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AD-21 1 inch; 35mm Nitrate
1930s, 1930s fashion, 1930s style, Europe, Europeans, travelogues, French, Normandy, beaches, marinas, ; marketplaces, statues, vistas, cities, city, villages, resorts, vacationing, oceans, coastlines, docks, ; gardens, tourists, cruise ships, ocean liners, steamships, bathing resorts, pre WWII, antique cars, monuments, ; Seine River, suspension bridges, gothic cathedral, gothic architecture, Haute-Normandie, half-timbered buildings, ; medieval castles, Calvados, religion, religious, cathedrals, churches, Catholicism, Christianity, cityscapes, ; agricultural, agriculture, bridges, cruises, passenger liners, produce
Travelogues from 1938 of towns and historic sites along the French Normandy coast. Extensive footage of the port town of Le Havre (which would be heavily bombed during WWII) with ocean liners arriving to the port, vistas of the city, and 1930s old European street scenes. Resort towns such as Etretat, with village street scenes, people relaxing on the beach, and vistas of naturally carved cliffs. Cathedrals and religious ceremonies in towns along the River Seine, such as Fecamp, Rouen, Les Andelys, and Lisieux. ***************************************************************************************************************** A JOURNEY TO NORMANDY 01:00:12:17 Title card: Andre de La Varre presents: A Journey to Normandy. Photography, script, narration by Andre de La Varre Collaborator, Paul Devlin Music Arranged & Played by Lew White Recording by HE Reeves Released by Compagnie Generale Transatlantique - French Line. VS aboard SS Normandie ocean liner crossing the ocean. CU Normandie sign on deck of cruise ship. WS men playing tennis on deck of ship. Passengers on deck of ship relaxing in deckchairs & being served drinks. Sailors helping busboy push tray of dishes. HA passengers shooting rifles off deck of ocean liner. 01:01:43:21 LS Le Havre coast & port in distance. MS ocean liner slowly passing by (good shot of ocean liner, cruise ship). WS LS crowds waiting at port watching cruise ship approach. LS ocean liner slowly approaching port. 01:02:37:13 Le Havre, France HA PAN Le Havre cityscape. Crowds at promenade watching ocean liners pass by. WS PAN city buildings & pedestrians along Quai de Southampton (dock, quay). 01:03:47:00 Le Havre, France HA PAN Bassin du Commerce (Basin of Commerce) w small ships docked to Poisson WWI memorial in city square. People walking past Poisson WWI memorial. MS small sailing crafts docked at Bassin du Commerce. WS people swimming in water along Bassin du Commerce. VS EXTS & facades Le Havre buildings w 1930s cars. 01:05:21:24 Le Havre, France TD facade railroad station w clock tower. WS tree-lined Boulevard de Strasbourg, cable cars & traffic going by. VS street scenes w traffic. LA lampposts stuffed w flowers. WS Rue de Paris lined by buildings w cable cars, traffic, pedestrians. 01:06:17:21 Le Havre, France WS LS City Hall public garden w people passing through open gates (now Town Hall Gardens?). Gardener tending to flower bushes. VS rows of flowers, plants, & decorative floral patterns. LA statue King Francis I (Francois I) in center of City Hall garden. PAN facade Old Le Havre City Hall (Htel de Ville) & Boulevard Strasbourg. 01:07:22:13 Le Havre, France People looking at Belgium WWI monument. TD Sugar loaf memorial (Pain de Sucre). People on hill looking at vista of port & cityscape. LS ocean liner moving on glistening water. 01:08:19:29 Etretat, France PAN covered market building w 1930s cars parked outside. HA PAN Etretat cityscape to beach & carved cliffs. VS carved cliffs & natural arched rock formations at l'Aiguille and Les Trois Portes. VS people relaxing on beach, swimming, wading in water, & rowing in rowboats. People diving off makeshift diving board into water. Chapel of Notre Dame de la Garde on top of hill. VS WWI monument dedicated to Nungesser and Coli. 01:11:12:21 OUT ************************************************************************************************************* OLD TOWNS OF NORMANDY 02:00:11:14 Title card: Andre de La Varre presents: Old Towns of Normandy. Photography, script, narration by Andre de La Varre Collaborator, Paul Devlin Music Arranged & Played by Lew White Recording by HE Reeves Released by Compagnie Generale Transatlantique - French Line. Fecamp, France VS ocean & coastal vistas. PAN vista of shore to small port city (cityscape). VS EXT Benedictine Monastery. TD church spires to people posing for photographs in front of church. 02:01:54:00 Fecamp, France VS coastal vistas w cliffs, people walking along promenade near coast. France PAN WS crowds on beach w sharp cliffs to people standing near docked boats. VS religious ceremony blessing the sea. MS priest giving speech. WS people praying, holding crosses. WS crowd led by priest facing ocean. WS PAN farmland field. Herds of sheep grazing. Farmers w horse-drawn plows plowing fields. 02:04:18:10 Rouen, France WS woman looking at vista of city along River Seine. PAN WS city along River Seine. WS port along river. WS transporter bridge spanning River Seine at sunset. TD cables on transporter bridge pulling tram. View from inside tram of city buildings near river. Tram docking & passengers getting out. 02:05:25:29 Rouen, France VS small city street scenes w European architecture. TD Medieval House faade. VS Gros Horloge astronomical clock. WS LS Rouen Cathedral. PAN Church towers & spires (tower of San Roman & Tour de Beurre), TD EXT of cathedral. WS LS tower of Rouen Cathedral amongst cityscape. VS faade, towers & spires of Saint Ouens Abbey (Saint Quens Abbey, St Quens Abbey). LA equestrian statue of Napoleon. WS Hotel de Ville (City Hall). EXT & facade Palais de Justice (Palace of Justice). 02:07:14:01 Rouen, France TU Tour Jeanne d'Arc (Tower of Joan of Arc). Street scenes w European architecture. VS Joan of Arc Statue, people looking at statue. 02:08:14:14 Les Andelys, France PAN people looking at vista of River Seine. LA LS Chateau-Gaillard (medieval castle) on hill above bridge spanning River Seine. WS person rowing on rowboat. Lisieux, France WS people walking on city plaza. EXT & facade Cathedral of Saint-Pierre. Facade ancient pharmacy (pharmacie). INT pharmacy w pharmacist helping customer. Horse-drawn cart (horse-drawn carriages) on cobblestone streets. VS street scenes w European architecture. 02:09:55:09 Lisieux, France Woman buying food from street merchant. Basket of French baguettes. Fruit for sale. WS people looking at shop window (window shopping). CU PAN rows of handcrafted vases & pitchers (handicrafts). Curios & carvings, religious items on display for sale. Sign for Basilique de Sainte-Therese. Facade Basilique de Sainte-Therese (Sainte-Therese basilica). Title card: The End 02:11:14:01 OUT