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Beautiful color 12:01:15 1966, OPERATION SALVAGE OPERATION, USS Boston (CAG-1) & Sagacity (MSO-469) off Palomares, Spain, salvaging operation for B-52 & atomic bomb. SP-10 Radar operating Perry Cubmarine used. Scuba divers. Perry Cubmarine being hoisted. 1) CU Colors flying from stern of USS BOSTON (CAG-1), coastline of Palomares, Spain in BG ZI toward coast, small stone structure built on shoreline. 2) LS Spanish coast framed by the colors of the BOSTON in FG zoom slowly past the flag staff on toward coast, mountainous coastline, stone structure on shoreline. 3) MLS Toward hilly coastline of Palomares, Spain, stone structure on shoreline zoom away from coastline over water, Colors framed in FG on stern of BOSTON. 4) SP-10 radar ZI to the radar for CU zoom away from the SP-10 radar. 5) SP-10 radar zoom away, LA MLS view zoom back up toward SP-10 radar in operation. 6) HA CU Signalman sending message on the signal light on wing of bridge. 7) LS Mine Sweeper answering signal zoom back from mine sweeper showing ELS of ship. 8) SP-10 radar zoom up toward radar for CU, staying on radar for few moments zoom back from radar, cloudy sky BG. 9) SP-10 radar on BOSTON zoom up toward radar for CU zoom away from SP-10 radar, scattered clouds overhead. 10) HA MLS Out over bow area of the BOSTON Spanish coast at far right BG. 11) HA Whale boat tied up to boat boom with crew in boat, sea is very rough alongside ship, small boat pitches and rolls. 12) HA MLS Whale boat tied up to end of boat boom, life lines framed in FG ZI slightly, name Rival on star"d bow of the boat. 13) MLS Starb"d beam view of the USS SAGACITY (MSO-469) off the beam of the BOSTON. 14) HA Perry Cubmarine returning to the BOSTON in rough water, utility boat is underway in BG. 15) Perry Cubmarine in rough water on its return to the BOSTON. 16) HA MLS Crew in rubber raft, making their return through rough water. 17) Perry Cubmarine, man in wet suit on conning tower. 18) HA CU Rubber raft up to bow of the Perry Cubmarine holding onto line. 19) HA MCU Down over man on conning tower of Perry Cubmarine, Cubmarine comes up alongside the BOSTON. 20) HA CU Perry Cubmarine alongside the BOSTON, man riding the conning tower. 21) HA Perry Cubmarine alongside the BOSTON as crane hook is lowered to the man for hooking up, hook-up is made and Cubmarine is picked up from water, man still on conning tower. 22) CU Perry Cubmarine hanging at ship"s side from crane hook. 23) CU Man on conning tower in wet suit framed by part of the lift gear. 24) CU Three quarter rear view of the Perry Cubmarine being nested on deck of the BOSTON. 25) LA CU Crewmen getting out of the Cubmarine, opening second hatch for second man to get out, first man steps down, second man comes out of the Cubmarine and onto deck, many of the crew look on from BG and right FG 12:12:07 1966, A C SALVAGE OPS, SS Privateer merchant ship and Aluminaut on surface during Palomares, Spain salvage operation. 1) CU Looking down over bow of SS PRIVATEER heading towards the Aluminaut seen in the far BG on the surface open sea in distant BG. 2) Small rubber boat heading towards the Aluminaut. 3) Aluminaut on the surface PAN acound to the port bow. 4) Aluminaut with the mountainous coastline in far BG. 5) Aluminaut on the surface Small boat in BG. 6) Aluminaut with a rubber boat heading out of scene. 7) Looking down over stern of PRIVATEER with the small rubber boat heading towards the Aluminaut in BG. 8) Boat up alongside the Aluminaut boat leaves the side of the Aluminaut and heads back towards the PRIVATEER. 9) Looking down over crewmen looking down over the side and handling pieces of equipment on a line. 10) Looking down over side of ship into the water. 11) Looking out along the side of the PRIVATEER. 12) Civilian on the PRIVATEER tending to an instrument second man checks a long rod extended over the side, similar to a underwater sounding device. 13) Aluminaut underway slowly to side of PRIVATEER the Aluminaut goes under on the dive disappearing below the surface. 14) CU Crewman with his hands on instrument extended over side of ship. 15) CU Looking down over an electronic instrument secured to life raft. 12:17:11 1966, A C SALVAGE OPS - SS Privateer merchant ship & Aluminaut during search off Palomares, Spain. 1) Fiber-glass outboard Motor boat in the water but still hanging from the davit. 2) Outboard Motor boat being hoisted up into the davit aboard the SS PRIVATEER part of the Aluminaut in lower corner. 3) CU Civilian walking over deck of the Aluminaut to the tower, handing a second man a large can which is placed on the tower. 4) Man climbing down into the tower of Aluminaut second man then hands the can to man inside the conning tower beach of Palomares, Spain in far BG. 5) Man in coveralls walking over deck of the Aluminaut and then looks down into the conning tower man climbs down into the conning tower and disappears from view. 6) Three civilians aboard the Aluminaut, one working with a line one man climbs into the conning tower. 7) CU Looking down over side of the Aluminaut. 8) Man sitting on the conning tower of Aluminaut talking on a phone. 9) CU Looking down over the starb"d engine of the Aluminaut during the trial run. 10) HA CU Vertical propeller on the weather deck area of Aluminaut being given a trial run. 11) CU Looking down over the propeller. 12) Stern view of the Aluminaut up along the starb"d quarter of the SS PRIVATEER. 13) Looking down over the ships outboard Motor boat alongside the Aluminaut is in BG. 14) Two crewmen on deck of the PRIVATEER third one is in BG the Aluminaut is alongside in left BG as the men hoist the boat up out of the water into the davit. 15) Crewmen hauling in on a line the boat is at the deck-edge to the left. 16) HA Aluminaut off the starb"d quarter tied up to the PRIVATEER. 17) Aluminaut, with bow swinging away from the PRIVATEER. 18) HA MLS Rear view of the Aluminaut moving away from the side of ship. 19) Aluminaut out in the deep water part of the ship is in FG. 20) Aluminaut under tow by the PRIVATEER a line runs to the fantail area of the PRIVATEER coastline of Palomares is in far BG. 21) Navy Jr. officer on the PRIVATEER. 22) CU Merchant seaman at the wheel of the PRIVATEER. 23) Crew members on the port weather deck area of the PRIVATEER black rubber boat is up against the bulkhead. 24) MCU Looking down over the men moving the rubber boat up against the ships gunwale. 25) Aluminaut moving thru the water a bow line still runs from the Aluminaut off to the left, secured to the PRIVATEER. 26) Men on deck of ship, one man in a wet suit the Aluminaut comes into scene in BG. 27) HA CU Man in wet suit working with his scuba tank two other men are leaning over the gunwale looking down over the water.28) HA Men on weather deck, port side aft second man in wet suit walks down the deck towards the fantail. 29) LS Aluminaut out in the open water. 30) LS Boat with four men heading out towards the Aluminaut. 31) LS Boat underway and approaching the Aluminaut. 32) LS Aluminaut far off the side of the PRIVATEER. 33) CU Looking over right shoulder of one of the crewmen of ship looking thru binoculars, putting the binoculars down and taking a bearing. 34) ELS Looking out to sea from the deck of ship. 35) Looking out over bow of ship as it passes by a marker buoy. 36) Frame view of the marker buoy aft of the ship. 37) Looking down port forward side of ship as it approaches another marker buoy some unidt. flags are flying from top of buoy PAN, showing the buoy disappearing aft of the ship. 12:26:56 1966, A C SALVAGE OPS, AV from helicopter over Camp Wilson near Palomares, Spain. CU of parts of wreckage found by fishermen. Fisherman & civilians, Spanish police and American . Honeywell shadow graph seen inside small boat. Aluminaut on SS Privateer out of Miami, FL. 1) CU Looking over left shoulder of pilot of the "copter while in flight low over beach area at Palomares, Spain "copter flies over Camp Wilson. 2) CU Looking over left shoulder of pilot, with "copter banking to the left flying back in towards Camp Wilson camera "copter touches down for landing in a field. 3) CU USAF. HH-43B "copter on ground, with one of the crew working around the rotors. 4) PAN USA UH-1E "copter coming in for a landing on the field. 5) UH-1E taking off from the flat field PAN up showing the aircraft in flight. 6) Chicken kicking while lying on its side on the ground in the field. 7) CU Pot boiling over a fire built among some rocks. 8) CU Looking over left shoulder of pilot flying the "copter low over beach area at Palomares. 9) CU Small metal shaft and gear on one end held in the hand of a man (this is part of the wrecked aircraft found by Spanish fishermen) PAN up showing the part being held by an Airman lst. Class. 10) CU Spanish fishermen and Spanish officials discussing the crash. 11) CU Spanish fishermen U.S.A.F. enl"d man in BG acting as interpreter. 12) CU Spanish fisherman enl"d man in BG standing with group inside unidt. building PAN to the interpreter. 13) CU Small gear held in hand of Airman. 14) U.S.A.F. Staff Sgt. talking with two civilians. 15) CU Fisherman explaining some matter to the Sgt. 16) Fisherman, Spanish police and the American civilian approaching down street towards camera. 17) CU Group of women near the beach a group of men walk down towards the beach. 18) CU Looking down over right shoulder of the operator at controls of an underwater shadow graph. 19) CU Looking down over side of operator at the shadow graph. 20) CU Honeywell shadow graph, this is inside a small boat. 21) LS Looking out over water at a **ARS type ship with the Aluminaut on the surface. 22) MLS PAN In towards the **ARS and the Aluminaut in deep water beach in distant BG. 23) **ARS, with the Aluminaut up to starb"d quarter of ship. 24) CU PAN Around stern of SS PRIVATEER out of Miami Fla. Aluminaut is secured to the starb"d quarter **(the ARS is the SS PRIVATEER). 25) CU Looking down over deck of Aluminaut, one man on deck, second man coming up out of the conning tower. 26) US Navy Jr. officer coming up out of the conning tower of the Aluminaut. 27) HA MCU Looking down over weather deck of the Aluminaut Naval officer walks over deck towards the stern and climbs aboard the PRIVATEER. 12:34:46 1966, AIRCRAFT SALVAGE OPERATION, Spanish & US Air Force personnel around Camp Wilson tent city & temp. air field. Geiger counter checking crates for radiation. Small boats at Palomares, Spain. 1) Spanish civilian helicopter parked in field. 2) CU Civilian helicopter, US Air Force personnel looking into helicopter through main doorway. 3) CU U. S. Air Force personnel and some Spanish personnel along side the helicopter. 4) CU Insignia on side of helicopter with words "SN" and a pair of wings. 5) CU Large crates on top of the air terminal. 6) Jury rig air terminal. 7) Small jury rig air terminal with windsock, man sitting at desk in open, two men walk into scene from right, cars parked at right FG mountainous terrain in BG. 8) CU Air Force man checking crate with geiger counter. 9) CU Air Force man checking crate with geiger counter. 10) CU Air Force man with geiger counter standing next to crate. 11) AV. 12) MCU Tent city at Camp Wilson. 13) CU Sign reading "Camp Wilson Exchange". 14) Spanish workers constructing buildings from cement block, tents at right FG. 15) CU Spanish workers working with cement blocks. 16) LS Three Spanish workers working on courtyard alongside of building. 17) CU Spanish workers, working on stages, constructing building. 18) MLS Water truck spraying water over dusty road. 19) Tonts at Camp Wilson. 20) Tonts at Camp Wilson. 21) LS Tonts at Camp Wilson framed by battered stone doorway in FG. 22) Camp Wilson, ships at anchor in far BG. 23) CU Sign reading "Search Operation."24) Sign on front of large tont. 25) Three tonts, lone man entering tent. 26) CU Sign reading "Communications Center Wilson"s Warriors, 16 Air Force, Chopper Ops., etc." 27) Command post tent. 28) CU Sign reading "Command Post" 29) CU Two-star plaque. 30) Transportation tent with sign out front. 31) CU Sign. 32) Dirt street at Camp Wilson, Tents at left, men in far BG. 33) Sign reading "Disaster Control Reports", Tent in BG. 34) CU Sign reading "We Require From Each Of You etc." requirements are listed below. 35) Decontamination Tent, sign out front. 36) CU Sign reading "Operation No Dust etc." 37) CU Sign reading "Detection Decontamination." 38) CU Contaminated items in plastic bag on the rocks man enters with geiger counter. 39) CU Man opening up bag to check items for radiation with geiger counter. 40) CU Down over geiger counter. 41) CU Down over plastic bag being checked for contamination. 42) Airman first class checking items for contamination. 43) Dock for small boats at Palomares, Spain, few personnel at landing. 12:41:22 1966, AIRCRAFT SALVAGE OPERATION Palomares, Spain, Aluminaut in water, USS Boston (CAG-1) alongside. Mess line on ship & cooks. Air Force personnel washing down bus & other motor pool vehicles at Camp Wilson, Palomares, Spain. 1) Aluminaut in water off side of camera ship, coastline in BG, other ships of the force in left BG. 2) Aluminaut nearing side of camera. 3) Aluminaut on surface. 4) Aluminaut on surface, line running from bow of Aluminaut to left FG. 5) Aluminaut in water on surface, line running from ship to the Aluminaut, other ships of the forces in BG near the coastline. 6) Aluminaut on surface, line running from Aluminaut to the right part of USS BOSTON (CAG-1) in left BG. 7) CU Crew in mess line moving past steam tables on board the USS BOSTON (CAG-1) men leave scenes at right after receiving their food. 8) CU Cook placing rolls on mens trays and dishing out cake. 9) MCU Men receiving hot rolls and cake from mess deck. 10) CU Mess cook dishing out bread and cake. 11) CU Mess line, food on steam table. 12) CU Down over fried shrimp. 13) CU Down over cake. 14) CU Cook stirring food in copper in galley, cook adds something to the food. 15) CU Man coming through hatch to salad bar, putting salad into trays moving out of scene at right. 16) CU Butter tray, small cakes of butter, men taking butter, moving out of scene at right. 17) MCU Men receiving some utensils as they enter scene from left and move out of scene at right. 18) CU Men at mess tables eating. 19) ECU Man smiling in commissary office. 20) Supplies at Camp Wilson Motor Pool on beach area, Palomares, Spain. 21) Air Force personnel washing down bus at motor pool. 22) CU Man moving around right side of bus, spraying it with hose. 23) Man using scrubber in washing side of bus. 24) Bus and another vehicle parked at motor pool, bus being hosed down. 25) Motor pool at Camp Wilson. 26) View from inside of pit, truck coming up over grease rack pit for grease job, truck blocks out all the light. 27) HA CU Air Force Sgt. in pit with grease gun, greasing truck. 12:51:21 1966, AIRCRAFT SALVAGE OPERATIONS Palomares, Spain Aluminaut off Spanish coast Alvin under tow by SS Privateer. USNS Eltanin (AGOR-8). Divers & men working. 1) Out over stern of ARS type craft ALUMINAUT in far BG on surface, coastline of Spain in BG. 2) LS ALVIN under tow by camera ship coastline of Spain in BG. 3) LS Bow view of ALVIN under tow by camera ship coastline of Spain in BG. 4) CU Tow line passing through stern roller of ship ALVIN framed in far BG. 5) HA ALVIN under tow by SS PRIVATEER. 6) ELS Frame view of USNS ELTANIN (AGOR-8) framed by ships pylorus in FG. 7) HA Out over bow of SS PRIVATEER, the ELTANIN in right far BG. 8) CU Crewman of the PRIVATEER standing by the pylorus, scanning the sea with his binoculars. 9) CU Crewman taking bearing, moving to left writing information in log book. 10) ECU Crewman in yellow baseball cap. 11) MLS ALVIN in water framed by parts of the PRIVATEER. 12) ELS The ELTANIN framed by signal light in FG. 13) HA Two crewmen working on fantail of the PRIVATEER. 14) LS ALUMINAUT under tow framed by part of the American Flag in FG. 15) HA Looking out over the fantail of the PRIVATEER, rubber boat alongside, man in wet suit and crewman get in boat. 16) HA ALUMINAUT under tow, marker buoys at left BG. 17) HA Divers and crew in rubber boat, preparing to leave side of the PRIV ATEER. 18) HA Rubber boat and divers leaving side of the PRIVATEER. 19) MLS Out over open sea, rubber boat comes into scene from right, underway toward the ALUMINAUT PAN to left picking up the ALUMINAUT ELTANIN in distant BG. 20) Beam view of the ALUMINAUT on surface. F21) HA Over bow of the PRIVATEER PAN to left over port side, ship underway. 22) HA Over stern of the PRIVATEER underway, flag flying in stiff breeze in FG. 23) ELS Unidentified ship in far BG. 24) HA Over bow of the PRIVATEER approaching the marker buoys off port bow. 25) CU Decca buoy passing by ship. 26) Decca buoy. 27) HA Out over bow of the PRIVATEER, another buoy off bow. 28) HA Buoy passing by port side of ship PAN with buoy, ship passing by buoy PAN over stern of ship. 29) HA Out over weather deck of the PRIVATEER, some of the crew on deck, ship underway. 30) LS Beam view of ARS type vessel with ALUMINAUT along starbd quarter. 31) CU Stern view of the PRIVATEER with ALUMINAUT secured up to starbd quarter. 32) CU ALUMINAUT, pilots preparing information, prior to dive. 33) CU Piece of electronic equip onboard PRIVATEER, used for communication between ship and ALUMINAUT. 34) CU Electronic piece of equipment with two men working over some charts in BG. 35) Crewmen working on deck of the PRIVATEER hoisting the Boston Whaler out of water in right BG. 36) CU Crewmen at work, Boston Whaler at ships deck level in right BG. 37) HA Crewmen walking over deck of the ALUMINAUT placing two cans on tower, leaving scene at left. 38) HA Man climbing down into tower, second man drinking cup of coffee on deck, turns around helps man in tower while lowering the equipment to him. 39) HA CU Down over deck of the ALUMINAUT. 40) HA MCU Crewmen walking over deck, leaning down into tower. 41) HA CU Man climbing down into tower in preparation for dive. 42) CU Man sitting on conning tower of ALUMINAUT, talking on phone. 43) CU Down over starbd screw turning during check. 44) CU Man working on deck of the ALUMINAUT, second man sitting on conning tower, talking on phone. 45) HA CU Vertical screw on weather deck of the ALUMINAUT turning during test. 46) HA ALUMINAUT along starbd quarter of the PRIVATEER. 47) HA Boston Whaler in water alongside ship and being hauled out of the water. 48) HA CU Crewmen working on deck. 49) HA Boston Whaler at deck level, ALUMINAUT tied up in BG at starb"d quarter of ship, crewman in boat jumps down onto deck of the PRIVATEER. 50) HA Crewmen on deck of the PRIVATEER working with lines as ALUMINAUT prepares to leave the side of the PRIVATEER, begins drifting away. 51) HA MCU Stern view of the ALUMINAU 13:01:13 1966, AIRCRAFT SALVAGE OPERATIONS, Alvin in flooded well deck of USS Fort Snelling (LSD-30) w diver on deck. USS Skill (MSO-471) & men diving. 1) CU ALVIN in flooded well deck of the USS FORT SNELLING (LSD-30) diver standing on deck, crewman in tower. 2) CU Conning taver of ALVIN, one man in conning tower, diver standing alongside on deck. 3) HA MCU ALVIN in water in well deck. 4) ALVIN in deep water with line attached, rubber motorized raft approaches ALVIN to take it in tow. 5) MCU ALVIN on surface, diver on deck, hauling in on line, crewman in conning tower, rubber boat approaches from bottom of scene, moving up to ALVIN. 6) ALVIN on surface, rubber raft alongside, motor whale boat from the FORT SNELLING at far side. 7) ALVIN and rubber motorized raft shoreline of Spain in far BG motor whate boat comes into scene from right. 8) Alvin on surface with rubber raft along stard side, motor whale boat at right mountainous coastline of Spain in BG, appears to be early morning. 9) CU Diver going over side of USS SKILL (MSO-471). 10) HA Rubber raft pulling away from side of the SKILL. 11) LS ALVIN in deep water USS FORT SNELLING in far BG framed by hilly coastline of Spain. 12) LS ALVIN on surface preparing for dive, rubber raft close by mountainous coastline framed in BG. 13) MLS Port beam view of USS FORT SNELLING underway toward ALVIN. 14) Beam view of FORT SNELLING nearing ALVIN at left BG. 15) MLS Port quarter view of FORT SNELLING, tail gate down, well deck flooded ALVIN at right approaching well deck. 16) LS Starb"d quarter view of the FORT SNELLING, ALVIN making approach toward well deck. 17) FORT SNELLING with flooded well deck, ALVIN entering flooded well deck of the LSD, disappearing from view. 18) Starb"d quarter view FORT SNELLING, tail gate closing on ship. 19) Starb"d quarter view of the FORT SNELLING. 20) LS Stern view of the FORT SNELLING, partial silhouette. 21) Port beam view of FORT SNELLING in silhouette coastline of Spain in far BG. 13:08:05 1966, A C SALVAGE OPS, SS Privateer & Aluminaut on surface & submerging. Rubber boat. Man operating sounding device. Air Force men chasing chickens., hypnotizes chicken. Helicopters. C Rations. 1) HA Looking down over bow of SS PRIVATEER underway. 2) ALUMINAUT underway on surface motorized rubber boat is astern the ALUMINAUT). 3) ALUMINAUT on surface shoreline of Spain in BG. 4) ALUMINAUT on surface. 5) Rear view of rubber boat moving towards the beam of ALUMINAUT. 6) ALUMINAUT on surface rubber boat moves away from side of craft. 7) Rubber boat making its approach ALUMINAUT on surface in mid BG open sea in BG. 8) HA Looking down over a rod extended over side of ship similar to a sounding device PAN up towards deck of PRIVATEER. 9) Looking out over side of PRIVATEER. 10) CU Naval officer donning a phone and holding onto the handles of rod extended out over side ALUMINAUT in far BG. 11) MLS ALUMINAUT underway on surface. 12) HA ALUMINAUT submerging off beam of PRIVATEER PRIVATEER is the mother ship of the ALUMINAUT PAN with the ALUMINAUT as it disappears under surface of water. 13) HA CU Civilian on deck of the PRIVATEER operating the sounding-like device extended out over the side. 14) CU Console of the sounding device. 15) CU Man operating the controls of the sounding device PAN, to the console. 16) HA MCU Looking down over bow of the PRIVATEER showing a very rough sea shoreline of Spain in far BG. 17) HA Looking out over stern area of PRIVATEER, showing rough seas in BG. 18) HA CU Looking down over stern area of ship underway in the rough seas. 19) MLS Spanish Civil "copter touching down in the field. 20) "Copter on the ground. 21) MCU Spanish "copter on the ground, personnel debarking. 22) CU Air Force man seated at an outdoor table opening up a can of "C" rations. 23) CU Man eating chow from can. 24) CU Chicken mascot of the group two men stand by in BG. 25) Two Air Force men chasing the chicken over the dirt road PAN with chicken. 26) CU Man catching the chicken USA pilot holds the chicken up for all to see man places the chicken on his back, tucks the chickens head under the wing, pumps his right leg, lets go and the chicken jumps up. 27) CU Another pilot taking the chicken, putting its head under the wing, moving him around in a circle, setting him on the ground and the chicken is fast asleep ZI for a CU of the sleeping chicken somebody touches the chicken, the chicken wakes up, flips over. 28) ECU White chicken looking puzzled and begins walking off. 29) CU Two "copter pilots seated at an outdoor table eating their meal. 30) "Copter pilots seated next to the windsock PAN to a small sign: "Wilson International Air Force and Army Airlines". 31) CU Sign: "Air Terminal". 32) MCU "Copter pilot. 33) CU Officer talking on phone out in the field. 34) Looking down side of a gas truck. 35) MLS UH-43C "copter turning up two A.F. personnel looking on. 36) UH-43C "copter lifting off PAN with "copter in flight. 37) ECU "Copter pilot eating his meal. 38) ECU Looking down over the "C" ration can PAN up to mans face while eating. 13:17:03 1966, AIRCRAFT SALVAGE OPERATION, Lines to diver searching for aircraft wreckage, Palomares, Spain. Spanish workers, tents of Camp Wilson. Communications Center & Command Post. Decontamination tent. 1) CU Underwater view of lines under water PAN along lines to diver being pulled through water during search for aircraft wreckage. 2) Bubbles, light spot in water. 3) Tents at Camp Wilson on beach, sign at left reads "Camp Wilson Exchange", Naval Officer in blues walks into exchange. 4) CU Sign reading "Camp Wilson Exchange" PAN to right, to open tent area, Officer leaves exchange. 5) Ruins, workers in BG. 6) CU Air Force Sgt. looking toward workers on scaffolds working on ruins. 7) Spanish workers working with cement blocks PAN to right to young Spanish boy PAN past much of ruins, Air Force Sgt. looking on. 8) Spanish workers laying cement blooks among ruins. 9) Many Spanish workers working on ruins PAN to right to large van truck Camp Wilson in far BG. 10) Tents of Camp Wilson framed by old doorway. 11) CU Through hole in brick wall toward tents of Camp Wilson in BG. 12) Camp Wilson, Air Force Camp ships at sea in far BG off Palomares, Spain. 13) Tents at Camp Wilson, Lone man enters tent in mid BG. 14) CU Sign reading "Communications Center", two Air Force men walk out of tent. 15) CU Sign in front of Command Post Tent, front of tent is open. 16) Man entering transportation tent, sign in front of tent, tent is open, tables and other gear seen inside tent. 17) LS Dirt roadway, some ruins at left BG. 18) Tents at Camp Wilson. 19) CU Decontamination Tent, with sign in FG reading "Decontamination Out Processing." 20) CU Sign reading "Operation No Dust, Soak Ground, etc." 21) CU Sign reading "Detection Decontamination" outside of tent.