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1981 - 1982 - 1983
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FOOTAGE OF INTERVIEWER CANNOT BE LICENSED 1981 - 1982 interviews with celebrities and personalities. 10:04:45:23 - 10:06:12:00 color w sound 1981 Natalie Wood obituary. She and Robert Wagner speak to reporters & why she chooses to work less. 10:06:18:00 - 10:08:06:25 color w sound 1981 Anson Williams on frustrations producing TV movie 'Skyward Christmas,' other 'Happy Days' cast projects. 10:08:06:26 - 10:09:43:24 color w sound 1981 Hal Linden on playing Barney Miller for last year, his long marriage. 10:09:43:25 - 10:11:29:23 color w sound 1981 Dick Clark on 'what keeps him going,' successful marriage to his secretary. 10:11:29:24 - 10:13:28:09 color w sound 1981 Jacklyn Zeman on leaving 'General Hospital,' method of her character's departure, her new poster. 10:13:36:22 - 10:15:01:16 color w sound 1981 Priscilla Barnes and Joyce Dewitt on how they are treated on the show 'Three's Company' and about the time they spend together. 10:15:19:19 - 10:15:36:16 color w sound 1981 Director Herb Ross and producer Nora Kaye on their marriage 10:15:36:17 - 10:15:55:24 color w sound 1981 Film clip from 'Pennies from Heaven.' (DO NOT LICENSE) 10:15:55:25 - 10:16:42:20 color w sound 1981 Herb Ross on pressures, finances for 'Pennies From Heaven.' 10:16:51:25 - 10:18:08:16 color w sound 1981 Sean Connery denies rumors that he would play a villain in 'James Bond.' He claims to be 38 (caption gives his his real age of 51). 10:18:25:08 - 10:19:33:02 color w sound 1981 Entrtainment reporter Ruth Batchelor on being fired from ABC. 10:19:45:21 - 10:21:16:03 color w sound 1981 Margot Kidder on doing a Disney Film 'Trench Coat,' the next 'Superman' film and personal life changes. 10:21:29:00 - 10:23:15:12 color w sound 1981 New Years' Resolutions from Merv Griffin, Kris Kristofferson, Dinah Shore, Ed McMahon, Hal Linden, Connie Stevens, Steve Martin, Regis Philbin, Margot Kidder, Kenny Loggins, Bernadette Peters, Robert Walden, David Dukes, Jacklyn Zeman, Jon Voight, Robert Culp. 10:23:29:00 - 10:25:00:27 color w sound 1981 Mark Harmon, with Christina Raines comments on public image as sex symbol. 10:25:24:03 - 10:27:06:05 color w sound 1981 Author Tom Wolfe speaks about celebrity, status and wealth, New York City vs LA. 10:27:23:16 - 10:28:36:10 color w sound 1981 Linda Gray on her character Sue Ellen 10:27:49:26 Clip from 'Dallas.' DO NOT LICENSE. 10:28:50:07 - 10:30:24:20 color w sound 1981 Dick Clark talks about pop music trends, sterility, computers of music business. 10:30:46:13 - 10:32:11:17 color w sound 1981 Loni Anderson (with Gary Sandy) on an encounter with a fan, privacy and any role she could play. 10:31:03:20 Clip from 'WKRP in Cincinnati.' (DO NOT LICENSE) 10:32:19:01 - 10:34:08:07 color w sound 1981 Donna Mills in golf cart on studio lot talks about herself and her character on 'Knots Landing.' 10:34:18:03 - 10:35:50:25 color w sound 1981 Singer Kenny Loggins and wife Eva on his new child and family life. 10:36:09:25 - 10:37:35:12 color w sound 1981 Agent Jay Bernstein on Linda Evans becoming a huge star, being 'the perfect 40.' Appearance by Jody Medford. 10:37:35:13 - 10:39:36:24 color w sound 1981 Jill St. John on why she left Hollywood and her private life, women's prison film 'Concrete Jungle.' 10:39:49:15 - 10:41:16:20 color w sound 1981 Persis Khambatta on being the only woman in film 'Mega Force' and treatment from the actors, attitude towards marriage. 10:41:28:20 - 10:43:19:14 color w sound 1981 Author Louise Bernikow on business lunch differences in Los Angeles and New York, stingy tippers. 10:43:27:19 - 10:45:10:19 color w sound 1981 Anthony Newley on musical 'Charlie Chaplin' and bad days while writing film scores. 10:45:25:25 - 10:47:37:17 color w sound 1981 Connie Stevens on a project involving American Indians and fashion, with designer David Seabag, also being busy with 'Grease 2,' dating younger men. 10:47:29:24 - 10:48:52:29 color w sound 1981 Kim Langford talks about her TV childbirth on 'Knots Landing' Claudia Lonow on having a love affair in series 'Knots Landing' 10:49:05:16 - 10:50:50:12 color w sound 1981 Merv Griffin on guests he would want on his show, first TV appearance of Woody Allen, other celebrities. 10:51:03:11 - 10:52:48:09 color w sound 1981 Patti D'Arbanville talks about working with Chevy Chase in 'Modern Problems,' near electrocution and her 'telekinetic orgasm' scene. 10:53:06:19 - 10:54:35:04 color w sound 1981 Bob Balaban talks about his roles in three concurrent films. 10:54:40:00 - 10:56:32:13 color w sound 1981 Victoria Johnson talks about posing for Penthouse cover. Ma Maison owner Patrick Terrail on the entertainment industry affecting restaurant business. 10:56:41:09 - 10:57:50:10 color w sound 1981 Richard Crenna with wife Penni on being a busy actor and television host. 10:57:22:05 Clip from film, 'Body Heat' (DO NOT LICENSE). 10:58:04:01 - 10:59:43:25 color w sound 1981 Janine Turner on her hair color for 'General Hospital.' 11:00:01:26 - 11:01:51:05 color w sound 1981 Director Mark Rydell on working with stars in 'On Golden Pond.' 11:00:26:18 Film clip from 'On Golden Pond.' (DO NOT LICENSE) Dabney Coleman on Katherine Hepburn and Henry Fonda 11:01:25:00 Film clip from 'On Golden Pond.' (DO NOT LICENSE) Doug McKeon on Henry Fonda. Clip from 'On Golden Pond' 11:02:03:20 - 11:03:18:29 color w sound 1981 Susan Anspach on leaving Hollywood to make Swedish film 'Montenegro' (scene) and reason for leaving Hollywood, also "private life." 11:02:21:17 Clip from film, 'Montenegro' (DO NOT LICENSE) 11:03:30:12 - 11:05:23:01 color w sound 1981 Heather Locklear on her character in 'Dynasty' 11:03:43:01 Scene from 'Dynasty' TV series. (DO NOT LICENSE) and filming nude scenes. 11:05:36:20 - 11:07:01:27 color w sound 1981 Keith Carradine on life change since break up with Christina Raines and love and life in Hollywood 11:06:46:05 Scene from film, 'Southern Comfort' (DO NOT LICENSE) 11:07:08:01 - 11:08:56:10 color w sound 1981 Danny Kaye receives lifetime achievement award from Israel. Kris Kristofferson, Roddy McDowell, Lorne Greene, Buddy Hackett, Carl Reiner, Tom Lasorda, George Burns. 11:09:10:10 - 11:10:53:11 color w sound 1981 Author Gore Vidal on graduating grade school, film adaptations and 'feud' with William F. Buckley, Jr. 11:11:11:01 - 11:12:47:10 color w sound 1981 Authors Dave Fulwiler and Derek Evans (with backs to CAM) talk about their book 'Who's Nobody in America' 11:12:53:00 - 11:14:41:20 color w sound 1981 Jane Fonda on helping her husband Tom Hayden's campaign for CA assemblyman and raising children. 11:14:57:03 - 11:16:18:02 color w sound 1981 Stella Stevens talks about her role in the TV series 'Flamingo Road,' her son Andrew. 11:16:39:27 Clip from film, 'Butterfly' (DO NOT LICENSE) 11:16:43:25 - 11:17:54:04 color w sound 1981 Pia Zadora at Golden Globes talks about on her husband's financing of her career. 11:18:11:09 - 11:19:58:12 color w sound 1981 Chris Lemmon on his difficulty getting started as an actor. David Niven, Jr. on why he didn't become an actor, being agent. Chris Lemmon on being bitter for not taking part in 'Tribute.' David Niven, Jr. on his father, Greta Garbo swimming naked. 11:20:12:20 - 11:22:06:25 color w sound 1981 Dudley Moore and Susan Anton at Golden Globes, talk about their careers and marriage. 11:22:09:17 - 11:24:10:06 color w sound 1981 Kathryn Harrold talks about success, marriage and family. Andre Gregory is mentioned. 11:24:16:21 - 11:25:55:29 color w sound 1981 Tom Selleck on being shy of press, location and life changes from doing 'Magnum PI' and current status. 11:24:26:20 Clip from 'Magnum PI' (DO NOT LICENSE) 11:26:15:01 - 11:27:41:03 color w sound 1981 Joan Hackett at Golden Globes (sitting in wheelchair) talks about winning and losing awards. Screenwriter Ernest Thompson on his past acting roles. 11:27:55:08 - 11:29:41:12 color w sound 1981 Stacy Keach talks about the film 'Butterfly,' love scenes with Pia Zadora and criticism for incest subject matter of film. 11:28:23:12 Clip from 'Butterfly' (DO NOT LICENSE) 11:30:00:02 - 11:31:47:06 color w sound 1981 Valerie Bertinelli talks about husband Eddie Van Halen, on being a star in 'Choosing Your Husband To Be.' Actor Boyd Gaines, and marriage and babies. 11:31:51:15 - 11:33:55:10 color w sound 1981 Bud Cort (in tinted sunglasses) on where he has been since 'Harold and Maude.' (Pasadena) His two new films. Talks about living with Groucho Marx and singing for Mae West. 11:34:06:02 - 11:35:22:26 color w sound 1981 Timothy Hutton on success, his new films 'Taps' and the comedy 'Atlantic City Proof.' (never made)