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AD-50 Beta SP; 35mm (color); 16mm (color & B W)
B W, Color
1930's; 1938; 1950's; 1960's
1930s, 1950s, 1960s, travelogues, Europe, Italy, Mediterranean, Italians, Venetians, Europeans, ; Austrians, cafes, canals, chimney sweeps, chimneys, garbage man, garbagemen, garbageman, government ; buildings, needle point, opera houses, palaces, restaurants, shopping, shops, stores, vendors, ; churches, theaters, window displays, winter sports, city theater, Theater an der Burg, Hof-Burgtheater, ; Burgtheater style, Ringstrassenstil, buildings, Gothic Architecture, street scenes, Bern, massif, ; musicians, virtuoso, performance, classical music, symphony orchestras, concerts, coffeehouses, pairs, ; couples, figure skaters, Viennese food, Canal Grande, St Marks Square, Saint Mark, Saint Theodore, ; Canale di San Marco, bell towers, procuraties, Byzantine Architecture, Gothic Architecture, Italians, ; Doge's Palace, Bridge of Sighs, St Mark's Campinile, Saint Mark's Basilica, Saint Mark's Clock Tower, ; The Door of the Paper, cathedrals, statues, sightseeing, tourism, sightseers, artists, painters, maps, ; clocks, sunsets, snowy, clock towers, country, countryside, cities, recreation, toys, autobahns, ; home movies, families
Travelogues from 1930s which includes prominent landmarks and vistas of Venice, Vienna, and Switzerland. Extensive footage of the Piazza San Marco with well-known buildings structures, tourists feeding pigeons, and excellent shots of gondoliers on the Grande Canal. Excellent footage of pre-WWII Vienna with prominent landmarks, cityscapes, car POVS of the city, and Viennese culture lifestyles. Footage of the Swiss Alps and Swiss towns lifestyles. Home movies of Andre de la Varre Jr and his wife Gretl ice skating and playing with their son as well as footage of their young daughter playing with dolls. Vienna concert footage of Andre de la Varre Jr performing a piano concerto with an orchestra. ************************************************************************************************************** 01:00:00:00 1930s B&W Silent Lauterbrunnen? Switzerland Car POV driving down country road towards mountains in distance (bit shaky). Train POV mountainside (short). VS snow-covered mountain ranges & valleys (Swiss Alps). Train POV approaching station (slightly shaky). 01:02:47:18 1930s B&W Silent Lauterbrunnen? Switzerland PAN to outdoor cafe near village train station. Train POV pulling into station. VS views of Swiss Alps from behind window, silhouetted people looking through telescopes at Swiss Alps. PAN snow-covered mountain range. PAN snow-covered mountain peaks & valley (Lauterbrunnen Valley?). 01:04:45:18 1930s B&W Silent Lauterbrunnen? Switzerland VS lush valley w snow-covered mountain range in distance. VS mountain waterfall. CU bubbling stream. TU from bubbling stream in valley to mountain range. Train POV past snow-covered mountain range. 01:06:25:13 1930s B&W Silent Interlaken, Switzerland TD train pulling into station in valley (railroad station, train station). VS passengers departing train. Friends family railroad workers awaiting passengers. People dining at outdoor cafe. Open-roofed bus full of passengers. People walking on tree-lined street. VS Interlaken street scenes. 01:07:34:23 1930s B&W Silent Interlaken, Switzerland Man wearing lederhosen looking into store window (window shopping). People in horse-drawn carriage going down street. People walking on street outside park. CU Swiss lace. Female vendor artist at lace stand. CU face of vendor. Passengers departing train at station. Driver of horse-drawn carriage tipping his hat to female passengers as they climb into carriage. 01:08:26:13 1930s B&W Silent Interlaken? Switzerland Railroad POV through mountain pass (very short). PAN from convertible to mountain peak (Jungfrau?). PAN piled snow from avalanche runoff. Man feeding visiting sheep at outdoor cafe. TU from outdoor cafe to mountain (Jungfrau?). HA Swiss postman pushing cart down street. People window shopping. Train POV going past people relaxing on deck chairs. People looking through telescope at mountains. Bicycles & horse-drawn carriages on street near hotels. Mountains behind buildings. Woman embroidering on street. CU embroiderers face as she works. CU spools of thread on embroidery. 01:10:32:23 - 01:11:12:00 1930s B&W Silent Switzerland TU from hotels buildings in valley to Swiss Alps. 02:00:00:00 1938 B&W w sound Title card From Athens Through the Adriatic To Venice Map of Mediterranean pointing from Greece to Italy. Venice, Italy People on sightseeing boat going down Bacino di San Marco approaching Piazza San Marco. Boat POV past row of gondolas docked on banks of Piazza, along side of Palazzo Ducale. WS Ponte dei Sospiri over canal. Crowds crossing Ponte della Paglia (Bridge of the Straw). People feeding pigeons on waterfront. Painting in FG w docked gondola & domes of Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute in BG. MS artist wiping his hands & studying his painting of Piazza. Banks of Bacino di San Marco. CU statues on top of San Marco & San Teodoro columns. 02:01:26:09 1938 B&W w sound Venice Statues of Adam & Eve on Palazzo Ducale. Embellished Foscari Arch of Palazzo Ducale w Scala dei Giganti behind. Women in Palazzo Ducale great courtyard looking at bronze wellhead (cast by Alfonso Alberghetti). CU carved figurines on bronze wellhead. PAN view of San Giorgio Maggiore from balcony of Palazzo Ducale. WS Letterboxed view San Giorgio Maggiore w gondola stand in FG. TU Campanile di San Marco. 02:02:33:17 1938 B&W w sound Piazza San Marco, Venice VS facade Basilica di San Marco w pigeons flying in front, woman walking past feeding pigeons. Mural above arched entranceway of Basilica di San Marco. PAN bronze horses above entrance of Basilica. CU artist drawing picture of Basilica. TU facade Torre dell'Orologio. CU TU from clock face to gilded statue of Virgin Mary w baby Jesus, lion of San Marco, & bronze statues of Moors w bell at top. CU Moor statues ringing bell. 02:04:02:22 1938 B&W w sound Piazza San Marco, Venice Woman & child buying birdseed from vendor. CU birdseed cones. PAN people feeding pigeons on Piazza. Woman kneeling & feeding flock of pigeons. TU from pigeon on womans head to pigeons eating from her outstretched hands. Pigeons drinking from base of bronze wellhead. CU pigeons drinking & bathing from small fountain. (great shots, Venice, Venetians, tourists) 02:05:06:14 1938 B&W w sound Venice VS glassblowing process. Melting glass in furnace, bubble rises from heat. VS CU sculpting hot glass to form glass fish piece. Displaying finished piece still mounted on pole. (good shots, Venetian glass, glassblowing, glass blowing, handicrafts) 02:05:59:00 1938 B&W w sound Venice VS gondoliers rowing on canals. VS gondola POV going down canals w people crossing bridges. 02:07:38:08 - 02:09:59:06 1938 B&W w sound Venice Men unloading baskets of peaches from gondola & carrying balancing on their heads. Gondola full of peach baskets going down canal. VS gondola POV going down Grand Canal (Canal Grande) past stately buildings, passing underneath Ponte di Rialto bridge, past other gondoliers rowing w tourists in gondolas (excellent shots of Venice). 03:00:00:00 1930s B&W Silent Vienna, Austria PAN Vienna cityscape along Ringstrasse (Ring Boulevard) past Hofburg Palace to Burgtheater (National Theater, Castle Theatre or Imperial Court Theatre). Facade Temple of Theseus in Volksgarten park (Greek Architecture). HA Austrian Parliament Buildings near City Hall. Traffic cop (policeman) directing traffic on cobblestone street outside Auberes Burgtor (outer castle gate) in Heldenplatz (Heros Square, monument to unknown soldier). Facade Karlskirche (Charles Church) (Baroque Architecture). LS Votive Church at end of street (Gothic Architecture). PAN buildings along banks of Danube Canal (Donau Kanal). TRACKING SHOT (Car POV) along Danube Canal, over bridge towards Urania w Prater Ferris Wheel in BG (old Vienna). 03:01:38:20 1930s B&W Silent Vienna, Austria VS garbage men dumping trash into garbage truck, carrying empty garbage cans back into building. Chimney sweeper at work on rooftop, carrying supplies on city street. Car POV along crowded Kaerntnerring Boulevard (Karntnerring), past Grand Hotel w doorman & crowds of pedestrians walking along street. TD facade State Opera House Building. INT State Opera House, curtain opens, performance of Wagnerian Opera w people waving & dancing on stage. PAN facade Opera House to busy street of Karntnerstrasse. HA Karntnerstrasse street scene w traffic & pedestrians, St. Stephan Cathedral in BG. 03:03:15:16 1930s B&W Silent Vienna, Austria VS policemen (traffic cops) directing traffic (good shots). VS car POVS along busy Vienna streets past shops & buildings, 1930s cars & pedestrians, hazy dome of Hofburg Palace in BG. (good shots, street scenes, old architecture) 03:04:43:17 1930s B&W Silent Vienna, Austria INT Bundes Council, President Wilhelm Miklas enters room & flips through papers at table. Opera composer Franz Lehr in his home practicing composing on the piano w small bird on shoulder. CU Franz Lehr talking to small bird standing on his hand. VS women sewing intricate Pettipoint needlework (textile artists, embroidery, embroidering, arts and crafts, handicrafts) CU holding photographs next to needlework portraits showing skill in duplicating image. Woman holding needlework self-portrait up to her face & smiling. 03:06:04:00 1930s B&W Silent Vienna, Austria Chestnut vendor selling chestnuts out of cart in winter. CU cracked-open chestnuts in cart. Chestnut vendor wearing winter wear putting on huge boots. Porter (Dienstmann) sitting next to building on street. Businessman leaves building through revolving doors & hands porter package to deliver. Shop workers window dressers opening up large shop window from the outside. People walking into Cafe Edison coffeehouse. INT coffee house waiter serves coffee to couple who read & relax. 03:07:43:14 - 03:10:11:07 1930s B&W Silent Vienna, Austria INT large cafe, couples dining at tables & dancing to Austrian band. Women sitting at table preparing Schlagobers (pouring coffee & putting whipped cream on top) & eating Viennese pastries (good shots, Austrian cuisine, Viennese cuisine, Austrian culture). HA young figure skating pair performing routine on outdoor ice rink. Young figure skating pair skating up to CAM & posing smiling. VS crowded outdoor ice rink, couples twirling around on ice (great shots, figure skating pairs, figure skating duo, couple, ice skating, ice skaters, outdoor leisure activities, winter sports). Title card: The End 04:00:00:00 - 04:01:07:00 1950s 1960s Color Silent Rome, Italy PAN TWA airplane slowly going down runway & approaching airport gate. 05:00:00:00 1950s Color Silent Berne (Bern), Switzerland Facade Bundeshaus (Parliment building). VS old Bern street scenes. VS Berne medieval clock tower (Zeitglockenturm). CU figures on clock moving. Astronomical clock face. Modern clock tower in new town. 05:01:45:25 1950s Color Silent Berne (Bern), Switzerland VS INT church w stained glass windows & rows of pews. Road sign for Bern near apartment complexes. Traffic on old town streets. People sitting at outdoor cafe. VS traffic on highway (autobahn). 05:03:37:24 1950s Color Silent Switzerland VS beautiful sky at sunrise sunset. PAN highway (autobahn) overlooking Lake Geneva. Geneva, Switzerland Facade Brunswick Monument. Flower bed w intricate design. VS Geneva street scenes. People crossing Pont des Bergues bridge. Pont de Mont-Blanc bridge. PAN intricate flower bed design. CU Swiss flag floral design. CU red & yellow Geneva flag floral design. 05:05:41:16 1950s Color Silent Geneva, Switzerland CU figurines on bronze fountain in Jardin Anglais. WS bronze fountain. PAN Quai du Mont Blanc across Lake Geneva. Outdoor flower stand (florist). WS beautiful fresh cut flowers in buckets. VS street scenes old town Geneva. 05:07:23:23 1950s Color Silent Geneva, Switzerland Jet D'eau fountain behind Pont de Mont-Blanc bridge. People leaning against railing of Pont de Mont-Blanc looking at Jet Deau. VS Jet Deau, TU water spray of fountain. 05:09:16:29 1950s Color Silent Geneva, Switzerland PAN from family looking at swans in lake to Jet Deau. Swans on shores of lake. VS flower clock. Statue surrounded by flower bed. 05:10:52:24 - 05:12:10:13 1950s Color Silent Geneva, Switzerland VS small boats moored along banks of lake. PAN crowds looking at lake vista. VS WS lake, girl standing on stone wall looking out at lake. 06:00:00:00 1950s B&W Silent Vienna, Austria INT concer hall - Andre de la Varre, Jr piano concert. VS pianist & symphony orchestra performing piano concerto. PAN orchestra w conductor conducting wind instruments. Conductor conducting string instruments. VS lit-up chandelier & lights on ceiling. 06:02:23:12 - 06:04:45:19 1950s B&W Silent Vienna, Austria INT concert hall - Andre de la Varre, Jr piano concert. VS CU pianist playing surrounded by darkness (good shot). CU pianists hands playing piano. LA CU pianists face while performing. 06:04:47:17 1960s Color Silent Home movies Headshot woman (Gretl de la Varre, Jr) wearing headscarf. VS mother & young son ice skating on frozen pond (Gretl de la Varre & son) (good shots, family, parents & children, parenthood, motherhood, mother & child, outdoor leisure activities, childhood). 06:06:12:26 - 06:07:50:14 1960s Color Silent Home movies Father & son sitting on front steps of house - throwing toy airplane, holding pumpkin. (Andre de la Varre, Jr & son) (good shots, family, fatherhood, parents & children, father & son, childhood). Couple standing in front of trees smiling at CAM & talking. (Andre de la Varre Jr & Gretl de la Varre Jr) Headshot pretty woman in front of tree. 06:07:51:03 1960s Color Silent Home movies Girl drawing pictures on chalkboard (blackboard). VS girl playing w dolls - brushing their hair, putting clothes on them, holding them close & smiling at CAM (good shots, childhood, playing). (Trilawny de la Varre Jr) 06:09:55:19 OUT