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1981 - 1982 - 1983
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FOOTAGE OF INTERVIEWER CANNOT BE LICENSED 1981 - 1982 interviews with celebrities and personalities. 08:36:44:10 - 08:38:32:27 color w sound 1981 Abigail Van Buren dsescribes her personality, problems, favorite letters and relationship with her sister. 08:38:32:28 - 08:40:32:15 color w sound 1981 Burt Reynolds puts handprints in front Mann's Chinese theater and signing concrete. Ted Mann- chairman of Mann's explaining basis for awarding stars, footprints - box office. 08:40:32:16 - 08:42:21:24 color w sound 1981 Olivia Newton-John on her childhood ambition to be veterinarian and her recent engagement to Matt Lattanzi. Matt Lattanzi on getting married and the age difference between him and Olivia Newton John. 08:42:21:25 - 08:44:25:10 color w sound 1981 Celebs at Mann's Chinese Theater, Hollywood. Kristy McNichol (with Joey Corsaro) talks about future plans and upcoming projects. Mara Hobel on her role as Christina Crawford in 'Mommy Dearest,' school and future plans. 08:44:25:11 - 08:46:31:26 color w sound 1981 Erik Estrada and Beverly Sassoon detail some problems and their romance, Beverly talks about going to law school. 08:46:31:27 - 08:48:17:00 color w sound 1981 Eva Marie Saint talks about the film 'North by Northwest,' working with Alfred Hitchcock and her current projects. (includes stills of Hitchcock) 08:48:17:01 - 08:50:17:29 color w sound 1981 'Paternity' film premiere. Actor Cheryl Ladd talks about her miniskirt and career. Susan St. James on her radio career. 08:50:18:00 - 08:51:03:12 color w sound 1981 Clip from film, 'Chariots of Fire.' Not released. 08:51:03:13 - 08:52:17:25 color w sound 1981 Ben Cross and Ian Charleson on their motivations as actors. 08:52:31:06 - 08:53:28:17 color w sound 1981 James Coco talks about Johnny Carson Show and role in 'Only When I Laugh.' 08:53:28:18 - 08:54:09:08 color w sound 1981 Clip from 'Only When I Laugh.' Not released. 08:54:33:09 - 08:55:02:23 color w sound 1981 Charles Durning on learning to dance (Scene from 'True Confessions') his weight fluctuation and its effects on his career. 08:55:02:24 - 08:55:35:04 color w sound 1981 Clip from film, 'True Confessions.' (not released) 08:56:27:00 - 08:58:12:01 color w sound 1981 Jayne Kennedy talks about posing for cover of Playboy and the usual associated controversy. 08:58:20:03 - 08:59:11:07 color w sound 1981 Director George Cukor, Candice Bergen, Jacqueline Bissett at 'Rich And Famous' premiere. Bissett and Gerald Avrae talk about co-producing and starring in the movie 'Rich and Famous' 08:59:11:08 - 08:59:57:00 Clip from film, 'Rich and Famous'- not released. 08:59:57:01 - 09:00:18:23 Candice Bergen on her marriage to director Louis Malle, compared to single life. 09:00:31:00 - 09:01:49:26 Peter Falk talks about role in 'All The Marbles' premiere, (female wrestling movie.) 09:01:49:27 - 09:02:19:26 'All The Marbles' film clip - not released. 09:02:55:01 - 09:04:19:06 color w sound 1981 Lawyer Roy Cohn (of HUAC McCarthy hearings) talks about his famous clients: George Sienbumer, Warren Avis, Barbara Walters, and who he could get to represent him in a case. 09:04:23:27 - 09:06:13:00 color w sound 1981 Carol Lawrence on her divorce from Robert Goulet, singing and dancing career, role in 'Valley Of The Dolls' TV series. 09:06:13:01 - 09:08:03:14 color w sound 1981 Ricardo Montalban of 'Fantasy Island' on his wife Georgina and his professional life. 09:08:18:01 - 09:09:57:00 color w sound 1981 Loretta Swit on 'Cagney and Lacey,' 'Mash,' her career and Blake Edwards. 09:10:10:27 - 09:11:49:29 color w sound 1981 Diana Nyad, long distance swimmer, on fitness. 09:12:02:11 - 09:13:44:09 color w sound 1981 George Peppard on looking for work and being a single parent. 09:13:58:20 - 09:15:28:10 color w sound 1981 Janet Suzman of 'Priest Of Love' talks about having her first child. 09:15:39:03 - 09:17:04:03 color w sound 1981 Joan Collins of 'Dynasty' on her new character Alexis. 09:17:14:22 - 09:17:37:18 color w sound 1981 Hart Bochner in film clip from 'Rich and Famous' - not released. 09:17:37:19 - 09:19:05:24 color w sound 1981 Hart Bochner talks about age, relationships and love scenes. 09:19:12: James Coburn talks about death scene In 'Looker' and the perfect mate. 09:21:23:09 - 09:21:41:17 color w sound 1981 Clip from film 'Looker' - DO NOT LICENSE. 09:21:41:18 - 09:23:18:00 color w sound 1981 Susan Dey on self-confidence for her role in 'Looker.' Author, director Michael Crichton talks about TV commercials. 09:23:22:00 - 09:24:58:00 color w sound 1981 Jamie Lyn Bauer of 'Young and The Restless' on leaving the show. 09:25:11:13 - Lynn Redgrave talks about new sitcom, her sister Vanessa, 'Georgy Girl.' 09:27:07:02 - 09:27:22:27 color w sound 1981 Clip from 'Priest of Love.' (DO NOT LICENSE) 9:27:22:28 - 09:28:21:12 color w sound 1981 Director Christopher Miles talks about Ava Gardner's part in 'Priest of Love.' Clip from film, (DO NOT LICENSE). 09:28:21:13 - 09:29:01:06 color w sound 1981 Ian McKellen describes himself professionally, trying to break mold of 'classically trained' actor with part as D.H. Lawrence in 'Priest of Love.' 09:29:01:07 - 09:30:32:22 color w sound 1981 Character actor Lou Jacobi on plastic surgery and working with Woody Allen. 09:30:44:03 - 09:31:18:17 color w sound 1981 Gene Kelly talks about the musical 'Satchmo.' 09:31:23:11 - 09:32:27:23 color w sound 1981 Don Gregory on producing Charlie Chaplin play. 09:32:38:15 - 09:34:23:08 color w sound 1981 Author Jackie Collins on 'Hollywood Wives,' women in Hollywood and Peter Sellers. 09:34:36:07 - 09:36:34:03 color w sound 1981 Beverly Hills realtor June Scott on celebrity houses (w stills of interiors), Kenny Rogers, and Ronald Reagan. 09:36:34:04 - 09:38:08:18 color w sound 1981 Zsa Zsa Gabor talks about her part in 'As the World Turns.' 09:38:21:03 - 09:39:50:13 color w sound 1981 John Forsythe on who he patterns his characters after, rewarding theater roles and his wife Julie. 09:39:59:25 - 09:41:45:01 color w sound 1981 Interviews at Thalian benefit, Hollywood. Columnist Rona Barrett on lessons from the 'Tomorrow' show, sexism and problems with Tom Snyder. Debbie Reynolds on difficulty of finding older female roles. 09:41:55:20 - 09:43:41:09 color w sound 1981 Walter Matthau on the dangers of working with director Billy Wilder in 'Buddy Buddy,' separating shoulder. 09:43:50:08 - 09:45:17:17 color w sound 1981 Kenny Rogers with wife Marianne talks about his first-born child. Richard Thomas on his baby triplets and his professional career. 09:45:35:05 - 09:49:27:07 color w sound 1981 Shirlee Fonda talks about husband Henry Fonda and his illness, anger- 'Fonda freeze,' personal life, and book by Howard Teichmann. 09:49:44:12 - 09:51:30:10 color w sound 1981 Michelle Lee in dressing room mirror on Don Murray's death and marriage to James Farentino. 09:51:49:01 - 09:53:37:20 color w sound 1981 Anthony Newley on problems with Joan Collins, marriage and love. 09:53:48:16 - 09:55:23:29 color w sound 1981 Author Gore Vidal on Ronald Reagan used to cue cards, films based on his books. 09:55:37:22 - 09:57:28:25 color w sound 1981 Jane Fonda on her father and guidance during their work in 'On Golden Pond.' (stills from film.) 09:57:40:01 - 09:58:47:18 color w sound 1981 Jamie Lyn Bauer of 'Young and the Restless' TV series describes herself, character and how public view her. 09:58:47:19 Clip from 'Young and the Restless' (DO NOT LICENSE) 09:59:48:12 - 10:01:31:16 color w sound 1981 Constance McCashin and John Pleshette talk on set of 'Knots Landing' about her baby and having it on the show. 10:01:39:09 - 10:03:04:01 color w sound 1981 Betty Thomas of 'Hill Street Blues' on working with cast of men and her life changes. 10:03:14:23 - 10:04:44:01 color w sound 1981 Cabrina on her famous psychic readings, mentions past lives of Farrah Fawcett, Sean Connery, and others (stills of celebrities).