Chasen's, Michael's, Le Dome, Duke's Coffee Shop, Matteo's, Dan Tana's). Restauranteur Kathy Gallagher talks about her restaurant, oddly called Kathy Gallagher. P. Terrail talks about Orson Welles at Ma Maison EXT shot of Ma Maison (with a Rolls Royce and probably a sleek Lamborghini parked in front great wealth, affluence). Jerry Singer, owner of the restaurant Trumps, explains the difference between dining in Los Angeles and dining in New York City. 07:11:29:20 - 07:13:19:22 color w sound 1981 Ann Turkel describes her marriage with Richard Harris. Explains Richard's drinking problem. Segment includes picture of Richard Harris. 07:13:19:23 - 07:15:22:29 color w sound 1981 Producer Frank Yablans tries to settle rumors going around Hollywood about the chaos on the set of 'Mommy Dearest.' Talks about Dunaway's portrayal of Joan Crawford. Michael Vollbracht talks about working for Crawford. Segment includes painting of Joan Crawford. 07:15:23:00 - 07:16:49:29 color w sound 1981 Patti Davis explains how her father, Ronald Reagan, and the rest of her family don't pressure her on her opinions, especially on her liberal positions concerning nuclear power. Charlie Matthau describes his good relationship with his father, actor Walter Matthau. Harriett Parsons talks about how upset she got when her mother, Louella Parsons, went to work for the Hearst News Paper. (With a lifetime contract some believe was the result of blackmail.) 07:16:50:00 - 07:17:27:29 color w sound 1981 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks to crowd on solar energy as an alternative. 07:17:28:00 - 07:19:25:29 color w sound 1981 Rolls - Royce dealer Tony Thompson about what makes a car worth 88 thousand and why people buy expensive cars. Actor and author Ben Stein about how buying a Rolls Royce is not a hedge against inflation. 07:19:26:00 - 07:20:39:29 color w sound 1981 Director Francis Ford Coppola on directing 'Apocalypse Now,' Vietnam veterans. Jon Voight talks about Vietnam veterans' experience. 07:21:23:00 - 07:22:42:29 color w sound 1981 Actor Karl Malden on not having a gold credit card and his hat fetish. Author Sidney Sheldon on having a house fetish. 07:22:43:00 - 07:23:28:29 color w sound 1981 Micheline Lerner on her ten-year marriage to composer Alan Jay Lerner. 07:23:29:00 - 07:25:27:29 color w sound 1981 Actor Lynda Carter on how she reconciles her religious beliefs with her image as a sex symbol on 'Wonder Woman.' Joan Hackett on being Republican and Christian. Father Guido Sarducci preaching on stage to group of people - 'The world stinks.' 07:25:28:00 - 07:27:18:29 color w sound 1981 Susan Strasberg on her affairs with actors Richard Burton and Warren Beatty and her book memoir 'Bittersweet.' 07:27:19:00 - 07:29:18:29 color w sound 1981 Rock n' roll photographer Jim Shea on the difficulty of photographing Rod Stewart (Pic Rod Stewart). (Album covers pictured - DO NOT LICENSE.) Mentions Jerry Lee Lewis. Glamour photographer Harry Langdon on Raquel Welsh and the rich and famous. 07:29:19:00 - 07:33:02:29 color w sound 1981 Ann Turkel on attractiveness being a + or - and Hollywood casting. 07:33:03:00 - 07:34:56:29 color w sound 1981 'No Nukes' rock festival. Graham Nash, Steven Stills, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Gary US Bonds, Bruce Springsteen perform on stage. Singer songwriter Harry Chapin talks about fans, 1960s and (clip Harry singing) his political side. 07:34:57:00 - 07:36:44:29 color w sound 1981 Agent Alan Carr talks about knowing Bo Derek as unknown. Deborah Harry says she wanted to be stylist. 07:36:45:00 - 07:38:49:29 color w sound 1981 Actor George Hamilton on his successful film career (Clip from 'Zorro The Gay Blade' - DO NOT LICENSE) and being vain. 07:38:50:00 - 07:40:39:29 color w sound 1981 New York City mayor Ed Koch on overall health (diet, not drinking) being famous, governability of city. 07:40:40:00 - 07:42:24:29 color w sound 1981 Producer Susan Newman explains her relation to her father Paul Newman and her success. Jill Martin Producer Julie Corman talks about her own work being overshadowed because of her marriage to Roger Corman. 07:42:25:00 - 07:44:29:29 color w sound 1981 Bobby Sherman on being a teen idol, film producer.(Scene of him singing on TV program w dancers) Talks about his ex-wife, divorce. 07:44:30:00 - 07:46:28:29 color w sound 1981 Sex studies, therapists. Nancy Friday talks about men's sexual desires conflicting with partners. Dr. Irene Kassona on fear of intimacy. 07:46:29:00 - 07:48:10:29 color w sound 1981 Adrienne Barbeau on posing for a poster which made her a sex symbol (scene from 'Escape from New York' DO NOT LICENSE) and the advantages of working with John Carpenter. 07:48:11:00 - 07:50:09:29 color w sound 1981 Arnold Schwarzenegger on making workouts more fun and doing it everyday, and not publicizing his bodybuilding past. 07:50:10:00 - 07:52:03:29 color w sound 1981 Morgan Fairchild on the 'blonde bombshell' image and her theatrical background. Donna Mills on marriage and why she isn't married. Stella Stevens on her wonderful friends and relationships for many years. 07:52:04:00 - 07:53:50:29 color w sound 1981 Actor Mark Hamill on working with director George Lucas (Scene from 'Empire Strikes Back'- DO NOT LICENSE) 07:53:51:00 - 07:55:39:29 color w sound 1981 Robert Stack on his straight persona, other more troubled roles. 07:55:40:00 - 07:57:30:29 color w sound 1981 Catherine Bach (interviewed on beach) on being rich, her lifestyle. 07:57:31:00 - 07:59:07:29 color w sound 1981 James Brolin on fatalistic characters and straight-arrow stereotype from 'Marcus Welby MD.' 07:59:08:00 - 08:00:36:29 color w sound 1981 Robert Stack and Rosemary Stack on their marriage success and how they met. 08:00:37:00 - 08:02:28:29 color w sound 1981 Singer Bobby Short on debonair personality (Pic Gloria Vanderbilt) and Gloria. Clip of Short singing on TV program- DO NOT LICENSE. 08:02:29:00 - 08:04:34:29 color w sound 1981 Jody Jacobs identifies the top three society women in Los Angeles. Includes interview with Ms. Betsy Bloomingdale and separate interviews with Eugene Sheppard, Earl Blackwell. George Christie talks abou1 Diana Ross and Alan Carr. 08:04:35:00 - 08:06:14:29 color w sound 1981 Marilyn Michaels on how long it takes her to impersonate someone (Scene Rich Little impersonating Ronald Reagan) 08:06:15:00 - 08:08:13:29 color w sound 1981 'Cosmopolitan' publisher Helen Gurley Brown explains what women want from a man, if virginity is important to a man and if women cheat. 08:08:14:00 - 08:10:12:29 color w sound 1981 Tichi Wilkonson on the New Hollywood and how it has evolved. David Gordon on who's hot in Hollywood. Tichi Wilkonson on the edge of her magazine, Hollywood Reporter. 08:10:13:00 - 08:12:10:29 color w sound 1981 Designer Diane Von Furstenberg on becoming a strong lady and why perhaps she will marry again. 08:12:11:00 - 08:14:16:29 color w sound 1981 Dudley Moore on therapy and how his life is in perspective. He also plays the piano. 08:14:17:00 - 08:16:11:29 color w sound 1981 Linda Gray on how she never thought she would be big actress and her 17 years of marriage. 08:16:12:00 - 08:18:03:29 color w sound 1981 Lawernce Welk on lasting as long as he has as an entertainer and what his band and hat money means to him. 08:18:04:00 - 08:19:53:29 color w sound 1981 Alan Dysert on his character in 'All My Children.' Linda Gibboney on 'All My Children' and how she relates to her character and Ruth Warrick. Ruth Warrick talks about the rich. 8:19:54:00 Sophia Loren on hating the way she looks 8:21:31:00 Bette Midler Duplicated footage 8:23:34:00 Jane Fonda Duplicated footage Dolly Parton 8:25:09:00 Lucille Ball Duplicated footage 8:27:05:00 Raquel Welch Duplicated footage Catherine Deneuve 08:28:50:00 - 08:30:54:29 color w sound 1981 Jane Fonda on her father, Henry Fonda, and how he used to paint. Shirlee Fonda also talks about Henry's paintings. 08:30:55:00 - 08:32:51:29 color w sound 1981 Tony Danza on wanting a relationship and what he is looking for and about boxing. 08:32:52:00 - 08:34:35:29 color w sound 1981 Leif Garrett on doing commercials, hard drugs and not being romantically involved. 08:34:36:00 - 08:36:40:02 color w sound 1981 Director Karel Reisz (Scene from 'The French Lieutenant's Woman' - DO NOT LICENSE) on working with Meryl Streep and rules that govern his work. 08:36:40:03 - 08:37:34:07 color w sound 1981 Interview with advice columnist Abigail Van Buren ('Dear Abby')