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Ship to Panama 1938 Ship to Curaco 1930s
AD-39 Beta SP; 35mm Nitrate Neg
1938, 1930s
1930's, travelogues, Central America, Latin American, West Indies, Caribbean, ABC islands, ; Argentina, steamships, steamers, passenger ships, ocean liners, cruise ships, passenger ; liners, boats, cities, cruises, captains, eating, food, buffets, sundecks, sun decks, French ; Line, Compagnie Generale Transatlantique, traditional culture, statues, trains, railroads, ; railroad cars, railroad cabins, transportation, tour guides, tour groups, tourists, sightseeing, ; traveling, vacations, voyages, Catedral Metropolitan, cathedrals, churches, bell towers, lakes, ; deck games, activities, recreation, leisure, harbors, harbours, isthmus, locks, blindfolds, ; crawling, searching, cameramen, filmmakers, cinematographers, filming, seaplanes, movie cameras, ; canals, ferris wheels, bridges, maps
1930s travelogue of a luxury cruise ship which stops off in Panama and Curacao. Tourists sightseeing at the Gatun locks and on a guided boat down the Panama Canal. Footage in the old town of Panama City and on the streets of Willemstad, Curacao. Good footage of cruise ship passengers playing recreational games on the sun deck, dining at buffets, and gazing out at ocean vistas. ************************************************************************************************* 01:00:00:00 Panama VS WS ships on large body of water. Ocean liner docked at pier. Woman handing something to person in train at station. Train POV (Panama Railroad) along coast, past buildings & parked cars. 01:01:16:09 Panama Canal VS tour group at Gatun locks. VS tour guide speaking to tour group through megaphone. Locomotives (mules) operating on tracks parallel to locks. VS mules towing ship through locks. 01:03:13:08 Panama Canal Train POV (Panama Railroad) along coast (probably Gatun Lake). Passengers riding in railroad car (man smiles at CAM). Passengers disembarking train at station. Passengers crossing gangplank & boarding ship, walking up to observation deck. 01:04:32:23 Panama Canal VS tour group on sightseeing ship going down Panama Canal. VS tour guide speaking through megaphone & pointing out sights to tourists seated on deck. View from ship of another sightseeing ship going down Canal. VS from ship going down narrow part of Canal, passing other boats, rig working along banks. Tourists conversing. 01:06:41:15 Panama City VS old houses buildings & street scenes in old town (Casco Viejo). TD facade Metropolitan Cathedral in Plaza de la Catedral. TU bell tower of Metropolitan Cathedral. People walking in Plaza de la Cathedral. 01:08:26:22 Panama City VS old houses buildings & street scenes in old town (Casco Viejo). Change of guard on front steps of Palacio de las Garzas (Presidential Palace). LA Panama flag hanging from palace balcony. Row of moored boats on beach. Workers unloading fruit from boats & into crates (produce). Panamanians relaxing in city square. Panama hats for sale. 01:10:01:00 - 01:11:09:00 Panama City Captain on deck of docked ship. Sailor lowering gangplank to boat. HA captain officers helping passengers walk across gangplank & board ship. HA passengers on deck w porters carrying luggage. HA ship departing. 02:00:00:00 Hand pointing on map along Caribbean to Caribbean South America & Central America. HA passengers playing shuffleboard on cruise ship deck. 02:00:56:19 VS cruise ship deck relay races between husbands & wives. Wives run over to lined up husbands & race to put ties on them & light their cigarettes. Winners smiling & cheering. Deck relay race w wives assisting blindfolded husbands who have to crawl & search for stones. Spectators laughing & pointing. Blindfolded man putting stones in bag. Woman distributes prizes to winners. (good shots, deck games, recreation, playing) 02:02:41:11 Buffet table in ocean liner dining hall. VS servers waiters at buffets serving food from large trays. VS large trays of food. Casually dressed passengers dining inside ocean liner. Latin American guard signaling. 02:03:37:24 Willemstad, Curacao VS ships in harbor. SS Cuba ocean liner in harbor going past CAM (good shot). Curacao natives riding bicycles. Curacao policeman directing traffic. Female tourist buying clothes from shop. 02:05:03:28 VS passengers on cruise ship leaning against railing looking out at coast. Man reflectively gazing out at coastal vista from ocean liner deck (good shot, passengers, voyages, cruises). 02:06:10:20 Unidentified city (Buenos Aires?) VS city w European architecture & bridges crossing river. HA people playing tennis along banks of city. HA crates in shipyard. Statue of Virgin Mary w baby Jesus. WS bridge spanning over river. VS European buildings along banks of river w Ferris Wheel in distance. Mother & baby swans swimming in pond. People dining at balcony table overlooking scenic coast. 02:08:08:25 Bonjol, Sumatra Tourist removing shell from fruit & eating. VS man taking shower (very dark). Caucasian tourists (Andre de la Varre & Burton Holmes) near Equator marker, De la Varre hands overcoat to Sumatran child & walks away laughing & waving (joking). MS De la Varre posing next to Equator marker w aequator sign. Key Largo, Florida? Cameraman filmmaker (Andre de la Varre) on seaplane adjusting movie camera. VS seaplane accelerating across water & preparing to take off. 02:10:00:00 OUT