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AD-20 1 inch; 35mm Nitrate
1930s, 1930s fashion, 1930s style, Europe, Europeans, travelogues, French, Calvados, Basse-Normandie, beaches, ; cafes, gym class, horses, horse-drawn carriages, horseracing, Thoroughbreds, marinas, marketplaces, statues, ; swimming pools, vistas, castles, villages, resorts, vacationing, casinos, oceans, pre WWII
Travelogue from 1938 of towns and historic sites along the French Normandy coast. Includes footage of castles and churches, village street scene, and small town marketplaces. Footage of the resort towns of Trouville and Deauville with people relaxing on the beach and at the racetrack. Great shot of an exercise class on the beach. ***************************************************************************************************************** 03:00:09:10 Title card: Andre de La Varre presents: Historic Sites & Resorts Along the Normandy Coast. Photography, script, narration by Andre de La Varre Collaborator, Paul Devlin Music Arranged & Played by Lew White Recording by HE Reeves Released by Compagnie Generale Transatlantique - French Line. Falaise, France WS hilltop overlooking small town. WS William the Conqueror square. VS Statues of Dukes of Normandy at base of William the Conqueror equestrian statue. LA TU William the Conqueror equestrian statue. LS women walking along wall surrounding city. 03:01:39:17 Falaise, France VS Falaise castle (Square Keep), tourists looking at vistas of town. HA houses of small town. Tourists walking around castle grounds. Caen, France VS EXT Abbaye aux Hommes (Mens Abbey). EXT Abbey of La Trinite (Church of La Trinite) (Abbaye-aux-Dames). 03:02:55:10 Dieppe, France WS man walking w bicycle on rural hillside. HA shimmering coastline at sunset. VS EXT village inn restaurant (William the Conqueror inn?), people dining in courtyard garden. HA PAN open-air market place. HA crowds shopping in market. MS vendor selling dishware throwing plates in the air (to show durability?) VS crowds shopping & vendors at stands (good shots, market place). MS man examining live duck. HA live rabbits in basket. MS ice cream vendor passing out cones. 03:05:08:17 Trouville-sur-Mer, France PAN Trouville marina & cityscape. MS fishermen talking & smoking rolled cigarettes. VS Trouville street scenes. People riding go carts on city street. Crowds shopping near Casino Barriere de Trouville. HA crowds on promenade along beach. PAN swimming pool near crowded beach. Rows of tents on crowded beach. 03:06:31:29 Deauville, France WS 1930s cars driving on tree-lined avenues. People arriving at Deauville-La Touques racecourse on horse-drawn carriage. MS people betting at racecourse stand. Man collecting tickets from crowds. PAN EXT racecourse building. Race horses being led past crowds. HA crowds at racecourse. MS crowds waiting on line. VS men smoking cigars looking at betting brochures. PAN crowds in stands near turf racetrack. LS horse race on turf track as crowds watch. 03:08:45:14 Deauville, France EXT Casino Barriere de Deauville. WS PAN beach & shore w people walking on promenade. MS people walking on crowded promenade. PAN crowds of people sitting at tables at boardwalk cafe. VS people in late 1930s clothing smoking & drinking in outdoor cafe (good shots, leisure, French culture, 1930s style). WS children playing on beach. WS exercise class on beach w people doing synchronous leg bends (very good shot, exercising). WS people in swimsuits playing in surf. WS waves lapping against shore. Title card: The End 03:10:52:15 OUT