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ROL-2 Beta SP
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1950s - 1970s
Aerials, beaches, California, Mexico, Los Angeles, Santa Monica Pier, Malibu, Pacific Coast Highway, Route 1, beach bums, summer, native, swimsuits, West Coast, vegetarianism, seashore, surfer lifestyles, adventure, travel, vacations, surfing, water sports, bikinis, swimsuits, candid, road trips, Sunset Strip, counterculture, car culture, automobiles, stoners, drugs, activism, beach culture
01:00:00:00 - 01:01:02:02 color silent 1950s Excellent VS Beach, surfer culture. Wave rolls into shore, crashing over group of swimmers at amusement park beach, w roller coaster in BG. Children carry inflatable rafts. Boy on beach is splashed by water. HA 'woody' station wagon car driving on highway with two long surfboards tied to roof. CU profile Boy leans over as friend combs his blond hair into a greased ducktail hairstyle. Men talks excitedly to CAM with arms outstretched. Shirtless blond men (surfers) standing around. 01:01:02:03 - 01:02:04:18 color silent 1950s Car (sedan) drives through shaded tropical area, stream. Two men ride on headlights, drinking beer. Shaky car POV over bumpy dirt road with puddles. Filmmaker (Rohloff) with CAM on tripod. Surfers watching big surf excitedly, jumping on beach. Men push car down muddy road. 01:02:04:19 - 01:05:48:08 color silent 1960s Young couple walking on beach, young woman in bikini. VS surfers. Man in rice sack underwear. Surfers stand around car. Stripped car chassis with surfboard. HA PAN over beach-side parking lot. PAN over streets in hilly beach town. Man points at beach safety 'This Beach Unsafe For Swimming' warning sign and laughs mockingly. Men throw boards off cliff, jump to beach. Men watch surf drom seaside bench. Excellent HA shot Man removes surfboard from roof of car, climbs down rock face overlooking water. Man wading in water with straw hat, beer can in hand. 01:05:48:09 - 01:06:54:02 color silent 1960s Secret agent type - man in suit and sunglasses walks up steps with briefcase. He opens briefcase, removes small surfboard and pipe. Fast motion: he blows into pipe, inflating surfboard to full size. He talks on walkie-talkie, looking at helicopter in distance. (spy spoof) 01:06:54:03 - 01:08:23:00 color silent 1960s Beach follies w fast motion, special effects. Man trips man walking on beach. Man and woman fake-fight, strangle and wrestle each other. Two men have fake fist fight in sand. Fast motion man runs out of store with surfboard, throws in VW bug. Car POV driving onto beach, chasing man along shore. Man knocks other man's face with handpainted surfboard. MS man punches man's face. 01:08:23:01 - 01:08:53:29 color silent 1960s Man in shop shaping, carving surfboard, CU wood shavings peeling off. Four blank surfboards become painted in time-lapse. 01:08:54:15 - 01:09:35:05 color silent 1960s Man rides motorcycle towing surfboard behind him in grocery store parking lot. EXT: store called 'Sandals Primarily.' Man runs out of store, throws surfboard in back of Woodie station wagon, drives away. Fast motion car driving toward and away from CAM. Photographer laying in street with camera on tripod, stands up. 01:09:35:06 - 01:11:11:25 color silent 1950s Nice b w footage. Man descends steps of large building, waits at bus stop. People sit by Santa Monica pier entrance with arch sign. Man walking on beach highway bridge. Man enters arcade, looks in old-fashioned scope film viewer. 01:11:11:26 - 01:13:12:14 color silent 1960s Car on wet muddy road gets trapped in mud. Surfers help along side of car to push it along out of ditch. CU weird swollen humanfeet. Fast Car POV driving through brush along side of road, man throws his arms up, pretends to be hit. Group of men on beach in silhouette watching surf. Surfers run on dirt cliffs over ocean, wearing wetsuits. Waves crash against sea walls, w mountains in distance. Car POV driving on highway (Mexico?) 01:13:12:15 - 01:14:13:28 color silent 1960s,70s WS teenage boys and girls stand on beach in swimsuits. CU man's pot belly gut as he walks on beach. Young man combs hair into Eddie Cochran-style ducktail hairdo. Slo-mo boy jumps into crashing waves. HA Woody drives in traffic on Los Angeles freeway to Hollywood Beach. 01:14:13:29 - 01:18:56:16 color silent 1960s, 70s Group of young boys bully other boy on beach. Oscar Mayer weinermobile. Topanga Beach beach sign. Excellent fast motion time-lapse of people moving on crowded beach, sunbathing, surfers. People in parking lot hanging out by their cars with fins etc. VS women in bikinis, children eating popsicles. Surfers ride small waves close to shore. Car POV family driving in convertible. Good PAN over beachfront with many surfboards propped on sand. Children throw stones into water. Men lift broken surfboard out of water. Two suirfers eat bread and peanut butter in their car. MS young couple sitting on beach, talking romantically. 01:18:56:17 - 01:23:06:09 color silent 1960s Mexico. Mexican man and two young boys turn to CAM. Men stand by station wagon on beach, looking at surf. People sit on sea wall watching waves. Man lines up film shot on camera tripod. People driving in convertible. VS large waves rolling into shore. HA men unload surfboards on sand. Ships off shore. Mexico. Drunk surfers clown around outside beach-front bars with buckets on head. VW microbus with surfboards on roof drives along rural road. Pick-up trucks, men standing by shanties on side of road. 01:23:06:10 - 01:24:37:29 color silent 1960s Mexico. Car POV Pick-up trucks, men standing by shanty storefronts on side of rural road. PAN along old vine strewn building (Mayan or Incan?). VS Native people in Mexican town. Parade with drum corps in uniform, people waving flag. Local children stand in group. Mexican folk musician plays acoustic guitar. Man in antique car chassis carries surfboard in back. Horse and carriage. Two Mexican motorcyclists sit on stoop. Car POV rural road passing horse and wagon. HA view of town. Cannon on beach front. 01:24:38:00 - 01:27:59:03 color silent 1960s Three people disembarck plane carrying baggage. Two men do pushups exercise on beach. Local musician plays violin in street. Mariachi musicians in costume with instruments. Souvenir vendors, Mexican children selling packs of gum by beach. Street vendor sells pastries. Crowded Mexican street parade with people in costume. Women in bonnets dance in circle. Man cliffdiving. Men and women eat meal at picnic table outdoors. Crowds at beach. 01:27:59:04 - 01:31:44:07 color silent 1960s AV beach town, Hawaii. Swimmers, sunbathers, tourists. Overweight, other women riding in canoe. Skinny man stands in surf smoking cigar. White surfers and women eating meal, drinking and laughing at table. Middle-aged couple on beach- man with sunblock cream and woman in white swimsuit. Excellent view huge ocean waves crash over piers. Men clown around, talk to CAM. PAN over yachts docked at pier. Hawaiian man walks down ramp from plane, carrying surfboard. Car on highway w signs for Honolulu, Pearl Harbor. CU surfer jumps off beach sign. Young surfers on beach. Silhouette of two people watching excellent yellow orange sunset. Woman uses camera with telescopic lens. Cars pull away from beaches on road side. WS huge waves tossing surfers. Surfer turns and winks. 01:31:44:08 - 01:32:31:19 color silent 1960s, 1970s PAN stacks of cars piled in salvage lot. Excellent fast motion VS side view blur of traffic on LA freeway. Excellent rear view of cars on freeway in day and bright sunset. 01:32:31:20 - 01:33:22:07 color silent 1970s VS Man wearing mask and Mickey Mouse T-shirt works on surfboard in shop with electric sander. ZO painted surfboards being compressed EXT Jacobs surfboard shop. 01:33:22:08 - 01:35:40:05 color silent 1960s WS Violent surf. Waves crashing over sea wall with lone figure, others running away from waves. Men diving into shallow water. Weird shot of man lifting other man on beach by shorts waistband. WS beach houses w 'No Trespassing' sign. Surfers gathered on road holding boards. Military tanks ride on curving coastal road. HA Two surfers carry long boards toward water. 01:35:40:06 - 01:37:46:13 color silent 1960s Two men and woman walk to airplane boarding on runway. AV POV Hawaii coastline and harbor, plane lowers landing gear. Sign for Hanalei Valley, PAN over farm fields, mountains. Hawaiian fishermen fishing with nets, carrying catch to shore. Weird CU swollen feet. Waves with amusement park in BG. Hawaiian man carries surfboard in parking lot. Woman taking pictures with telescopic camera lens. VS beach scenes sunbathers and surfers. Surfer with fake beard, wearing leather jacket and hat runs toward water. Boy paddles on surfboard. Woman sits reading on cliff overlooking ocean. 01:37:46:14 - 01:40:22:09 color silent 1960s VS bullfight, Mexico? Matador walking to ring, being carried on shoulders of other men after victory. VS children in clown outfits. Oil derricks pumping with eyes, antennae painted on. Two drag queens and one woman walking along beach road. 01:40:22:10 - 01:42:25:22 color silent 1960s VS Crowds protest outside McDonald's fast food restaurant. Hippies, musicians and people Mexican Mariachi costumes picket against treatment of animals for meat. Musicians play in parking lot. Police stand outside squad car. Farmer and hippie girls stand with cow. PAN over restaurant and parking lot. News cameraman films group. Helicopter in sky. 01:42:25:23 - 01:43:26:04 color silent 1960s Los Angeles CA street scenes w good late 1960s atmosphere. Groups of young people, hippies on street corners, bus stops. TD store and product signs. Excellent car POV on strip (possibly Sunset Blvd.) passing hippie hitchhiker. Grainy yellow VS young woman on motorcycle, cars on strip. VS women in cars, frustrated woman sits stuck in traffic. CU of woman in colorful fashions walking. VS people, local flavor. CU men smoking, girlwatching. CU Mobil gas sign. WS airplane taking off. Surfer rides wave (grainy) cut with sun through palm fronds. 01:43:58:17 - 01:45:34:05 color silent 1960s, 1970s Excellent VS young men hitchhiking on California roads. Two surfer types, college student, shirtless man. CU Caution road signs. Strike by projectionists' union outside adult movie theater, book store. Traffic on grey industrial boulevard. 01:45:34:06 - 01:46:48:20 color silent 1960s, 1970s Excellent VS traffic on Los Angeles freeways. HA traffic moving steadily on LA freeway. MS Drivers wave to CAM, give peace signs from cars. Men in 'muscle cars,' sports cars. (Ford Mustangs, El Camino, etc.) Gas stations, mechanics. Good WS landing plane flies low over freeway. Men ride in golf cart. VS airplane. 01:46:48:21 - 01:47:44:22 color silent 1960s, 1970s Car dealerships on LA boulevards. Two long-haired shirtless blonde kids pass and smoke marijuana joint in suburban yard. Asian man holding tambourine takes hit of joint, offers it to CAM. Group of uniformed CHP police officers stand by sheriff's patrol car. Man smiles at CAM he is surrounded by marijuana plants, illegal growing of marijuana. 01:47:47:10 - 01:50:01:23 color silent 1960s Shirtless man rolls over on pavement and enters busy street, dancing and wiggling his rear at cars. Man drinks from jug of wine at beach. Hippie men and women at protest event. Two uniformed policemen talk and point to CAM. Police helicopter takes off. Parachutist lands in crowd of hippies. Hippies dance wildly at 'Love-In' sort of event. 01:50:01:24 - 01:53:13:03 color silent 1960s Fast ZI ZO on forklift driver in warehouse parking lot. Child gives peace sign. CU 'Be A Friend to the Earth' sign. VS peace graffiti on sides of cliffs. Man and woman riding on motorcycle, smiling. Man flashes peace sign. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA. Three people bicycling across. VS frizzy-haired blonde woman walking among crowds, as women talk and watch her. She gets in car with CAM. EXT burlesque theater on Market Street? People, streetcar on street. Blonde woman walks by walk of fame. Traffic lights at night. Crowds and street scenes around downtown SF, CA. VW bug drives behind school bus. Teenagers hanging out at beach. Filmmaker shoots film on tripod at beach. VS young hippie women smiling. Woman putting paper (LSD?) in mouth. Rock concert. ZO Guitarist on stage to man dancing in audience. Young Indian woman stands up in crowd.