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Bits of France: Brittany (R1-R3)
AD-31 Beta SP; 35mm Nitrate
1930s, France, St. Malo, Ille-et-Vilaine, La Ville Intra-Muros, strongholds, Chateaubriand tomb, ; seaports, calvaries, ossuaries, quaintness, old-fashioned, Morbihan, criers, announcers, prehistoric, ; megaliths, standing stones, orthostats, liths, stone alignments, menec, shrubs, thatched roofs, ; handicrafts, Bigoudennie, headdresses, ocean liners, boats, passenger ships, cruise ships, villages, ; celebrations, rejoicing, parties, Celtic, Christianity, Catholicism, churches, cathedrals, clergy, ; religion, religious, religious rituals, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, tidal islands, isles, islets, ; cannons, tourism, sightseeing, Madame Poulard, fireplaces, food, breakfast, kitchens, French cuisine, ; playing, instruments, musicians, oceans, coastlines, leisure activities, beaches, bays, bicycles, ; bridges, country houses, country roads, countrysides, dirt roads, drums, families, fishing, floods, ; hats, horse-drawn wagons, marinas, marketplaces, milk women, monuments, reflections, rivers, artists, ; artisans, sculptors, chiseling, wood carvings, shopping, skylines, statues, stores, swimming, towns, ; Europe, Europeans, castles, architecture, traditional clothing, traditional dress, passenger liners, ; Bretagne
Travelogue from 1936 of towns and historic sites along the French province of Brittany. Village street scenes, shipping ports, landscapes, and ocean vistas. Great examples of French and Breton culture with women wearing coiffe headdresses, Bigouden hats, and traditional European clothing. People relaxing on the beach and tourists sightseeing. Women knitting and crocheting. Cathedrals, religious ceremonies, and various calvaries and ossuaries. Extensive footage of Mont Saint Michel with tourists sightseeing, detailed process of making Madame Poulard omelets, and the high tide rushing in over the sands bordering the islet. ***************************************************************************************************** 01:00:00:00 Title cards: Andre de la Varre presents Bits of France - Brittany Photographed & recorded by Andre de la Varre Recorded at Reeves Sounds Studios, New York Released by Compagnie Generale Transatlantique - French Line 01:01:07:15 Saint Malo, France WS LS coast w walled city across ocean in BG. VS old city walls (ramparts) bordered by beach. People walking along walls looking at vistas. HA PAN beach lined w umbrellas & tents next to risen Grand Bay Island at low-tide. WS children & adults wading in ocean water. Family wading in surf, middle-aged woman hoists up skirt to avoid getting it wet. Fur salesman peddling to beach goers. WS people wading in glistening ocean water at sundown. WS sailboats on glistening water at sundown. WS cliffs & jutting rocks along coast. 01:03:00:19 Dinan, France LS WS Bailey bridge over viaduct. TU tower in Chateau de Duchesse Anne (Duchesse Annes castle). Josselin, France WS TU from reflection of towers in moat to facade Chateau de Josselin (Josselin Castle). Guehenno, France VS EXT ossuary w crosses & figurines. 01:04:16:02 Guehenno, France Bretons leaving church & carrying chairs. Women wearing antique dresses & coiffes (caps, head coverings). Women praying in cemetery. Men & women in traditional, antique clothing. Women wearing coiffes & antique dresses bicycling on road past elderly man wearing sabot shoes (good shot, traditional culture, traditional dress). 01:05:17:00 Vannes, France VS narrow, winding streets w medieval, half-timbered buildings. TU Vannes Cathedral tower. Comical figures of Vannes & his wife on roof of building. Town crier playing drum as he walks down street & reads announcements. 01:06:20:20 Sainte Anne dAuray, France EXT Sainte Anne dAuray Cathedral. VS pilgrims partaking in pardon ceremony.