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Babe Ruth, Johnny Lujack, Ben Hogan, Jack Dempsey, Helen Wills in action. 00:32:10:09 MS Father & son talk, father points to pictures on wall. 00:32:16:05 CU Pictures of sports heroes of yore. 00:32:20:11 CU Father talks, son listens. 00:32:24:22 CU Picture of Red Grange comes to life. 00:32:31:02 WS Football players, covered w mud in old-fashioned helmets & uniforms scramble through a play. 00:32:40:16 CU Knute Rockne smiling. 00:32:44:26 WS KNUTE ROCKNE spelled out by fans in stands others hold heart around letters. 00:32:46:12 WS Players on field in slow motion: Notre Dame vs. Army. 00:32:59:22 CU Johnny Weissmuller cooling down. 00:33:02:07 WS Johnny Weissmuller swimming. 00:33:10:26 MS Man O'War w jockey & exercise boy. 00:33:12:06 WS Man O'War gallops down track towards camera. 00:33:16:04 MS Boxer in bodysuit climbs into ring. 00:33:20:00 MS Jack Dempsey fighting opponent. 00:33:28:19 CU Bobby Jones in tie. 00:33:30:09 MS Bobby Jones tees off. 00:33:35:10 WS Bobby Jones putts before large crowd, wins grand slam. 00:33:44:26 MS Helen Wills shakes hands w another player. 00:33:47:11 WS Helen Wills plays tennis. 00:33:54:07 MS Babe Ruth stands by as fans go nuts behind fence. 00:33:58:20 WS Babe at plate, hits home run, runs bases. 00:34:13:24 MS Fans going nuts, waving hats. 00:34:17:20 WS Yankees & other team on field as National Anthem is sung at Yankee Stadium's silver anniversary. 00:34:20:01 MS Babe Ruth exits dugout, hugs Ed Barrow & shakes his hand. 00:34:30:16 CU The Babe. 00:34:32:26 MS Babe Ruth check swings. 00:34:37:22 CU Connie Mack sits in stands. 00:34:42:25 MS Father & son talk, son leads father to his trophy board. 00:34:54:26 CU Son's VIRGINIA pennant covered w medals, buttons & badges in boy's room. 00:34:58:09 MS Son shows father. 00:35:02:15 CU Boxing gloves of Joe Louis. 00:35:05:22 CU Joe Louis working out at speedbag. 00:35:09:06 CU Son shows father his scrapbook, picture of pitcher Bob Feller. 00:35:22:21 CU Bobb Feller dry runs pitch at camera. 00:35:26:02 CU Boy turns book page to picture of Johnny Lujack. 00:35:28:09 CU Johnny Lujack practices without football helmet. 00:35:33:09 CU Picture of Joe DiMaggio comes to life, he swings w bat. 00:35:39:25 CU Picture of golfer Ben Hogan comes to life, he takes a swing. 00:35:47:21 CU Montage: newspapers, sports headlines: YANKEES WIN, etc. 00:35:57:18 CU Magazines w football player on cover, other sports magazines. 00:35:59:15 CU LIFE magazine w football player on cover, other sports magazine issues. 00:36:02:20 MS Joe DiMaggio leaves car, is swamped by fans. 00:36:09:21 CU Danny Forman on court in uniform signing autographs. 00:36:13:27 WS Brooklyn Dodger runs off field, fans pursue, police protect 00:36:22:25 WS Cars race down Indianapolis straightway. 00:36:29:10 WS Race cars in turn at Indianapolis speedway, 2 cars collide, 1 crashes into wall spilling various parts & 2 occupants onto asphalt. 00:36:37:15 MS Soapbox racers w children driving on track, one boy wipes out as his wheel disintegrates. 00:36:41:09 WS Racers cross finish line at soapbox derby. 00:36:46:21 WS Horses gallop in arena at horse show. 00:36:50:15 MS Wrestlers wrestle comically. 00:36:54:09 WS Ice pageant production number w many skaters. 00:36:59:04 WS 2 hockey players exchange words, one takes punch, 2 fall fighting, referees & players rush up. 00:37:06:23 WS 2 yachts race. 00:37:10:21 WS Golfers golf at seaside Pebble Beach hole. 00:37:14:19 AV Miami Beach. 00:37:19:01 WS People skiing. 00:37:31:05 MS Man stand in stream in fishing gear w nets what he caught. 00:37:31:05 WS Hunters walk through meadow. 00:37:36:13 WS People bowl in bowling alley. 00:37:41:25 MS TD sail of large sailboat to woman holding mast on lake. 00:37:47:12 MS Man riding horse in slow motion. 00:37:51:16 MS Woman in tennis outfit holds racket, rides bicycle. 00:37:54:11 WS Woman holds onto bow of speed-boat as man steers it through surf. 00:37:56:28 MS Ice sailboat whizzes by. 00:37:59:21 MS Motorcycle racers race. 00:38:02:01 MS Bobsled speeds down track. 00:38:03:19 MS Hitting montage: baseball player hits ball, golfer hits ball, tennis player hits ball, boxer punches bag, polo hammer hits ball. 00:38:10:20 WS Runners sprint on track. 00:38:13:19 MS Race walker goofily lopes down street. 00:38:16:10 WS Pole vaulter vaults. 00:38:20:07 WS Woman diver jack-knifes off platform into swimming pool. 00:38:24:26 WS Hurdlers hurdle. 00:38:27:07 MS Long jumper jumps. 00:38:30:11 MS High jumper jumps. 00:38:35:19 MS Downhill skiier slaloms through poles. 00:38:39:05 WS Roller skater tumbles and falls. 00:38:48:14 WS 2 men being pulled by something skiing on snow, 1 wipes out 00:38:54:11 CU Fallen man scrapes snow off face. 00:38:56:05 WS Men curl on ice. 00:39:00:20 MS Man heaves curling object. 00:39:03:12 CU Curling pot sliding on ice brooms sweeping before it. 00:39:06:02 CU 2 men vigorously sweeping. 00:39:09:22 WS Men play soccer, 1 falls, other jumps on top of him & punches him, they separate. 00:39:23:21 WS Men play jai-alai. 00:39:32:21 SL Train steams into Ste. Agathe station in Quebec, Canada. 00:39:37:02 MS Skiers disembark from train, poles & skis in tow. 00:39:39:27 MS Couple w ski equipment rides from train in horse-drawn buggy. 00:39:47:12 WS People ride track style ski lift. 00:39:54:01 WS People ski downhill. 00:40:01:06 MS Dog sled team pulls 3 people past. 00:40:09:22 MS Couple toboggans down track. 00:40:17:25 WS 2 men skijoring. 00:40:25:00 MS Country club lodge. 00:40:28:26 WS Country club. 00:40:31:21 WS Another country club. 00:40:34:12 MS People sit on front porch of country club. 00:40:37:23 WS Girls in dresses play basketball. 00:40:45:07 MS 2 girls face off in field hockey. 00:40:54:26 MS Girl pulls back arrow in bow. 00:40:59:00 MS Girls dance, jump in ballet aerobics. 00:41:09:25 MS Woman figure skates on pond outdoors. 00:41:21:16 MS Woman hunter stalks through brush. 00:41:24:10 CU Duck lying in brush. 00:41:25:26 MS Woman shoots duck, hits it. 00:41:32:02 MS Woman sits in fishing boat, harnessed in, fighting big fish on rod. 00:41:35:07 WS Swordfish jumps from water. 00:41:37:20 WS Woman softball pitcher winds up, throws. Women's Professional Baseball League. 00:41:40:27 WS Batter steps back from pitch. 00:41:42:16 CU Pitcher catches ball, pitches again. 00:41:45:09 MS Batter connects, runs bases, slides into second base. 00:41:55:21 WS Window of sporting goods store chock full of sporting goods 00:41:58:05 CU Football, baseballs, etc. 00:42:07:26 CU Baseballs being made. 00:42:16:18 CU Baseball in man's hand. 00:42:16:18 CU Making baseball gloves. 00:43:26:12 CU Montage: football being made. 00:42:38:11 WS Fans in stands make letters, W and bucking bronco design. 00:42:51:09 WS Football players play in slow motion outfield, door to Carnegie Foundation superimposed, newspaper headlines about loss of football programs. 00:43:15:18 WS Empty football stadium, field & stand. 00:43:29:05 WS Students walk out of school w football helmets in hand. 00:43:36:04 MS College scout talks to student. 00:43:44:00 CU Scout talks to student superimposed over football action. 00:44:01:21 CU Student listens, image of himself in cap & gown superimposed. 00:44:12:10 MS Student & scout shake hands, scout walks off. 00:44:26:01 WS College wrestlers engaged in match, crowded bleachers. 00:44:31:01 MS Boys in bleachers cheer. 00:44:32:17 WS Wrestlers wrestle. 00:44:35:26 WS Men do gymnastics in gym on horizontal bar, parallel bars & horse. 00:44:41:09 MS Fencers fence in masks & white suits, in front of school steps. 00:44:47:01 MS Men play water polo. 00:44:51:23 WS Lines at betting window at horse track. 00:44:57:02 MS Men placing bets at window. 00:44:58:24 CU Hand operates pari-mutuel machine. 00:45:00:24 CU Pari-mutuel machine in operation. 00:45:02:00 CU Betting board. 00:45:09:10 WS Horses & jockeys racing. 00:45:15:05 WS Yankee Stadium packed, people play exposition tennis match on field. 00:45:26:14 WS People playing tennis. 00:45:32:10 WS Man hits tennis balls into stands. 00:45:37:02 WS Baseball game in progress. 00:45:43:01 MS Sign: MADISON SQUARE GARDEN. 00:45:45:07 WS College basketball game in progress. 00:45:56:27 MS Fans cheer. 00:45:59:01 MS Cheerleaders cheer. 00:46:02:24 MS Lion mascot frolics. 00:46:05:04 MS Male cheerleaders tumble. 00:46:08:22 MS 2 little boys fight on street. 00:46:23:16 MS Children go through motions of swimming, standing in raft in lake. 00:46:29:21 CU Lifeguard leads swimming lesson. 00:46:31:15 MS Children dive off raft into lake, swim. 00:46:35:22 MS Woman gives boy tennis lesson. 00:46:28:27 WS Children play game of doubles tennis, boys vs. girls. 00:46:44:01 WS Little boy during baseball game. 00:46:47:06 MS Boy eats peach watching game. 00:46:49:10 WS Baseball game in progress. 00:46:57:00 MS Toddler & young boy play w baseball in backyard.