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GEO-22 Beta SP
01:23:46:06 - 02:16:41:05 Color Silent 1970s Miscellaneous Hawaiian news footage. Shows car wreck w injuries. Drug bust: marijuana plants confiscated, weighed & burned. Fire w burnt body. Teachers union strike. More marijuana confiscation. American boxer Muhammad Ali gets a check up at doctor's office as fans wait outside. 01:23:46:06 - 01:28:06:22 Color Silent 1970s Hawaii. MS nighttime car accident (only brief sound). Emergencies. Firemen & paramedics pry open door of mangled, wrecked car to remove injured male driver & place him on gurney & into ambulance. Second car mangled on driver's side. Police, firemen & paramedics work to pull door off hinges. Rescue workers use crowbar to enter car from passenger's side to free driver. "Hold the ambulance!" workers carry body toward ambulance. 01:28:06:23 - 01:40:16:17 Color Silent 1970s Hawaii -drug bust. WS police helicopter flying overhead in rural Hawaii. Car POV driving to marijuana growing bust site. Plain clothes officer carries handfuls of marijuana plants & throws them over a fence. Junkyard w plainclothes officers pulling plants & putting them in pile. Cannabis. Bagging marijuana plants into garbage bags. Hand holding out a large marijuana leaf from one of the plants. CU scale weighing the bags of confiscated marijuana. WS police helicopters overhead. VS law enforcement officials confiscate & bag large potted marijuana plants. Dog walking around amidst pot field. Police walk in woods. VS police pulling marijuana plants, bagging them, & carrying out of wooded area. 01:40:16:17 - 01:47:26:18 Color Silent 1970s Hawaii - fire. WS open field w fire burning near shacks (looks like junkyard). Firemen w hoses stretched across roadway try to put out fire. CU policemen in road. Fire burning. People watch from across the street. ZO "Danger No Smoking" sign to firemen fighting smoking ruins. Man hoses down trucks & heavy equipment. Firemen hose area w smoldering shack behind him. Fireman adjusts hoses on fire engine. ZO charred human body next to a wire fence w ground smoking in BG. Fire engines in roadway & people watch from across street. HA TD charred human body next to fence. Gruesome. CU firemen w hoses. ZI ZO fireman putting out flame behind remains of human body on ground. WS fire from distance. 01:47:26:19 - 01:56:00:29 Color Sound 1970s Hawaii - teachers' strike. WS policeman in FG w protesters across street. Teachers unions. Strikers in picket line along street, "Understaffed Underpaid," "We Need A Decent Wage." Crowd of joking, rowdy high school students interviewed by reporter. ZI CU hand holds up Mickey Mouse doll. VS picket line. Noisy students in front of school chanting,"Go Home!" to teachers across street. WS police escort teachers across street toward school & students. Students try to form human chain to prevent teachers from returning to school. Civil disobedience. Reporter talks to camera sums up strike as opportunity for students to profit from union woes. Teachers leave school, one teacher claims, "Someone already got hit w a rock." 01:56:06:25 - 02:08:46:02 Color Sound 1970s Hawaii - drug bust. MS plainclothes law enforcement official w confiscated bag of marijuana plants. Cannabis. CU weighing confiscated marijuana. WS law officials on plank walkway in marijuana field. Man in Hawaiian shirt pulling up marijuana plants. CU handful of pot plants. Police helicopter hovers over field. CU hand pulling tiny marijuana sprout from pot. VS law enforcement officials picking marijuana plants. Good shot helicopter w tall grasses in FG. VS bagging plants for disposal. Vans drive away from site. Helicopter takes off from open field. VS men unload bags of marijuana throw them onto ground along w auto tires. Man videotapes them. VS lighter fluid gasoline poured over pile & lit w flares. Plants & tires burning. Big bonfire w billowing black smoke. 02:08:46:03 - 02:10:07:04 Color Sound 1970s Hawaii. VS Car POV driving on rural dirt road. Passing pickup truck on road. VS deserted beach w mountains in BG. 02:10:07:05 - 02:16:41:05 Color Sound 1970s Hawaii - Muhammad Ali visits doctor. MS sign for Dr. Richard W. You. Boxer Muhammad Ali walks through door unbuttoning shirt, followed by group of men. People gather in waiting room. Ali lies shirtless on examining room table hooked up to monitoring device. He lies w hands behind his head. Ali (groggy): "Tell the world that they haven't heard the last of Muhammad Ali. I think we're all entitled to a bad day...I'm still the king, I'm still the master of illusion." People wait in hall. Shirtless Ali starts to walk down hallway & kisses fan. Signs autographs. Ali on couch w doctor checking heart w stethoscope. Ali exits doctor's office, fans following. Ali stops to talk to fans at front door. VS Ali hugs & kisses fans, signs autographs. Woman gives him rose. Ali holds & kisses small boy. He leaves w entourage.