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1981 - 1982 - 1983
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FOOTAGE OF INTERVIEWER CANNOT BE LICENSED 1981 - 1982 interviews with celebrities and personalities. 14:41:35:24 - 14:42:14:00 color w sound 1982 Elton Rule (pres. of ABC) on cable television affecting networks. 14:42:33:18 - 14:44:14:09 color w sound 1982 Gregory Hines judging tap dancing event. VS performers. Hines talks about starting at Apollo Theater in Harlem. 14:44:39:21 - 14:50:42:02 color w sound 1982 Authors (duplicated footage from other tapes) Author Gore Vidal on not going to college. Sidney Sheldon on money Harrold Robbins on money Robert Ludlum on self-indulgences Gore Vidal on producing his own movies Frank Herbert on making a film from the novel "Dune" Jerzy Kosinski on being a practical joker Judith Krantz on her success Jim Fixx on 'Jackpot' and about fame and fortune Robert Ludlum on the critics who review his books Gore Vidal on reading William F. Buckley 14:51:03:11 - 14:55:49:10 color w sound 1982 Soap opera stars. Susann Pratt on her romantic Life (duplicate footage) Paul Rossilli on his mysterious character (Scene) Jacklyn Zemann on why she left 'General Hospital' Janine Turner on being the New Laura on 'General Hospital' Eileen Fulton on the Queen of soaps Lynn Topping of 'Young and The Restless' on good or bad character and private life. 14:56:05:26 - 15:57:43:17 color w sound 1982 Barbara Rush on her husbands' support for career. 14:58:01:00 - 14: 59:44:03 color w sound 1982 Ricardo Montalban on his Khan character in 'Star Trek II.' 14:58:40:03 Clip from 'Star Trek II.' (DO NOT LICENSE) 14:59:58:04 - 15:01:10:11 Gene Kelly at charity event on the one thing he could do that he hasn't already, dancing, and name. (photos from film) 15:01:22:16 - 15:03:08:23 color w sound 1982 Eileen Fulton on Queen of soaps and character dirty Lisa. Lynn Topping on character in 'Young and The Restless' and private life. 15:03:29:15 - 15:04:34:15 color w sound 1982 Cicely Tyson talks about women, Black actors in film. 15:04:34:16 - 15:05:10:18 color w sound 1982 Director Mark Rydell on attitude towards actresses. 15:05:26:11 - 15:06:48:07 color w sound 1982 Ethel Merman on her career, concerts. 15:07:11:10 - 15:13:43:25 color w sound 1982 Jane Fonda speaks on podium about women making a difference in film Studio head Sherry Lansing (president of 20th Century Fox) Goldie Hawn on whether women need to be obsessive. Film editor Dede Allen. Jane Fonda on problems women face in the business. Cicely Tyson on position of women in film (duplicated). Susan St. James on women in film. Goldie Hawn on tough and strong women. 15:13:57:10 - 15:20:35:00 color w sound 1982 Scene of models on stage in very 1980s fashion show. Mary McFadden on most glamorous women, mentions Jackie Kennedy 0nassis, Nancy Reagan, Faye Dunaway and more. Michael Vollbacht on glamorous women (Nancy Reagan, Elizabeth Taylor, Olivia Newton-John) Cost of clothes and the worst designer. Adolfo on the most Glamorous actresses and skirt lengths. Oscar De La Renta on how much his clothes cost. Bill Blass on glamorous women and associated subjects. Geoffrey Beene on who can't afford fashionable clothes, licensing. 15:20:51:06 - 15:22:21:28 color w sound 1982 Director Steven Spielberg on the difficulty making 'E.T.' overdone special effects and if he will ever make a romantic comedy. 15:21:03:12 Clip from 'E.T.' (DO NOT LICENSE) 15:23:34:01 - 15:24:15:29 color w sound 1982 Designer Rudy Gernreich on where he has been lately and what made him come back. 15:24:23:15 - 15:26:09:20 color w sound 1982 Hugh Hefner with Playmate Shannon Tweed. Tweed on what she finds attractive about Hugh Hefner. Hugh Hefner on relationship with Tweed, getting Playboy on cable television. 15:26:29:23 - 15:27:37:08 color w sound 1982 Craig T. Nelson on acting with special effects 15:27:37:09 Clip from 'Poltergeist' (DO NOT LICENSE) 15:28:17:23 - 15:29:20:07 color w sound 1982 Dean Paul Martin and Dorothy Hamill on ice-skating and marriage. 15:29:28:25 - 15:30:05:24 color w sound 1982 Debbie Boone on being born into the Hollywood scene (Scene) 15:29:41:14 Clip from 'Seven Brides For Seven Brothers.' (DO NOT LICENSE) 15:30:31:11 Shannon Tweed (Photo) on attraction to Hugh Hefner. Hugh Hefner on video cable, pay programming. 15:32:14:21 Clip from Playboy Channel (DO NOT LICENSE) 15:33:43:07 - 15:37:11:24 color w sound 1982 Bob Shanks on running Playboy enterprises about the relation to the magazine, also about his book, 'Love is Not Enough.' 15:34:29:08 Clip from Playboy Channel (DO NOT LICENSE) 15:37:32:07 Steven Spielberg on 'ET' (Scene) and special effects. 15:37:43:04 Clip from 'E.T.' (DO NOT LICENSE) 15:39:49:23 - 15:42:00:06 color w sound 1982 John Williams on difficulty composing for films under time pressure. Writer Melissa Mathison and producer Kathleen Kennedy give advice for women. Steven Spielberg on difficulties in making 'Poltergeist' and 'E.T.' 15:41:21:00 Clip from 'Poltergeist.' (DO NOT LICENSE) 15:42:00:07 - 15:46:11:20 color w sound 1982 Zelda Rubinstein talks about working in film,'Poltergeist.' Craig T. Nelson on working with special effects (Scenes) Steven Spielberg on making a romantic comedy Zelda Rubinstein on what 'Poltergeist' tells the audience, her family and being little. 15:43:39:27 Clip from 'Poltergeist' (DO NOT LICENSE) 15:44:58:18 Clip from 'Poltergeist' (DO NOT LICENSE) 15:46:27:10 - 15:48:01:10 color w sound 1982 Director Mark Rydell on women in film. Producer writer Tony Bill on women in the industry. John Cassavetes on film as directing, acting medium for women. 15:48:22:04 - 15:50:08:21 color w sound 1982 MPAA president Jack Valenti grades speaking ability of former Presidents, w photos. (FDR best) 15:50:25:03 - 15:52:08:05 color w sound 1982 Rory Calhoun on his role in soap 'Capitol' being an outdoors person, connecting things, advice for young actors. 15:50:58:03 Clip from 'Capitol,' (DO NOT LICENSE) 15:52:32:02 - 15:53:38:00 color w sound 1982 Director Orson Welles tells how Steven Spielberg bought Rosebud sled from 'Citizen Kane' the price ($60,000), notion of 'genius.' Film to be made in France. 15:54:06:59 - 16:01:10:05 color w sound 1982 Henry Fonda talks about working with studio contract. Photo from 'Twelve Angry Men.' Jack Klugman talks about the film. Henry Fonda on why he didn't continue producing his films. Jack Klugman on money for movies Shirlee Fonda on personality Jane Fonda on Henry Fonda paintings (Photo Paintings) Shirlee Fonda on favorite Henry Fonda painting and if there were anything she didn know about him in his biography (Scene "Golden Pond") 16:01:10:06 - 16:06:14:21 color w sound 1982 Zelda Rubinstein on adjusting to her size growing up Billy Barty on growing up a little person Zelda Rubinstein on what she has done for little people (founding repertory co.) Billy Barty on working for children's show, 'Day of The Locust' 'Under the Rainbow' Herve Villechaize. Herve Villechaize on why people like him so much and what drives him. Billy Barty on what big people can learn about little people.