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DN-LB-585 Beta SP
Western Wall, New York City
18:50:34 1967, V40 #079 Worst-ever Texas flood, Rio Grande overflows, aerials Foreign Ministers meet at United Nations: Dean Rusk, Andrei Gromyko, U Thant. United Nations dinner meeting on Vietnam & Middle East The Canadian Navy develops a new way to land helicopters safely aboard ships. It's called "The Beartrap" and the helicopter is hauled down to the flight deck on cables. Canadian Navy lands helicopters on ships Archeologists at Ferento, Italy are joined by Sweden's King Gustav, excavation of site of an ancient Etruscan village, artifacts. Dalai Lama to Japan, meets Indira Gandhi. Scandinavian Spring & Summer fashions, bikinis Vietnam fighting. US Marines at Conthien, troops eat, fight, fire guns, Aerial bombing. Air strikes hit railroad bridges and sidings deep in North Vietnam. 18:57:28 1967, V40 #080 LBJ on Vietnam at National Legislative Conference, LBJ announces peace proposals. He says the bombing would halt if it led to "productive" peace talks. Kwajalein missile tests, missile launched Vietnam mass for troops, shipboard, Marine Chaplain says Mass on an altar of ammunition boxes in a makeshift chapel near the DMZ. Space monkeys, testing Baby aardvark is born at Miami's Grandon Park Zoo, CU monkey yawns Woodward stakes horse race, run at Aqueduct, Willie Shoemaker on Damascus wins. Baseball: Red Sox vs. Twins, Humphrey, Ted Kennedy, Yastrzemski hits home run, Sox win pennant. 19:04:05 1967, V40 #081 Baseball World Series: Red Sox vs. Cardinals, CU Lou Brock steals base. A sunken Danish freighter is re-floated by air-filled plastic balls that look like ping-pong balls. The spheres are pumped into the ship's hold until their lifting force is enough to raise her. ship salvaged. Mexican refugees return home aboard US Army Helicopters, after having fled from Hurricane Beulah. Hurricane Fern brings heavy rains but no extensive flooding. Thurgood Marshall becomes Supreme Court Justice, tries on his official robes India-Pakistan train crash. Sabotage by pro-Peking communists is suspected since the derailment occurred one week after Sino-Indian clashes on the Sikkim-Tibet border. West Berlin's final tram trundles its way to the terminal for the last time in the midst of great pomp and nostalgic ceremony. Streetcar buffs buy collectors' items before the closedown. 1966 'Horse-of-the-Year', "Buckpasser", retires US Grand Prix car race at Watkins Glen, New York. Jim Clark wins, Graham Hill, Dennis Hulme. 19:10:50 1967, V40 #82 Germany Shepard dogs train for sentry and guard duty in Vietnam, dog attacks man wearing protective clothing San Juan, Puerto Rico oil warehouse fire Princess Margaret unveils statue of Winston Churchill during "British Week" in Brussels, Belgium Jewish New Year at Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Jackie Kennedy at Expo '67 in Montreal, Canada England opens first of four 'fragmentation plants'. Plant to recycle autos into scrap metal San Francisco mock hippie funeral. The funeral procession winds through Haight-Ashbury, SF, ending with a bonfire and Indian dancing. Football: North Carolina State vs. Houston, cougar mascot, Bob Woodall. 19:17:25 1967, V40 #085 Southern California brush fires, hundreds of homes destroyed by fire. New NATO Headquarters in Brussels The Synod of Bishops and World Congress of Catholic laymen gather in Rome where Pope Paul warns laymen to follow established Catholic teaching. A woman speaks before the Synod for the first time in history and the Congress petitions the Vatican for the right of free choice on birth control. Catholic Church Conference hears Pope Paul VI, at mass New experimental 'tilt wing' aircraft plane tested. Is capable of straight up and down takeoffs and landings. Archeologists discover ancient Etruscan bronze chariot, excavation Religious festival of 75,000 in Tokyo, Japan stadium. Mass gymnastics, people in stands form pictures, "World Peace" spelled out in 11 languages. 400,000 rainbow trout fish air dropped into Lake Powell, AZ for stocking Football: Minnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay Packers, Zeke Bratkowski, Joe Kapp, Bill Brown, Fred Cox. 19:24:20 1967, V40 #087 (Also on DN-LB-461) Sd. Vietnam helicopter air raids, mortar fire, live fighting planes support ground forces. Israel guns ignite Egypt oil fire Doctors battle to save the wounded from the Israeli destroyer Elath, sunk by Egyptian missiles. Mass funeral in Haifa while mourners cry for revenge. Israelis wounded at hospital, women weep at funeral. United Nations on Middle East. US Ambassador Goldberg urges prompt action toward a final Middle East settlement. Teheran prepares for for Coronation of Shah LBJ gives Medal of Honor to Marine Major Howard Lee for heroism in Vietnam. Manhattan karate demonstration, Jiujitsu Europe bicycle race. "Race of the Aces" on the Longchamps course in Paris. After sixty miles of round-and-round, Belgium's Eddy Merckx is across the finish line first. end 19:31:00